How to Allow  was voted “Best of Books on Law of Attraction” for 2012.

“One of the best LOA books out there.”

One of the best books on the subject of the Law of Attraction
“I am using this book in a class that I am teaching, it is one of the best books on the subject of the Law of Attraction. A must read.

~Loretta Brooks, Centers for Spiritual Living, New York City.

Simple and HIGHLY effective! A MUST have!

“I cannot say enough great things about “How to Allow”. I purchased this book about a year ago and have been floored at times with how much my life has improved since. Susan created an easy to use system that takes the guesswork out of deliberate creation. I started researching the law of attraction a few years ago and although I believed it worked, my results were somewhat inconsistent and spotty. Thankfully, “How to Allow” filled in the missing pieces and has taught me the skills I was lacking for effective creation. Her book is THE manual you need to really put the law of attraction into action. It’s simple and easy to understand and most importantly- it works! I’m forever grateful for this well written, insightful and life altering book!”

“I really wish that I had discovered this book when I was battling breast cancer.”

So grateful to you for writing this incredible book. HUGE thank you!

I just can’t let another day go by without telling you how excited I am about How to Allow! I dedicated last weekend to diving into the material, taking notes as I read, and really enjoying the process. The most profound thing that has happened so far is simply a huge shift in my mood. Phone conversations I was avoiding turned out to be effortless, parking spaces are appearing, I am sleeping better and just having more fun. Today is only my 3rd day of using the daily tools so…I can’t wait to see what happens in a week! I’ll keep you posted! So grateful to you for writing this incredible book. HUGE thank you!”

Warning! Susan’s book has serious side effects!

“Warning! Susan’s book has serious side effects! I have been consistently doing the “2 daily tools” for 2 weeks and weird things are happening!!! If you don’t want more money, health & wellness, better relationships, peace of mind, happiness, and adventure in your life then don’t buy it-haha…just saying, it’s amaaazing! Thanks Susan! You ROCK!”

Susan Young’s book How To Allow is more than a book, it’s also a well planned, EFFECTIVE course
“Susan Young’s book “How To Allow” is more than a book, it’s also a well planned, EFFECTIVE course and is definitely the best $29 investment I have ever made.  I experienced a major shift in perspective right at the start of her book.  Not long after, many opportunities started coming my way, quite unexpectedly.  I was named for and then interviewed for a promotion and was awarded it.  At first I thought the promotion would be for approximately $3,000, possibly twice a year.  It turned out to be a promotion for $5,000 that fall (they asked me if $5,000 was okay), and another $5,000 in the spring.  I was shocked when I found out they needed me in the summer, too.  You guessed it, another $5,000.00.  Beginning the next school year, they extended an offer to continue and offered me a raise for $13,500 for both semesters. (This is in addition to my regular salary).  In addition to these opportunities, private clients have been coming my way for help with personal statements for graduate school or editing an art auction catalogue.  These clients have been higher caliber than previous ones and a pleasure to work with… I know my value and I’m communicating that better.  The investment in Susan’s book and course was well worth it, many times over.  Thank you Susan, for showing us “How to Allow.” I will keep revisiting the course for inspiration.”


How to Allow is your guide for learning how to use the Law of Attraction to help you create the things that you want in your life.

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