I admit to considering myself to be a very good problem solver.  For many years, having a family of 5 and several pets, it seemed there was always something that needed to be solved.  I came by those skills honestly.  And, I still usually like the challenge.  But, I’ve been re-thinking that story and taking a different approach. There’s a  better strategy for dealing with what we might interpret as a “problem” that’s far easier and more effective.



Abraham-Hicks often suggests that when confronted with an obstacle, our “go-to” thought should be, “Things are always working out for me.”  Of course, they are right, from their aerial perspective, but it can feel like we’re delusional to try to embrace that thought when we’re in the middle of a challenge.  If “everything is working out for me,” then why is this annoying, difficult, frustrating, maddening thing happening in my reality?  Taking some sort of action to solve the problem can feel like the only path.


Apparently, it is valuable to our growth and expansion for us to live through something that appears that it is going to be difficult while approaching it from a confident and relaxed feeling that all is well. Each time we have one of those experiences and it turns out to be much easier than expected, it builds our ability to look at “problems” from a more fearless perspective.  The idea that “things are working out for me” can become a belief that we can actually own and we can approach situations with less tension and more of a feeling of invincibility.  And, doing just that can change the quality of our circumstances in a huge way.


So, what’s the best way to get into this mindset where we can believe and eventually know that things can work out much more easily than we used to believe?


Meditate every day if you can so you know what receptive thoughts feel like.  This puts you in a position to receive impulses so that what you’ve asked the Universe to deliver can come about in the best possible way.


When something that feels negative arises, ask how can I feel better right now? That is the path of least resistance from where you are.  And, now the important part that may feel like a challenge is to not overreact when you are having negative emotion.


Remind yourself that your negative emotion is only letting you know that you’re vibe is not in agreement with the way that Source views the situation. Resist trying to solve the problem and giving it too much air time.


Acknowledge that when the problem arose you immediately put out a new request and you’re going to let the new request gestate while your Inner Being factors it in.  Remind yourself that the solution has already been created and you’re in the process of going in the direction of it.


Your work is to raise your vibration so that the solution can show itself to you.  And, it will be a better solution than the one you might have hatched from your attempts to immediately solve it on your own through action. Because the Law of Attraction is relentless, you are only solidifying the vibration of the problem while you’re trying to solve something.  You need to let it go, briefly, and allow the Universe to go to work.


Segment intending is the final step for helping yourself to get out ahead of potential problems.   Before you enter any new segment in your day, interact with a new person, start a new task, take a minute or two to focus on how you want things to go.  Focus on what you want and make sure your vibration is in a place that you can receive the impulse about this situation.  The payoff for taking those couple of minutes to get yourself lined up with how you’d like things to go is huge.  It’s a game-changer.


So, it might be a bit difficult for me to give up my former identity as a problem solver.  I definitely relish being able to help my clients with perceived obstacles and I will continue helping with solutions.  But, I’ve known for some time now that I help others to solve their issues by helping them to adopt a more confident and optimistic perspective, which inevitably leads to “problem solved.”  I love it when my clients report that something they thought was going to be difficult just seemed to take care of itself.  It’s empowering and ultimately leads to approaching everything we face with more invincibility.  And, that feels so much better!


Let me know if you’d like some support in solving problems the easy way.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net or www.howtoallow.net






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