How to Allow by Susan Shearer Young:

How to allowA Simple System for Working with the Law of Attraction to Create the Life You Want Starting Today

“How to Allow” is an award-winning book dedicated to inspiring readers to create real life miracles by providing a roadmap for understanding and deliberately using the Law of Attraction. “How to Allow” fills in the missing piece of working with the Law of Attraction, which is operating automatically whether you’re aware of it or not, by using a simple system of daily rituals to create the alignment necessary to Allow the Well-Being that is natural for you. Learn More >>

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The Truth About Envy (And It’s Not So Bad)

It is sometimes tempting to read a news blurb about a celebrity or even a post on Facebook and think, “Why them and not me?”   It’s a pretty natural response and one we should not feel guilty about.  If I ever begin to feel guilty about something, if I feel…

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