Have you ever lost something, searching and searching for it everywhere it could possibly have landed?  I’m referring to those situations where you literally have looked in every location where the “LOST” object could have wound up, and it is nowhere to be seen.  Maybe you’ve heard the Abraham story about Esther losing her favorite pen and eventually finding it in her purse where she had already looked multiple times.  When I heard that story, I always wondered whether the pen was there the entire time and she just couldn’t see it because she was so focused on it being lost, or whether the pen actually disappeared during the “lost” phase and reappeared once Esther stopped thinking about it being lost.

Well, in a recent seminar transcribed (with   appreciation) by a member of The Abe List, the answer was made clear.  Reality is a perceptual thing.  Abe tells the story of yet another Esther lost item.  Makes me feel better that she loses things too!  She couldn’t locate her parking ticket and she and a friend (there was a witness) had the same “Ahh!!” experience when suddenly the missing parking ticket appeared in her purse, which she had already searched through methodically.

Abe’s response, “There was no way of logically explaining why it came back into their perception other than – we would say in general terms – you cannot find something that is lost.  And the more Esther decided it was lost, the more stubborn the ticket was in appearing in her experience.  It is true of everything.  Everything is that way.”

Of course, I was thinking did it actually dematerialize?  Did it actually change its vibrational form to no longer become a “lost” item?  And the answer was “Yes, it did.”

For me it was a huge epiphany, despite the fact that I’ve been aware for a very long time that we’re creating our own reality with our thoughts, beliefs and expectations.  Abraham went on to say:

“Everything is that way.  Your Vortex is full of things you cannot see that will materialize and dematerialize and materialize and dematerialize depending upon what you’ve got going on vibrationally. …… If you would just for a little while let it be between you and your ability to perceive it – and not care about other people involved, to witness your manifestations – you will discover that the Universe has the ability to yield to you anything that you desire in much fuller and faster fashion – when you leave what feels like the necessary acknowledgement or perception of others, out of the equation.”

I’ve definitely had the experience of finding a lost object after I decided to stop focusing on it being lost.  It’s happened so many times now that when something is “lost,” I immediately say to myself “Nothing is lost in the mind of Source,” and decide to ease up on the searching.  Once I found a cherished necklace with great sentimental value about a year after I thought it was “lost.”  It was a gold chain with three tiny lockets, each containing a photo of my children, engraved with their birthdays, which my husband had given me on Mother’s Day many years ago.  I thought it had been stolen on a trip when I accidentally left it in my hotel room.  And then later, much later, I found it in my travel jewelry case, where, of course, I had searched several times when I lost the necklace.  I have to admit at the time that I suspected that things could rematerialize but I couldn’t be sure.

“Let it just be said that everything is perceptual and that when you have this Vortex that is full of the vibrational version of everything that you want, everything that you want is ready to fill in with your grid.  But it fills in to a reality that you perceive.  And what you want, and your belief about it, equals the perception that allows it to manifest.”

So what does this mean for us as deliberate creators?  If this isn’t a clarion call to remove our focus from things that aren’t pleasing to us and replace that thought with what we want instead, I can’t imagine what could inspire us more.  I spend a great deal of time in my course “How to Allow,” on creating the expectation of your desire materializing.  And, I’ve known it’s the key to creating what we want.  Although I’ve known about the importance of focus and expectation for what seems like ages, I feel like I finally REALLY GET THE IMPORTANCE OF FOCUS!  When I read that transcript I experienced a dramatic shift in my thinking.  You know how you already know something but now you REALLY KNOW IT?  To understand that I am literally materializing and dematerializing things in my vibrational escrow as I go about my day, sometimes sloppily focusing on this and that, is mind bending and makes me even more determined to sharpen my focus onto things I want and to ignore things I’d rather not see.

Right now I’ve “lost” a shirt that my kids got me for Mother’s Day where we were staying out of town.  I’ve looked in the natural places and now I’ve eased up.  I’ve decided that it’s not lost; it’s just on its way to me.  It’s giving me an opportunity to practice my focus.  And, I like the direction this is taking me!

One thing that strikes me is that there are other things that we value and would like to create in our experience that we could also view as “lost,” in a slightly different take on the word.  Could you be viewing a damaged relationship as “lost,” in your mind?  Are your expectations about it that it is “lost”?  Could you be viewing the possibility of creating an abundant revenue stream in your life as a “lost cause,” due to your age, your bank balance, the economy?  I think that there may be quite a number of things in our lives to which we’ve attached the label of lost, that is, we’re not really expecting improvement or miraculous change.

But now that you know that things literally materialize and dematerialize constantly by the power of your focus, don’t you think you might be willing to reconsider some of these issues and your expectations?

Let me know if you have any good stories about “lost” objects.  This could be another one of those areas where we practice our manifesting skills on things that aren’t mired in a lot of resistance and build our confidence in our ability to manifest even bigger things just as easily.  Keep me posted!  I’m expecting lots of found items!



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