What You Need to Do if You Find Yourself in a “Mood”

Do you ever find yourself in a bit of a “mood,” as in, “#=+, I’ve  ____ing had it?  As an optimistic person and a very good life coach, I NEVER allow myself to get to that place. Riiiiiight!   Those “being beside yourself” moods are just going to happen sometimes.  They are part of seeing what we don’t want and making a decision to create what we do want instead.  If…

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Mood is Everything


I have had what you might call a crazy time with my website, finding that my newest post contained ads for Viagra, among other things.  I’ve had to do a huge clean-up of my site, purging fake subscribers and deleting some posts, which were infected with malware.  I apologize for any issues with either opening posts or receiving duplicate posts.  I thought it best to try a test post today,…

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