I would be surprised, in most cases, if no fearful thoughts arose in connection with making the changes we want in our lives.  After all, we’ve wanted the change, sometimes for a very long time, and yet we still don’t have it.  Even the good things we want to manifest will FEEL DIFFERENT from our current circumstances.  The change is an unknown.  The new job, the move, the new partner, will all be different.  Will they be what we were hoping for?

I’d like to suggest that an element of fear isn’t necessarily something to be avoided at all costs.  I would definitely not recommend taking an action toward a goal that has major fearful thoughts and emotions attached to it.  That’s generally a red light, at least for the moment.

On the other hand, that slight fear associated with changing our lives in some way that is important to us can sometimes be the catalyst we need for moving us into the place where we get into true alignment with what we want.

We’re here in this life not only to create what we want with our thoughts but also to experience the full range of emotions available to us.  Any of the emotions at any point on the emotional scale can be powerful feedback as to what we really need to think or do differently, including fear.

The trick, of course, is not to get stuck in the emotions at the lower end of the scale.  We can use them to give us valuable information, to propel us, and we are already on our way to alignment with what we want when we accept that.  Noting that element of fear and thinking about what is evoking that reaction can lead to the breakthrough, the big bounce, the 180-degree shift that we’ve wanted to make.

I will admit to having a fearful thought here and there.  I always believe in using my sense of humor to take these things much less seriously and I usually respond to the fear by saying, “Wait, what, are you trying to scare yourself!”  To be clear, I’m not saying it in a disapproving way, but more of a “Isn’t that a little crazy? You know that isn’t the best way to look at this.  That doesn’t even make sense.”  I take a light touch.

The feeling of fear is usually a signal that something important is going on.  And, it can help to uncover old patterns, old beliefs, and how we are really vibrating on the subject.  The fear that comes up is usually related to the unknown, the discomfort of change.  And, while it’s often uncomfortable to move out of that “comfort zone,” it’s the pathway toward what we really want in our lives.

And, after spending lots of time with lots of people who want to manifest change in their lives, I’ve learned that the slightly scared feeling that can come up when we think about actually doing or having the thing that we want, is not that different from the feeling of excitement that is also associated with that change!  Fear and excitement have many of the same elements!

It is helpful to become a bit more comfortable with change generally, as it’s the only constant in life, as a very famous scientist once said more eloquently.  But, that doesn’t mean that a little of that feeling of “Yikes, am I really doing this?” or “I don’t know how it’s actually going to be and it’s a little scary,” are feelings to be avoided.  The fear reveals important things about why the change has been difficult or what’s really at the root of our discomfort.  And, then we can use that knowledge to move into aligned thoughts and feelings.

Another useful observation about using fear to take stock of our vibration and then move forward is that it usually is MUCH SCARIER to think about looking ahead a year or two and imagining yourself not having made the changes you want.  That often feels truly scary in comparison to moving forward one step at a time.  I cannot think of a single time when I asked a client who told me they felt fear about a needed change who didn’t feel it would actually evoke far more fear to remain just where they are for another year or two.

Taking a light-touch approach to manifesting, moving gradually down the pathway while getting into alignment, generally helps to eliminate any vestiges of that fear we’ve unearthed when we decided to make the change we are inspired to create.  And, the light-touch approach is actually more effective than trying to power ourselves to the finish line without releasing the fear.

The wonderful thing about accepting our reasonable fears, understanding what is really going on there, and moving forward knowing that we are changing from fear to excitement, is that the issues that trigger huge fears come up far less often.  We’ve demonstrated that we have the courage to move forward to manifest what we want even when the future is somewhat unknown. We’ve proven that we can do what we need to do to have what we want.

That’s a powerful place to be. Things get easier and usually much more exciting


If you’d like some support in looking at the best way to make the changes you want, in spite of fear, I’m here to help.  I know what works and I’ll have your back.




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