Experience a Positive Mind Shift

with Susan Shearer Young.

Here’s what others have to say…

Working with Susan was an absolute joy! Each week she came prepared with great new ideas and insights for me to think about and use. She really helped me to clean up my vibration around sticky topics/situations. I made huge improvements in my belief system during my time with Susan, and manifested some wonderful opportunities along the way as well! While working with Susan, I developed an awareness of where I was in relation to my vortex. Susan is very generous and kind and so easy to talk to. She is really perceptive and intuitive, and I can’t mention how many times she would pinpoint exactly what was going on and tell me exactly what I needed to hear. I looked forward to our calls where we would get into the vortex and have fun creating what would come next. I highly recommend working with Susan. You will enjoy it and benefit!

~ SJ, New York, NY

It’s so comforting to me that we’ll be talking in a few weeks. If I think back to the space I was in when I found you, how I found you, and how (seemingly) random my selection was of you off that list of coaches, I have to smile at how perfect it all turned out. You really are a blessing Susan. Omg, what if you’re an angel or just a figment of my imagination?! Oh, wait, nevermind. I’ve seen your FB posts. If you’re real to other people then you’re probably bona fide.

~ DA, New York, New York

Thanks for all of your help. You have been integral to all of the changes I have been through in this last year. I write about my appreciation for having you in my life when I use the Daily Tool. Thank you, a million times, over. You are saving my life.

~ MK, New York, NY

You are an awesome coach. You are the first person who has taken the misophonia seriously and has looked for a solution for me. I think I told you that I had been avoiding Googling it because it would depress me and then I’d feel hopeless. You are also the first person that I’ve met that can and actually wants to hold a conversation about Abraham, our guides, and basically anything LOA. I initially thought that you would get on the phone each week and listen to me speak about all that I feel is wrong in my life. It was a welcome surprise to realize that you do a lot of work behind the scenes for our benefit before you get on the call. I am really striving to put your tips and suggestions into practice in my daily life. You are definitely a blessing and an anchor of peace.

~ AS, Scranton, PA

Susan, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you, that you saved me. Things are completely different than when I started. I was going in the wrong direction and now things are completely different. I’m so much happier. It’s really an honor to work with you.

~ RB, Asheville, NC

Susan, I just wanted to tell you that you’re right, I owe you a million dollars! This works. It really works. [Omitted} is happening again this weekend and I am totally okay. You know why? Because I KNOW it will work out. I know it. I have moments of doubting it but then I shift back into KNOWING it and it WORKS. Haha, all that talk about just finding a better thought is true! I was just looking for a better thought in the wrong direction! I MEAN WHY DO I EVER DOUBT THIS LOA STUFF?!? I’ve been feeling moments of doubt today but DAMN. Wheeeee!!!! IT WORKS FOR MONEY IT WORKS FOR RELATIONSHIPS TOO. You don’t have to answer this but I wanted to say thank you, I already love you.

~ AC, Atlanta, Georgia

I can’t wait to tell u howwwwww amazing last week’s tools worked. 180 degree shift in my life. And, the shift happened in one day after making my list! I never imagined how appreciating and loving myself would change everything. Focusing on loving myself brought me the relationship of my dreams. I’ve never been in a relationship before where I felt so safe and appreciated. Susan you’re a genius! In the last week, four different people, friends, a coworker and a family member told me that something about me was different, that I had a “different light about me.” My mother said that she has never seen me so happy, that I finally appreciate myself and that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Susan, you’re on fire.

~ AL, Chicago, Illinois

I wanted to share my experience with coaching with Susan Shearer Young. Because it helped me so much, I am betting it can do the same for others. Susan and I hit it off right away in the initial free session; it was like speaking with a friend I’ve known for years. I had a lot of different things going on – not feeling I was where I wanted to be in work, a relentless crush on a guy (heck, I was in love with him), a need for a better living situation, a book that just wouldn’t write itself. By the end of our sessions, work wasn’t perfect but I knew how to get myself into a better-feeling place about it within a very short period of time My apartment is much more comfortable and charming, and bad neighbors (and a bad building manager) manifested themselves right on out of my experience. I feel more patient with my writing process and have had the courage to show my prologue to a few trusted friends, which motivated me to keep going with it. The guy…..well, things ultimately didn’t work out with him, but I got something *so much better* – a healthier attitude toward romantic love. I know what I will and will not accept, so some of the loser guys I tended to date (because I was frustrated at being single and not having him) manifested out of my experience as well. I no longer tolerate disrespect or people stepping all over my boundaries and am 100% happy being single until the right one comes along. Compared to where I was before (bad drinking problem, being mistreated by men, sporadic bursts of crying, sleepless nights) – I’d say that’s awesome! For every negative thought or manifestation, she can find something positive about it to help you turn it around and, trust me, I presented her with some pretty grisly things. I feel so blessed to have met and worked with Susan.

~HH, Los Angeles, CA

What to say about Susan’s coaching abilities. If you are just looking for a coach then you are so in the wrong place. She is more than a coach; she is a sweet caring, loving, Divine being who is truly in contact with her Source. If you will come with the true intention of finding yourself, of knowing what you really want and the intention of doing your work, then you cannot ask for a better friend, support, and yes coach. She is loving, caring and patient. So I you are ready to find yourself your Source and tap into it and WAKE UP to the power of who you really are and step into it, then she is your guide. With all the universe’s love, find you and know SOURCE HAS YOUR BACK!!!!!

~ WJ, South Lyon, Michigan