ideasIn the way these things usually happen, I get knocked over the head from multiple sources with a truth that I need to share. This is usually a good indication that this idea could help me, as well as lots of other people. I was listening to a discussion by the spiritual teacher Bashar, who stated something in a way I had not thought of before, which led to more and more ways of applying this wisdom.

He stated that, “You can’t have a feeling without a belief.” Okay, so that’s not exactly brand new information to many deliberate creators out there, but stay with me. We all know that it’s our thoughts, which generate our feelings, which create our vibration and hence, what we attract into our lives that matches our vibration. And, we’ve certainly heard the phrase often enough that “a belief is not such a big deal; it’s just a thought you keep thinking.” So none of this was absolute news to me, but yet it was in a certain way. I like to think that I don’t have a lot of erroneous beliefs that are keeping me from attracting certain things I want into my life. I mean, I know that my having lots of money does not deprive others but actually helps them to have more money. I know that I am worthy, no matter what. I do love myself. I know that wellbeing is natural for all of us. I know that I am a powerful creator and that I have the entire Universe at my disposal helping me to achieve anything I desire. I know that everyone is trying to help me.

Those are some fairly fundamental and important beliefs that I have in my repertoire, which should allow most things I want to manifest into my life. Yet, has everything I would like right now come into my life? Uh, no. Am I always feeling completely positive emotion? Uh, no, but working at it. So, the notion here is that if you find yourself with a feeling you don’t particularly like, own it, that is, use it to think back to what you would have to believe to have that feeling.

I think some brief examples are in order here so that this really hits home for all of us. I’ve been reading posts from people having all sorts of issues lately, relationship problems, weight problems, lack of money, work issues, inability to discern the next step in their work or other circumstances of their life. So in each case, what feelings would accompany those perceived “problems?”

In the relationship area, if the feeling is one of being unappreciated or unloved by a significant other, what would you have to believe for that to be a problem in your life? Just some ideas: maybe this is the best I can do; they really do love me they just have an anger problem (underlying this perhaps an unworthiness belief?).

How about a perceived problem with weight, over or under? That could lead to feelings of a lack of confidence, sadness, loneliness, unattractiveness, discouragement, or frustration. So, what would you have to believe to have those feelings? A few ideas: I have a fat gene and it’s impossible for me to lose weight; I have a slow metabolism which prevents me from losing weight; my issues with my spouse cause me to eat for emotional reasons and there’s nothing I can do about that; what I think about what I eat has nothing to do with my weight.     Money bag with dollar sign and money tree growing out of top iso

What about the issue of a perceived lack of financial abundance, yes, CASH MONEY. Nearly everyone has had or has this as an issue in their lives. What feelings could that lack of money generate? How about: feeling of being a second-class citizen; feeling of being poor, actually in poverty; lack of confidence; unworthiness; feeling stupid about money; feeling a lack of freedom, which is huge. So, now what beliefs about money might underlie those feelings causing a lack of money? How about: if I have too much money my extended family won’t love me anymore as I won’t be like them; if I have plenty of money I might not find something I like to do; I might leave my work, which I actually do like and brings me great pleasure; if I have financial freedom, I might leave my husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend; with lots of money, I’d no longer fit in with my group of friends, who are very important to me; I just couldn’t have more money than my parents, that would kill them; if I had too much money, I think that we would spoil our kids too much and they’d never develop a good work ethic. Okay, some of these sound ridiculous but can you see where some version of them could be slowing you down from having a purely positive vibration about having financial security and freedom? I seriously think that lots of people have some watered down version of some of these beliefs looping in their head without their conscious awareness.

So, with these few examples in mind, that could go on and on, it seems clear that there are often underlying beliefs of which we aren’t even aware, which are clouding our vibration or blocking our ability to allow in the desired relationship, weight, money, work, or whatever it is we may want in our life. While this isn’t completely new information, I’ve tried to dig deeper to less obvious beliefs that most of us who are onto the Law of Attraction have already released, such as having money is not spiritual or takes away from others. I was able to uncover some pretty ridiculous but probably pervasive beliefs that could be THE BELIEF that is preventing you from having the wellbeing you deserve.

