If you’ve tried using Affirmations, Mantras, or Afformations, with mixed success, I’ve got something I’m dying to share with you. I admit I’ve used all of the above, but as I have pointed out in my book, “How to Allow,” and in many blog posts, affirmations often don’t work. You’ve got to be very short on doubt and very high on belief and positive expectation for the Affirmation to work. The Universe is hearing only your vibration, not the words you are using.

My recent epiphany about tweaking our use of Affirmations just felt so right that I am incorporating it into my routine and already feeling an uptick in my vibe.

For anyone who is not completely familiar with how the LOA works and how it applies to Affirmations, a very quick recap:


#1  We ask, whether by praying, dreaming, writing it down or just thinking about something we’d like to improve.


#2  The Universe goes to work immediately to respond to that request. It’s been heard whether we’ve expressed it aloud or not. And the Universe has a cast of thousands (the energy that creates worlds) crafting the perfect solution to our request.  And, then that desire is held for us in a sort of vibrational escrow waiting for us to line up with it.


#3  We need to become a vibrational match to the cool, high easy vibration of what we’ve asked for in order to Allow it into our reality.


So, our only work is that Step 3. And, sometimes we doubt ourselves. We may believe wholeheartedly that the Universe delivers but we’ve seen ourselves fail to manifest what we want before. We can sometimes just doubt that we have what it takes to maintain that positive vibration that matches our desires for any significant amount of time.

That’s where Affirmations can come in. The idea is that if we repeat to ourselves, for example, “I am a money magnet and money flows to me easily,” that we are matching the vibration of that generous flow of money into our bank account.   Unknown-1

Where we can run into problems, however, is that while we are repeating that Affirmation, while we’re paying a bill, shopping, thinking about paying off a debt, we’re actually sending a vibration that’s a bit more of a mix to the Universe. The fact that we don’t see the money in our bank accounts and still have to come up with it on a daily basis, can cause the Affirmation to be kind of lukewarm; we really don’t quite believe it. So, the Universe responds with more of the same, that is, keeping us right where we are when it comes to money.

So, I was meditating and doing my usual thing of talking with my guides (my team), which includes Source and my Inner Being, and it struck me that I have no doubt at all about the Universe delivering anything I want to me if I can match the vibration. Like others, I occasionally doubt if I can really reach the vibration of my desire more often than not. And then I realized, I can create an affirmation that I actually completely believe in and the Universe has to respond to it. And, because I don’t just believe, I know, that the Universe delivers the moment we express our desires, I know that my desires already exist before I’ve actually seen them. I absolutely know it! I’ve manifested incredible things, just not every single time I’ve wanted something. So, with this knowing that the Universe delivers EVERY TIME, an effective Affirmation could be something more along the lines of “Thank God, I’m really rich.” Maybe, “Thank God, I’m actually rich, in reality.” Are you getting this? If you know that you are already rich in your vibrational reality and that the money is just awaiting your alignment, you can repeat the Affirmation, “Thank God, I really am rich,” and you can completely believe it.  There’s no doubt there, because you know that in your vibrational reality you really are very, very rich!

The doubt doesn’t creep in because you aren’t trying to convince yourself that it’s sitting in your bank account when you know it isn’t at that exact moment. You’re just saying what you know, which is that the Universe has already amassed piles of money for you and that you REALLY, IN YOUR VIBRATIONAL REALITY, which is more real than this physical reality, are absolutely rich beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m using money as an example as it is usually the big issue for most people. Yet, this could apply to anything your heart desires.

And, the Affirmation could be “I know I’m actually really thin,” or “I know I actually have the perfect home for me,” or “Thank God I really already have an amazing relationship.” All of the above are true and they are within arms reach. And repeating an affirmation where you really acknowledge that you believe it, can only result in your allowing it into your physical reality.   images

I am so fired up about changing the way we use Affirmations in this way. This new spin removes all of the possible doubt, the murky vibe, and just creates a great way of putting it out there to the Universe. It can also come in handy in moments of worry or negative thinking. We can replace those negative thoughts with these completely believable Affirmations instead because we know that all we want actually does exist already in our vibrational reality or vibrational escrow, just waiting for us.  It’s so easy!  And, I love easy when it comes to techniques for working with the Law of Attraction.

I’m expecting huge things from this slight tweaking of the way I’m Affirming my desires. How about you? Let me know in your comments. I would love to hear from you.

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16 Thoughts to “A Super Simple Fix (Using the Law of Attraction) for Those Moments of Doubt”

  1. Susan Selva

    I am eagerly switching to this! Thank You!

