We are faced with hundreds of mental turning points every day.  Should I do this or that?  Will I go there or stay here?  I really need a new car. Mine is starting to look so old.  Actually, when I think about it, I’m lucky to have a car that runs and a new car can’t be that far in my future.  Should I call her or not?  I’m really not aggressive enough when it comes to beginning new relationships.  Wait a minute, I have lots of good relationships and I’m responsible for creating all of them.  I also have passed on what could have been some really good relationships out of fear of rejection.  Should I send that e-mail? Will I begin that project today?  Will I speak my mind? Why am I putting up with that? Will I ask for that raise? Do I deserve a raise? Will I tell him how I really feel? How am I going to pay that bill?  Actually, money has been coming to me more easily lately.  Will I forgive him or her? Will I just forget about it? Will I meditate today?  Will I get that chore done?  Will I take care of that nagging issue or put it on the back burner until I’m in a better state of mind to do it? Will I exercise today?  (Actually that particular decision was just made for me when I discovered upon walking outside that the lawn guys had left the gate open.  Why do the dogs find the weak points so fast? And, how can that dog run that fast with such determination?)

Yes, we have thousands of thoughts in a day.  And, we get to choose each of them.  Yet, often it feels like the thoughts are choosing us.  They can feel impossible to control.  We get on a roll on a particular subject, often a negative one, and the Law of Attraction helps us instantly to attract more and more of those negative thoughts that carry the same vibration.  It can take a real effort to stop the madness and change gears.


I recently read a quotation containing a broader view of a “mental turning point,” which I’ve paraphrased but could apply to any of the more minor thoughts laid out earlier.




The most important mental turning point is when you decide you’re going to begin looking forward to what’s ahead with more enthusiasm instead of continuing to focus on “what is” right now.

It’s a simple statement but it is huge in terms of the results that you can expect from making that decision.  The decision to remove your focus from the things that are dragging you down and instead ramp up your enthusiasm and expect more from your future will literally change everything for the better.

You might call it one of the most important decisions you could ever make when you consider that it applies to absolutely everything you have in your life or would prefer to have in your life.

We’ve discussed how we have a cast of thousands in the non-physical Universe at our behest, interested in what we’re doing and eager to give us that broader perspective that gives us more information, ideas, clarity and energy.  And, when we’re eager about what’s coming, we literally have all of that help and the energy that creates worlds flowing through us.  That’s the sweet spot where we can be or do or have anything we want.

So how do we create that feeling of eagerness when things aren’t happening exactly the way we want at this moment?  This is something I’m personally working on right now after having “The Perfect Storm” of events happen in rapid succession, all involving others and out of my immediate control except in the way I think of them.  And, I know I can do a lot better.









There’s really nothing else to do except for me to “cut it out,” stop focusing on things that aren’t enough right now, appreciate what I do have which I’m very lucky to have, and start cultivating eagerness about the things that I do want.  And, the way to do that is to think about the things I do want and why I want them.  We can’t be focused upon why we want something, and be thinking about how things aren’t going our way at the same time.  So let’s be focused upon why we want what we want and believe it will come to us.

In the realization that you want something, doorways open, pathways light up, all kinds of non-physical help comes into being, all kinds of circumstances and events and vibrational rendezvous take place . . . Pathways light up that are so vivid, that none of you would ever worry.”  AHicks

So, let’s make our list of what we want and why we want it.  And, we now know that focusing on any of those items for just a few minutes a day will begin to create the positive momentum that brings more and more of those things we want into our lives.  Even spending 68 seconds a few times a day will begin to turn things in our favor.  So, what are we waiting for?

And, my first step is going to be to stop referring to recent events as “The Perfect Storm.” Doesn’t exactly have a really positive vibe going does it?  I feel a bit lighter already.  I’m looking forward and hope you’re joining me.  I’m making my list of what I really, really want and why I want it.  I’m eagerly looking forward to the feeling of adventure and joy.  I can’t wait because I know the way the laws work and I know the joy is inevitable if I really expect what I want and deserve.


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