In our focus on Allowing our Well-Being, we’ve talked quite a bit about being lined up with our desire, that is, raising our vibration until it’s a match to our desire.  We’ve also discussed that sometimes our focus on our desire can cause us to emit a mixed vibration, because we may also be focusing on the fact that we don’t have it yet.  And, that’s not the pure vibration that is going to bring our desire into our lives speedily.

That unintentional focus on the fact that our desire hasn’t manifested for us equals resistance, and it can really put the brakes on manifesting something we really, really want.  In a recent post on “Speeding Up Our Creations,” I made the case for maintaining that faith in the inevitability of our desire manifesting for us by focusing more on our vibrational reality where the desire has already been created, than our current physical reality, which is based on our old vibration.  All of our power to create what we want lies in this moment, where we can tend to our vibration.  What’s already been created in our lives is old news.  I suggested that our vibrational reality is every bit as real as what is lying at our doorstep and we should appreciate the fact that it’s been created for us and is ready to pop if we’ll Allow it in.

That is the goal, and a worthwhile one at that.  There’s another approach, a back-door approach, which I’d like to suggest when it seems like it’s just too hard to focus on our desire while the lack of it is staring us in the face.  This inspiring quotation from Abraham-Hicks vividly makes the point that just raising our vibration on any topic, in any way that we can, can operate to Allow in that desire that we really, really want, which may have eluded us before:

All those hundred different subjects are already in motion.  The Source within you has already tended to them, and lined them up.  Your only order of business is to find one aspect of your life, which gives you no trouble and only joyous thought, and fixate on it.  And by focusing on one thing that makes you feel good, you come into alignment with who you are, and all 100 projects can more forth happily.  Isn’t that interesting?

So, I’d like to propose an experiment for those of you interested in this back door approach, which might just be the trick for an elusive desire.  Find one aspect of your life, as Abraham suggests, which gives you no trouble and brings you joy, and fixate on that as much as possible, especially when you find yourself thinking about the desire that hasn’t come into your life yet.  Make a pact with yourself that you’re not going to just try to spend some time each day focused on something about your life that you love, but that you ARE going to focus on that thing that gives you no trouble for a few minutes each day.  And, of course, that whenever you catch yourself asking where is it, why hasn’t it happened yet, you’re going to gently let that thought go, reminding yourself that you’ve already taken care of it.  It’s on its way to you and you’re not going to think about it right now.

This might be just the trick for some of us who have particularly strong desires that seem to be a long time coming.  There may be some things that need to be cleaned up in our vibration when it comes to those long awaited desires, but, for now, let’s just focus like a laser every day for some period of time on something that is working and that brings us joy.  It doesn’t matter how far removed the topic that creates happy thoughts is from the things you’ve been waiting for.  It could be focusing on your kids and how much you love them, or your relationship, or your pets, or your work that you love, or a hobby that you lose yourself in.  You’ll know what it is that gives you no trouble at all.

I’d love to hear about how this works for you, and I’ll be experimenting with this myself.  I’m excited to be taking the pressure off of focusing on my unfulfilled desire and putting my attention on something that’s easy.  And, I have a good feeling that some new things will be on their way into my life.  Please keep me posted!!  Email me at



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