    1. Glad to hear that Susan! Thanks.

  2. Susan

    I love this! I am always on the lookout for ways to tweak what we already ‘know’ – but as you said even though we know…doubts can still surface. I will be practicing this and ‘picturing’ myself in whatever vortex scenario goes along with it…as in “Thank God I am already rich” I can picture ‘me’ opening a door or window and ‘see myself’ in my own vortex. lol (if that makes sense!)

    This was great…thank you!

    1. Thank you Katy, love that vision of opening the door to your vortex!

  3. MM

    Thank you for sharing this! Much appreciated. :]

    1. My pleasure. Hope you get great results!

  4. Cat

    This is a great idea! I’ve thought for a while now that the reason affirmations get mixed results is because we always attempt to apply them to the end result (i.e., physical reality) instead of our internal story — which would be like staring down at a buffet plate you’ve filled with ribs and saying, “There’s salmon on my plate; there’s salmon on my plate; there’s salmon and I’m worthy…” 🙂 What we really need to do is realize that there’s a whole buffet available all the time, and *quit picking ribs in the first place*! (Unless you like ribs, of course.) The most magical manifestation story I can boast didn’t use affirmations or anything like them, for that very reason, but it never occurred to me to try to change the use OF affirmations so they hit the internal story instead! What a wonderful insight you’ve had! This is now my favorite post of yours! Thanks so much for sharing this evolution with everyone!

    1. Glad to hear this idea feels right to you too! Happy to share it. And, I love your description of why affirmations don’t always work! You’ll have to share your most magical manifestation story, if you’d like. Always love to get new ideas. Thanks for your support.

      1. Cat

        I’m happy to share, although it’s probably only really “magical” to ME, because I’ve never actually met anyone else who understood. Apologies for the length…

        My entire life, physical attraction was a closed book. Everybody else seemed to just “get it” — both in the sense of having it simply show up at some (earlyish) point in their lives, and of understanding what it was like, even if any given person’s experience OF it was individual. Hence why this story will probably not seem like a big deal. But I never did feel it, never was able to look across a room and “see someone I liked.” Since I knew that I had some fairly deep-digging inner work to accomplish before I was in a place to have the kind of evolved relationship I was beginning to want, I didn’t stress out too much about it. It was “just who I was.” I did take whatever opportunity presented itself to inquire of a relationships coach or other “expert” about what they thought might be going on, and their answers, when I got any at all, always felt really wide of the mark. One day, after having my question misheard and (unintentionally) belittled by a coach I’d previously enjoyed and respected, I finally threw up my hands and decided that it was time to be my own expert. If the Law of Attraction really WAS the functioning principle of life, and if I fully and correctly understood it, then I was going to find out what was really possible.

        But I was aware of the problems with affirmations, and so my approach was a little different. I sat down with that idea of the all-you-can-eat buffet, as a metaphor for the Infinite Reality that we’re choosing from in any given moment. Every possibility is always there; what we experience as our physical reality is the end result of the choices we make along the way of “what to put on our plate.” When we keep getting something we don’t want, we can always find as the culprit an old story — sometimes several interlinked stories — that we often don’t know we’re telling. The answer, then, would be to identify the old story and start telling a new one. I called it “Experiment #1.”

        My old story was clear, and it was simple: “I don’t experience attraction; it’s just who I am.” That was the “ribs on my plate.” The “salmon,” the new story, was similarly clear: “I CAN experience attraction.” Practicing the new story via affirmations would probably, ultimately, have worked — but only if I was able to stick with it long enough despite the little “nuh-uh” voice that pops up to disagree for a while. Which I’ve done in the past, but I was going for something easier. If I truly understood how LOA worked, then all I had to do was start picking something different from the buffet. I just had to change my story.

        So what I did, after first looking at the old story in a little greater detail to determine some of the reasons I might be invested in it and defuse those reasons so I felt free to choose differently, was very simple. Every night before I went to bed, I wrote down one or more pieces of evidence that I’d experienced that day that *the new story was equally valid*. That the buffet did, in fact, have something other than ribs for me to choose from. If I couldn’t think of anything at all — which was rare — I didn’t stress, I simply chalked it up to not having paid close enough attention that day, and intended to be more attentive tomorrow.

        It wasn’t about immediately finding salmon “on my plate,” (which is where people shoot themselves in the foot at manifesting); at the beginning, it was just enough to see anything other than “ribs.” It was enough to step back and SEE the whole buffet. When you set your story down just long enough to ask, “Is that really the only truth here?” no matter how entrenched that truth may seem, suddenly everything softens and expands and lets in whole new realms of possibility. I didn’t need to see instantaneous manifestation; progress was enough — and *I was in charge of deciding what counted as “progress!”* It was about proving to myself that everything I thought was the truth of me was not only malleable, but way-the-heck larger than I’d been letting it be. Because that buffet of Infinite Reality? That’s ME. That’s all of us.

