I would have to say that this has been the most challenging, and yet fun, blog post I’ve written so far.  It’s been challenging in the sense that I’m trying to explain very simply the existence of a vibrational reality that exists outside of what we are seeing everyday in our physical reality; I struggled with making it crystal clear, as it’s a bit complicated.

On the other hand, I’ve enjoyed it so much because it became crystal clear to me during the writing process that this is such powerful stuff.  During the process of writing this I realized that this is the “thing.”  It has changed the way my days have gone as I’ve been focused on this concept.  This place of knowing is where I intend to focus in my quest to become better at Allowing my natural Well-Being.  I have a good feeling that it will have the same effect on others.

For those of you who are familiar with the Law of Attraction and Art of Allowing, or have read “How to Allow” or these blog posts, you understand how you create your own reality with your thoughts.  I also spend a great deal of time in “How to Allow” explaining the existence of your “vibrational escrow,” where all of your desires are being held for you waiting for you to become a match to their positive vibration.

In order not to leave even one person out, for anyone who is unfamiliar with how this works, very briefly, you ask for something by thinking about it.  Immediately, the Universe or Source Energy goes to work to fulfill your request.  I call it your request because if you give it enough focus, your repeated thoughts about it operate as a request for it, whether you actually want it or not.  It happens automatically and is the Law of Attraction in action.  You get what you think about or what matches your thoughts vibrationally. You’ve seen some of the less than ideal things you’ve created in your life by your focus on them, so where is all of that good stuff you’ve asked for?  It’s there, in that so-called vibrational escrow, waiting for you to raise your vibration to be a match to it.  You can only reel in what you’re a match to vibrationally.  In that vibrational reality is your improved health, job, more money, better relationships, anything that you desire.

If we believe that, which many people now do and have experienced for themselves as they work at becoming more deliberate creators, why are we so focused on the here and now or “What Is?”  If all we have to do to attract what we want is to focus on the incredible things that have been amassed for us in our vibrational reality already, why do we instead give most of our attention to what’s right in front of us that we don’t particularly want?  Well, for starters, we can see, hear, taste and smell what’s in our current physical reality.  It’s not that easy to ignore sometimes. But if we really accept that our vibrational reality exists and is equally, if not more important than, “What Is,” why don’t we make more of an effort to focus on what I’d like to call our “Actual Reality”?

After all, real time, this moment, is really history from a vibrational perspective.  And, now you know that everything in our Universe is vibrational. So everything can be thought of from a vibrational perspective.  The circumstances in our life right now and every single condition, were created by the thoughts we thought BEFORE.  Does that make sense?  It’s all old news.  It’s all a product of the vibration we had last week, or yesterday or an hour ago.  The spiritual teachers known as Abraham have said that “What Is” is only a snapshot in time of a vibration that used to be.  “What Is” is not such a big deal then.

So, when we receive our emotional guidance from our Higher Self in the form of our mood, which is telling us whether we’re lined up with what we want or not, whether we’re seeing our situation the way that our Source sees it, that guidance is coming from that Actual Reality, from what’s really going on, which is what’s in that vibrational escrow, already created for us and waiting for us to cooperate.

It’s funny how we can accept so easily that there is a vibrational reality in our world when it comes to our technology.  We would never think that we could turn our radio dial onto 97.9 FM and receive the signal from 103.6.  Yet we can find it difficult to really believe in our vibrational reality and give it the same attention as we give our current reality.

We’ve been trained by our parents, well meaning and sometimes not so well meaning teachers, and others, to “FACE REALITY,” or else.  People who refuse to face reality can get a lot of flack, not to mention the label of delusional.  We just don’t take kindly to people ignoring the facts as they stand or the reality they must “face.”

Well, that makes a lot of sense until you come to realize Who You Really Are, a spiritual being having a physical experience, a part of Source Energy here for the purpose of deliberately creating your own reality. So, are you going to face reality or create reality? I’m going to suggest just a little bit more dreaming, fantasizing, visualizing, and purposeful focus on the best things in your experience, the things you’ve put in your vibrational escrow, and a little bit more ignoring of things that have a negative effect on your mood or throw you out of your vortex of creation.

After all, we’re here as part of Source Energy to create the incredible lives we were meant to live.  We have the complete free will to be, do or have anything we want by the power of our own focus.  Isn’t a little bit of delusional behavior in order?

I think so.  As often as I can I’m going to ignore bad economic indicators, prescription drug commercials, rude people, neighborhood squabbles, that the dogs have begun eating the mail when it drops through the mail slot (now I know where that check went), television news, dog hair (lots of dog hair), that our wireless Internet connection suddenly won’t go beyond my office (the new Internet Café) and that some things I want haven’t manifested yet.

Actually, I know now that all of the things I want have already manifested for me and are waiting for me in my Actual Reality or my vibrational escrow.  I just need to remember to look for evidence of my desires and to focus on them if I want to pull them into my life right now because they are already available for me and are every bit as real as the dog hair.



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