If you are feeling stuck where you are and would like to finally create what you really want in your life, we can get you “unstuck” in short order.

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My name is Susan Shearer Young and I help people with all sorts of backgrounds and goals to create the momentum that takes them to the lives they want to be living now. My book, How to Allow, was designed to help make deliberate creation with the Law of Attraction a simple process, and it has been life changing for readers. It has been voted “Best of Books on Law of Attraction” for 2012 and was a nominee and finalist again in 2015. Susan-LOA-Coach-Awards


Life Coaching with me through Inside Job Life Coaching is designed for those who are ready to finally feel the happiness they deserve now. It is for those who are committed to moving beyond their old story and from feeling blocked into living the abundant lives they desire. When it’s your “issue” that is holding you back, sometimes it can be difficult to see the beliefs and expectations that have caused you to arrive at where you are now. It’s sometimes easier to get that insight, which has been missing, when you have some help. I can help you to get clarity on your issue and reintroduce into your life the sense that all is well, as you take the reins of your life into your own hands. Individual life coaching is a total game changer and I feel privileged to work with clients in finally achieving their dreams and the happiness that they deserve.

Clients come to me for help with:


Marriage and relationship issues



Manifesting financial breakthroughs and true abundance



Letting go of pain and blockages resulting from a dysfunctional childhood



Work issues and exploring new options they may have not considered



Learning to work with their whole selves, their Inner Being, in deliberately creating the lives they want



Manifesting a romantic relationship



Weight issues



Stress, anxiety



Breaking through issues of worthiness



Long-standing health problems



Becoming untangled from unhealthy relationships of any kind


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How to Allow–A Simple System for Creating with the Law of Attraction

How to Allow, on these pages and through the course and ebook How to Allow, is dedicated to inspiring you to create real life miracles through providing a roadmap for harnessing the Law of Attraction, which is operating automatically whether you’re aware of it or not, and using a simple system of daily rituals to Allow in your natural Well-Being.

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