Was there something that you really, really wanted that you have given up on?  I’m not talking here about just giving up your resistance or surrendering to the Universe.  And, I’m not talking about just giving up the struggle either.  Any of those approaches can often be the very best way to allow your desires into your life.


I’m just wondering if you might have given up on a desire that you actually still really, really want? Perhaps you didn’t believe you could pull it off.  Maybe you didn’t understand how the Laws of the Universe worked then.  Sometimes we give up on our desires when they haven’t appeared yet because it’s just too painful to notice that we STILL DON’T HAVE THEM AFTER ALL OF THIS TIME!



I’d like to suggest a little experiment.  I’ll admit to doing this and I know I’m not delusional.  At least I think I’m not.  I’m prone to “Irrational Exuberance,” that expression coined some time ago to refer to unrealistic optimism leading to bad economic decisions.


So wait, there’s such a thing as too much optimism?  I think I missed that class.  I’m glad that I did.


When we understand how the laws of energy work, we know that we are creating it all, the good and the bad and the in between.  It’s taken me some time, I admit, to understand that even some of the less desirable stuff was not only my creation but that, from a more aerial perspective, I may have created the obstacle deliberately for my own expansion.  I know, pretty nuts, right?


As I have witnessed close to a 100% record of everything that seemed bad, even unbearable at the time, having a hidden gem, a silver lining, I’ve come more to terms with the idea that I brought on some of the tougher challenges myself.  I now fully believe that we sometimes create these apparent obstacles in order to experience them and expand our consciousness, our power.  It’s what we’re here to do.


So, in thinking about how much power we actually have to create it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, does it feel like anything that we really want is actually impossible?  I don’t think so.


The trick here, and the way to go beyond our disbelief, discouragement, and maybe exhaustion, is to give our imaginations a bit more free reign.  If we can desire it and it’s in alignment with our higher purpose, we can have it.  Period. If we haven’t experienced it yet, it’s very likely the result of our own doubt, or disbelief.  It’s the result of a lack of Irrational Exuberance!


There is nothing we cannot be or do or have if we can imagine ourselves living it right now. If we can imagine how it would really feel to have met the soulmate, bought the dreamhouse, landed the dream job, lost the weight, written the amazing book, saved a life, become happy, we can have it.  


So, suspend your disbelief for as long as it can take you to imagine the feeling of being there now. Ideally, use your wildest imagination right before you are drifting off to sleep.  Feel every aspect of it.  Imagine what you would see, what you would hear, what you would physically feel if you were experiencing your desire right now.


Imagine watching a perfect movie with your soulmate feeling nothing but peace.  Imagine a person coming up to you at a party and asking you if you wrote that book that changed their life. Imagine feeling really,  really fit and healthy.  Imagine walking through the rooms of your dream house, in vivid detail.  How do they look?  How do they feel?  How do they smell?  How does the money in your wallet smell, feel, as you pay for just what you want when you want it. How does it feel to be generous with others because you don’t feel any lack?


We did this as children and we can do it now.  This life is our dream, our creation, and engaging in using our imaginations is how we make our dream one of those dreams we feel like not waking up from.


If you feel you might need a little boost in giving this a try, I highly recommend reading anything by Neville Goddard.  He was ahead of his time and knew how the laws worked before anyone began talking about the Law of Attraction.


I also have a guide on my website for letting go of “Limiting Beliefs.”  If you think that letting go of your self-sabotaging beliefs about what is possible, might actually help you to use your imagination to create the life you want, this guide will help you to release them.  And, it doesn’t have to take long. https://mailchi.mp/howtoallow/12-minute-self-doubt-solution.



So, I’m suggesting less struggle, less attention to our current reality, and more imagination. Even engaging our imaginations in such a powerful way for a few minutes a day will be enough to open the door to those long-awaited desires.



If you’d like any support with manifesting your long awaited desires, I love this stuff and am happy to help.  You can reach me at www.howtoallow.net/coaching.  You can also get my free guide to eliminating the Limiting Beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in place at https://mailchi.mp/howtoallow/12-minute-self-doubt-solution.  It’s easier to use your imagination to create what you want without the hindrance of limiting beliefs.



I’d love to hear how this works out for you.  You can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net.





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