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As the author of “How to Allow—Working with the Law of Attraction to Allow Your Natural Well-Being,” winner of Best of Books on Law of Attraction for 2012 and Finalist for 2015, “Endorsed Law of Attraction Coach” by Law of Attraction Magazine, and founder of “Inside Job Life Coaching—Shifting Your Inner Game and Creating Change Through Inspired Action,” I spend most of my time strategizing as to how to make this game of life easier and more fun. In our coaching relationship, I will have the privilege of sharing the game-changing mental shifts I’ve learned and applied on the path to tapping into the power we have been given to create the lives of our dreams. It’s not only doable, it’s the way we were intended to live! And, I’ve had proof positive that these strategies work in the lives of clients who have had amazing successes and made huge life-changing transformations.




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A state of gratitude and appreciation for the things that are working in this life is an important part of the mindset or “Inner Game” we are looking to achieve. We will work on building a firm foundation for creating positive changes in your life by developing an appreciation mindset and the expectation that you can get anywhere from where you are right now.


A state of gratitude and appreciation for the things that are working in this life is an important part of the mindset or “inner game” we are looking to achieve. In fact, a state of appreciation is actually better than a state of gratitude and represents an even higher vibration and mood. We will work on understanding that subtle difference and we’ll be talking about why both gratitude and appreciation are essential to transforming your life into a life you love.


There are key elements to making real change and it begins with you, not your coach. The beginning of the process of change involves self-acceptance, self-love and a forward Focus. And sometimes we will need to work on accepting and appreciating ourselves as part of that process. None of our existing problems can be solved by maintaining the same beliefs, attitudes and vibration that created them. So making peace with where we are and shifting into a forward focus will be a foundation of our transformational work.



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Optimizing Your Environment

Enhancing or optimizing your environment will be an important part of our strategic plan. And, it’s actually fun and can generate almost immediate results. Improving your environment can involve not only improvements in your surroundings, but can include de-cluttering and eliminating things from your environment that are draining your energy and affecting your mood and vibration. Sometimes this strategic work involves a change in your home environment, a job change, a change of friends or significant others who are not supporting you, or upgrading certain skills you may need to move forward.

Mastery of Your Psychology (Your Mood, Vibe, Beliefs)

There is a very good reason that the words “Inside Job” are so prominently featured in our coaching platform. Every one of these key elements of the process of achieving our wants and goals is important. But ultimately, it all begins with what is going on inside our heads, our beliefs and expectations. A plan to improve our skills, improve our health or bodies, relationships, or our finances, rests always upon the attitudes, beliefs, expectations, and self esteem with which we are operating. There are tools and more tools and tactics for mastering our moods and raising our vibration and they are an important part of transforming our lives. Strategies can take the form of visualization, meditation, affirmations, afformations, gratitude journals, vision boards, and more things than any of us can possibly do. And, some of these strategies work much better than others; some also work for some people and not for others. I’ve made a practice of testing these strategies and know what can be most effective in varying life circumstances. Learning how to use the appropriate tools that work for you and for your particular goals will be a critical part of mastering your psychology.






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Goals and a Plan for Achieving Them

Of course, an important part of creating lasting change is taking inspired action toward achieving your goals. We often find out what we really want in our lives by noticing what we really don’t want and choosing it’s opposite. Those “don’t wants” seem to really get our attention. In a great plan for transformation, the goals will not be oriented toward problem solving, but toward creating the opposite of the problem. And, it does get fun when you realize your problem has already been solved for you and you start to see evidence of your desire coming into your life. And, any action plan will start with small steps that can be taken immediately to begin to change your momentum and move toward your desires. 


Those small steps will not only build confidence and momentum but will actually begin to show you evidence that the big things are being transformed in the process. Does this seem like it could work for you? I would love to work with you to transform your life into a life you love.