If you’ve been feeling like your vibration needs some adjustment, that you’re not where you should be, start by giving yourself a break.  The shifting of our vibration is part of the journey we planned as part of the human experience.  It’s how we become aware of our power as creators!   And, if you think about the fact that we planned to be in a  process of constantly improving and expanding, with the Universe assisting us at all times,  it makes sense that the process should not be so difficult!  It feels so much better to think of it that way!

Raising our vibrations and changing the circumstances of our lives can be much easier if we approach it from the viewpoint of the Universe.  And anything that doesn’t feel good is not aligned with the perspective of the Universe.  The Universe does not see our situation in that way.  Phew!  That knowledge makes it much easier to move away from that mindset that is preventing us from manifesting what we want and enjoying it all. Why would we stick with an outlook that isn’t even true or aligned with the energy of the Universe?


Now, here are some quick and effective moves to turn things around quickly!

  •  If the thoughts you are having right now are causing you to feel in the lower range of emotions, it’s more than okay. You are so powerful that you can begin to change your situation in moments.  That new attitude should already cause you to feel somewhat better.  Remind yourself of the power of positive energy as compared to negative murky energy.  As is often pointed out, one person who is in alignment with the energy of the Universe is more powerful than millions who are not.  You’ve just completed a great step one—you’ve acknowledged your power.
  • Another shift of perspective to enhance your momentum—every time you experience doubt, worry, or anxiety, be grateful that you caught it; some people spend their whole lives in those states of being.  And so, in the moment when you catch yourself on one of those thought streams, celebrate the fact that you’re about to get off of it.  You should feel some relief, and you are on your way to something that feels much better already.
  • Now, you can smoothly ramp up your positive momentum. As you look for a better-feeling way to approach whatever you are giving your attention to, continue to ask yourself from your ever-changing vantage point, “What is it that I do want?  You cannot continually ask yourself what it is that you do want without your point of attraction beginning to pivot in that direction.
  • By now, by asking those questions, your mood, your vibration, is already beginning to shift into a place where you are starting to allow in improved circumstances, especially in those areas you focused on when you asked, “What is it that I do want?” Remind yourself that those things you “do want” are already manifested at this point and lying in wait in your vortex right now, now, now.  They are waiting for you.
  • And this is the perfect time to consider the fact that while most people think in terms of their thoughts affecting the world, it’s actually working differently.  While you may have thought about transmitting energy outward and affecting the world with your signal, you actually change your circumstances by achieving the vibration that brings the signals to you. You create a nucleus that the Universe has to respond around. That is how you are the Creator. That knowledge can cause you to feel like you’ve reclaimed your Power and that anything is possible.

I love this process so much because it takes you from feeling like, “Oh boy, here I go again, focusing on these thoughts that are unhelpful, and I’m just attracting more of the things I’m not so happy about,” to “I am a powerful Creator. I’m in charge of my thoughts, and I get to choose.  And, here I go.”

You are the nucleus that is bringing in those things that had eluded you before.  You are responsible; you are the Creator.  You are incredibly powerful.

In a matter of minutes, as you move through these mindset shifts, you will have begun to set into motion circumstances that are so much more to your liking, so much more what you really, really want.  You can begin to relax and know that all really is well.  Things you desire are on their way.  You can know that things really are working out for you.  By maintaining that faith, you should see evidence of good things showing up rapidly.  Energy in our world has sped up immensely and is moving even more quickly now.  We have more tools to work with, more energy, and more power.

This can all be much easier.  It only requires faith in ourselves, the Universe, and our focused intention.  It’s not so hard, and it’s so worth it.



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