And, now I’m seeing a new way of thinking about this, a different approach in areas that have remained static, for a fairly long time, despite our best efforts to change them. If some issue has defied your efforts to change it over a long period of time, it’s must be a pesky belief that you haven’t challenged, which is keeping you from getting into that beautiful vortex with your desire.

The very cool new way of thinking about this for me were some statements mentioned regarding change and the effect it can have on your circumstances. And, I love the way this can hook up with discovering and owning a belief that is blocking you from Allowing in your desire. It was said that, “Every change is instantaneous and total—but you can create the illusion that change is small and slow.” I think I do that sometimes; how about you? “When you change anything, you change everything.” Okay, this is huge; think about it. I’m paraphrasing here—the change you make is usually so close, such a similar version that the illusion of change being necessarily small and slow becomes your reality. In other words, if I didn’t believe that a change I wanted to make in order to Allow in one of my important desires would necessarily result in a small and slow outcome, I could make one change, THEREBY CHANGING EVERYTHING, if I were willing to accept the belief that every change is instantaneous and total. This doesn’t mean necessarily, boom, car sitting in driveway in one second, although it could. A car appeared for me in one day. What I’m driving at here is that one change, one step, immediately begins to set in motion an entire chain of events orchestrated by the Universes that is changing outcomes all over the place. I think that is what Bashar meant when he said that when you change anything you change everything.

Ahhhhh, I can actually recall times now when I took what seemed to be a small step, made a small change in my routine, my view, my belief about something, and a great manifestation occurred the next day. Sometimes I wasn’t sure at that time, exactly what in my vibe precipitated that change but now that I reflect back, I changed. I did one thing differently, either in my thoughts or actions based on new thought, and it was as if a domino effect had been initiated.

So, I’m going to suggest looking closely at one “issue” in your life. Please try not to make it the most challenging thing you can imagine changing. Then ask yourself how it makes you feel and why you think it hasn’t manifested in your life yet, as a way of finding those buried beliefs. And, then think about whether you really believe those now that you know what you know. If you have a trusted friend that gets this stuff, ask them what they think of your limiting belief. They might help you blast it out of the water. Feel free to e-mail me at and I can help you with blasting it out of the water.

And then, then, ohhh, the possibilities, what one small change could you make in your approach to that “issue,” now that you’ve let go of that hindering belief? And, of course, this is a must: remember that every change is instantaneous and total and could begin changing tons of other things in your life right now. Don’t create that illusion that we’ve often bought into that change must be small and slow. Begin to expect the improvement. Live as if it’s already happening. Healing of any issue can be instantaneous or can take a very long time, depending upon how we decide to view it.

change I am totally beginning to view every effort, every positive change I make, as leading to instant change in every area of my life. I believe that every move we make is significant, whether it be an attitude adjustment or new approach to a facet of your life that could stand improvement.

As a suggestion, this one small change could be something like consulting with someone on an issue where you are lacking in clarity and making a decision to change how you are handling something. That alone begins the movement. It could be deciding to get up ten minutes earlier and stretching every morning. Just that implies a change in attitude about your body, your value, your intentions, how you see yourself and begins the momentum. You could decide to no longer accept invitations that you would rather not accept. That decision is sending a whole new signal to the Universe. I could go on, but I’m sure you will have many of your own ideas.

If there are enough people that would like to brainstorm on changes we could make and beliefs we could be unaware of which we could shift, I’d be happy to entertain a group chat on this subject. I think this is powerful. Now that I’ve manifested a car and virtually a whole new wardrobe, each in a day after putting them on my list for the Universe, I’m starting to feel pretty invincible. And, I definitely want to keep that momentum going.

If you want to bounce ideas off of me individually, I’m available. This new view has been huge for me and, as the information came from three different sources in such serendipitous ways, I know it is meant to be shared and used so that we can all thrive with this easier approach. 


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