        I got my manifestation (my first crush) on Day 54 of the Experiment — and I’d even quit writing down evidence (which, again, was literally the only thing I was “doing”) about a month earlier when I realized I finally had the mental categories of “attractive” and “not attractive” that everyone else had seemed to have had since age 14 or so. (I’m 30.) So trust me, guys: If something that A) is supposedly not within your control, B) was the only thing I’d ever experienced on the subject in my entire life, C) has precisely NOTHING to do with physical action, and D) no expert could help with because no expert had ever seen anything like it… can be changed, *ANYTHING can be changed.* No exceptions. But the really magical part is that, in retrospect (and I’ve got that written list of evidence to prove it), the guy on whom I’m crushing showed up on *Day 2* — and I DID feel something for him then. I just wasn’t practiced enough at thinking “salmon” yet to have actually registered it on my plate. The Universe really WILL fall all over itself to gift you with WHATEVER your “salmon” happens to be… but you do have to quit filling your plate up with ribs first!

        And the *super-duper* magical part is all of the growth that’s come through the process of running the Experiment and watching my own mind as this crush develops. (I’m GLAD I didn’t have to deal with those gremlins at age 14! I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with them five years ago!) I’ve met people that believe that only pain can truly motivate us to change: Not so. Abe-Hicks tells us that you can grow through joy instead of struggle, and I’m living proof. I haven’t told the guy yet how I feel, but I literally don’t care how he responds. It’s beside the point. I’m not the same person I was two months ago, and I’m nothing but grateful to him…for doing absolutely nothing at all to be the springboard for that. 🙂 All I “needed” from him was to show up in my field (and if it hadn’t been him, it would have been someone else); everything else, *I’ve constructed* — and that’s the most fantastic truth I can think of, because it truly, viscerally shows that external reality does not have to have a bearing on your internal experience. You can construct absolutely anything you please, and choose to feel however you choose to feel, NO MATTER WHAT.

        Keep the faith, guys! This stuff really does work, I promise. 🙂

        1. su

          Hi cat absolutely love your story thank you for sharing

        2. Nalani

          This is lovely. Thanks for sharing. ?

        3. Joy

          Hello Cat,

          I thought something was wrong with me as I was 36 years old couldn’t find any one attractive other than two men. My ex husband who I was incompatible with and one bad boy who couldn’t give me the love I desired. This kept me bound by them and created much resistance.

          I loved your comment more than any post or comment I’ve ever read before as it really really (and I mean really) resonated with me!!! Nobody has ever understood this about me before. Nobody. I was even called asexual.

          Somehow I was convinced only two men were attractive and therefore options to partner up with because other men (and women) I had no interest in. This held me tied to them.

          Then I just allowed myself to be single and free and suddenly I did the work you did in your comments (but I did the work subconsciously). How excited I was just now reading your experiment.

          I’m proud to say now I find other men attractive and many glance back at me back. Maybe soon I’ll attract them to approach me.

          I absolutely love the way you write. Have you got any other stories or experiments you don’t mind sharing with me?

  5. Earl West

    Susan the seeming obstacle with me is -you assume I ,know, that I have the object of my desire in vibrational escrow. I don,t know that. If I knew that yes I t would go much easier.

  6. Nalani

    Susan, perfect timing as always. I’ve been struggling. After manifesting my twin flame, I’m struggling with abundance. I know I have to tweak my belief system again. I am lucky after all. Thank you for sharing this. See you on the other side!!! ???

    1. Thanks for the nice comments. Glad for the good timing. I’m sure we’ll be in touch and that you’ll demonstrate how “lucky” you are with this too.

  7. Jethro

    Another imaginitive and fantasised version!!!
    To eliminate doubts, we should work on faith or trust. Doubtful means we are logically seeing the possibility and ruling out the chance to manifest the desire. So logically speaking there is no way to prevent that error. Solutions are : trust in universe or god or such and work on self confidence.

    The second one is a hard core one because it is a learning curve and it requires us to acknowledge that we or our mind is the responsible agent and it wants assurance. Basically it comes from profound experience and we have to start from scratch. The former one is easy but then again our monkey mind doe not believe in unicorns and sky daddies that we can never see. Seeing is believing the existence of something so how can someone truly believe in the things they dont see. However it is possible if we learn from someone who mastered it . Through that way we start to believe because there is miracle on manifestation. By believing in a powerful entity or tjing we litetally pass the buck and ignore the fact that it is all in our mind. We just need an imaginative figure if we rely on universe or god. Using a crutch while recuperating is a kinda ok but why we need crutches when we can fly? We dont need them always. So the first one is a mediocre one and that is why only less people are successful with this method.

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