Very little in our lives has been untouched by this pandemic and it is one of the greatest challenges our world has faced. Although, something else is afoot here as well.  It’s not at all obvious and is definitely worth focusing upon; it’s truly an opportunity.


Clearly there have been incredible losses for many people, heart-breaking losses.  It has reached the point where most of us know someone who has suffered from this virus or has lost someone they love to this virus.  Most of us also know someone who has lost their job or received a substantial pay cut.  There is lots of uncertainty.  Many of us are unable to do things that helped us to feel connected to others.  Many of us feel lonely and isolated. There has been a very real physical impact in our lives and the emotional impact is even harder to quantify.


Yet there have been some bright spots.  Given the stripping away of many of our normal ways of passing our time, we do have time to think, time to catch up with ourselves.  For most of us there are areas of our lives that needed or still need some attention.  Many of us have made improvements in our surroundings and taken care of things that have needed to be handled for a very long time.  Many of us have made some improvements in the way we are doing things, introduced new behaviors and attitudes that will change us forever, in a good way.


Many of us are realizing, with the benefit of this opportunity to focus, that the people in our lives are what matter and we are making it a point to connect more often with the people we care about.


And, nearly everyone is feeling a sense of compassion, a sense that we are all in this together, even with people that we will never know.  We are feeling the pain of others in other parts of the world and we are appreciating the incredible sacrifices that so many people are making to save our lives.  People are stepping up to help others in incredible ways.  The world feels quite a bit less hostile and less like we are in a constant battle with people who don’t agree with us.


And, now for the unexpected advantage–


There is also a somewhat surprising and unique advantage that’s being offered by this world-changing moment.  And, it’s worth making the most of it.  It relates to our vibration and our ability to line up with the things we’ve been wanting in our lives, perhaps for a very long time.


It may seem counter-intuitive to imagine that while we now are frequently in a state of fear or uncertainty, we have an easier way of connecting with and manifesting the desires we’ve been cultivating throughout our lives.  Yet we do.  It gives me hope and a huge spark of enthusiasm that feels just right at this moment!  So, how is this possible?


A one minute Law of Attraction 101 tutorial to lay the foundation for why this opportunity unexpectedly exists:

Step 1:  We ask for change or improvement in our lives just by thinking about what we’d like to change.  We don’t need to pray or formally ask;

Step 2:  The Universe (Source Energy, Infinite Intelligence, All that Is, God) goes to work immediately to pull together all of the cooperative components that will create all of the details of our desires in the best way possible. It knows just what we want as it’s always been listening to all of our thoughts.  This perfect solution is being held for us in a sort of escrow account waiting for us to match it with our vibration, our energy.  Our heartfelt desires have a very high vibrational energy;

Step 3:  We Allow ourselves to receive our desires by improving our mood, our vibration, to the point that it is in the vicinity of or a match to our desires.  That’s our job, our only job.


This vibrational escrow account is a vortex that is filled with our desires.  Our Inner Being also hangs out there and is always calling us forward to this vortex of attraction.


Generally, we’re focused upon our current reality to such an extent that we aren’t much of a match to our vibrational vortex where all of our desires exist.  Sometimes we have a hard time making that leap to the positive expectation and sense of knowing that we can have what we want and so our desires remain elusive. Yet, Well-Being is still the dominant energy in our Universe.  Life is meant to be much easier than we are making it.  And, the energy that creates worlds, the energy of our vortex, is still exponentially more powerful than the paltry vibration that is a result of our negative attention to our current problems.


So what is different now in this somewhat crazy situation we have found ourselves?


What’s different now is that this pandemic, this upheaval in our lives, has caused us to emit a HUGE AMOUNT OF ENERGY into wanting change and improvement in our lives.  We are sending out our vibrational requests perhaps with more clarity than we ever have before.  And, the Collective Consciousness of the rest of the world is joined with us in this powerful surge of summoning energy.  Our vibrational vortex is now calling us with such power and clarity that it is much easier to get just a nudge, a taste, a whiff of it.  And, when that occurs and we stay with that feeling, that momentum, for just a bit, we will be able to feel our own energy joining the momentum of this enormous flow of well-being that is available to us in our vibrational vortex.


It has perhaps never been easier to grasp onto all of this Well-Being.  The energy that has been created by our requests and the requests of the Collective Consciousness is epic.


It’s not being suggested that you leap from feeling nervous or fearful to joyful anticipation during this time of uncertainty.  That leap would be impossible to make.  It’s merely being suggested that your Inner Being has a different and better perspective on your issues and you can line up with it more easily than ever before by choosing thoughts and actions that feel better every time you are presented with that choice.


We can focus less on the crisis and more on the solutions.  We’re being pulled toward  solutions in a more powerful way.  We’ve never launched our desires with such clarity before.  Tuning into the vibration of our Inner Being has never been more possible, more likely.


When we feel that connection, that presence of our entire being rather than operating with less than our full power, we will feel clearer, more stable and more excited because new ideas and insights will be flowing into our consciousness in a bigger way than ever before.


I love the idea of tuning into creativity, ideas, solutions, and operating with all of our power.  Appreciating this new reality, particularly at this moment, feels like power and expansion.  It feels like anything is possible.  And, that’s an opportunity we deserve so much, especially now.


Much appreciation to Abraham-Hicks for their inspiration and insight.


If you could use some support in feeling more stable and lining up with your desires you can reach me at






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