We’ve been focusing quite a bit on creating the emotion that feels good, especially the emotion that matches the feeling we think we’ll have when we manifest our desire.  It’s been helpful to me and lots of readers to remember that the creation of the emotion is our real work.  The emotion is always our first manifestation.  The emotion we’ve got going is our early evidence of what we’re creating right now.  And, it’s been especially helpful on the subject of abundance to think about what emotions underlie a feeling of true abundance.  This focus on feeling powerful, free, capable and confident, has led to some breakthroughs and some real vibrational shifts on the subject of financial abundance.

In the meantime, it’s important that we’re not trying too hard.  Because while it’s a worthy goal to create the emotions that vibrationally match our desires, if we’re constantly taking score of our efforts and results, we’re slowing down our momentum.

As Abraham put it so well, (also highlighted by Jeannette Maw of Goodvibe University in a thoughtful post), “There are a lot of people who try too darn hard.  When we see people set goals, it backfires because they put a timeline on something they want that hasn’t happened, and they feel anxious as they watch the time tick by.  Play the ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’ game—find some way of feeling satisfied with what is and eager for more.  That’s the best vibrational stance you could find. .   .   . Relax and talk about what IS working.” 

I thought it might be good to remind ourselves of the importance of conjuring those good feeling emotions and then letting the whole subject go for a while.  Taking score of where we find ourselves too often, without an appreciation for “what is,” is really muddying up our vibration when it comes to the things we’ve asked for.

It can be especially seductive after some success to put more pressure on the outcome of your bigger desire and the speed at which it manifests.  We’ve experienced the great feeling of creating something we want and the sense of worthiness that goes along with it and we want to shift everything into overdrive, now!  I know I’ve had that tendency.

So, the trick here, and the most important thing we can do to create more good feelings and more of the things we want in our lives, is to continue doing what’s working for us, whether it’s visualizing or focusing on things that create the emotions we want to experience, and then turn it all over to the Universe for a while.  Allow the Universe to fill in the missing pieces, make it better than we had imagined, and surprise and delight us.  And, the best way to do that is to focus on what IS working in our lives.

Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate.  What could you appreciate in your life right now?  What is working in your life?  If you have to, go general, start with the basics, remind yourself of the good things.  I remember well once years ago when I felt I had really hit bottom; I was feeling so sorry for myself.  And, I heard a voice in my head say clearly “but there are so many good things.”  Thank goodness for my Higher Self or my Helpers or whoever reminded me of that, as they were just the words I needed to hear.

I do know there can be times when it’s even hard to go general and appreciate the roof over your head, the food in your refrigerator,  your pets and the basics in your life.  It just feels too awful, at that moment, to appreciate anything.  That’s when I love Abraham’s suggestion of the “wouldn’t it be nice if” strategy, where you close your eyes and imagine all sorts of things that would be nice if they happened.  It’s a lighter and breezier way of visualizing what you want.  That strategy has saved me on more than one occasion.

Similarly, especially before going to sleep at night, to put myself into a good vibration, sometimes I’ll think, “What are the three or four of the craziest, unbelievable, (some would say ‘wild assed’), things that could happen that would just feel so fantastic that I’d be overwhelmed with joy?  I’d actually have nothing to complain about!  I usually begin with picturing my husband bringing me flowers and telling me that I’ve been right in every argument we’ve ever had since we met.  (Just kidding on that one!)  But I do actually think of things that would just be so amazingly great and beyond the pale that before I know it, my whole body has a tingle and I am into my vortex in a big way.  My imagination has become much more vivid since I began doing the Daily Rituals from “How to Allow” and I love this strategy for feeling good no matter what is going on around you.

So, the bottom line here is let’s keep conjuring those good feeling emotions that match our desires, however we can access them.  Let’s keep focusing on what we want to see and not what could be improved.  Let’s keep up the good work that is achieving such great results for so many of us.  But, once we’ve spent some time at that, let’s relax a bit more and let the Universe fill in the details.  Let’s make a list of what is working in our lives and add to it as often as possible.  It’s the best way to get to where we want to be and to enjoy the process in the meantime, which is what this is all about anyway.

What’s working in your life right now?