Is anyone out there up for a bit of a smoother ride? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking for the great highs. I’m also fine with just enough contrast to create some more incredible circumstances, which wouldn’t be possible without at least a little contrast so that we can be clearer about what we really want. Yet, I’m definitely in the mood for a much smoother ride a fair amount of the time. Everyone is talking about these recent energy shifts, which have left some of us feeling like we can’t move in the direction of what we want or just feel like not moving at all. I generally don’t pay much attention to chatter about these energy shifts that are occurring on our planet, figuring it is what it is. Although so many people have reported feeling just not quite the way they’d like (including me), that it’s actually a bit of a relief to know there is some Divine Timing at work here and it’s not just a matter of having a murky vibe for a few hours.


So with that in mind, the first step for avoiding the crazy roller coaster ride would definitely constitute giving ourselves a break. If you’ve felt like napping, uncreative, at a standstill, there are some energetic explanations for what’s going on. So, please ease up on yourself and focus upon what you can control, which is not the huge energy shift occurring on our planet.


What has helped me immensely is to reflect a bit upon what is known as the Echo Effect. I actually had heard this expression, once, but didn’t fully grasp it until it was explained to me in the most clear and loving way, by Ina Lukas, an expert on these matters. You can find the amazing Ina at The concept is simple, as the Law of Attraction always is, but just takes some reflection, deliberate intention, and then you’ve got it.


When we shift our frequency, that is, improve our vibration, the energy we are putting out into the world has changed, yet some circumstances may remain the same for a short time. This recently happened to me and I played right into this little Echo Effect, remaining oblivious as to what was actually happening. I had a great vibrational shift, I was certain of it, and saw some immediate results. It was crazy. I can’t think of anything in my life actually that did not have some uptick. Old friends contacted me that I had not heard from in years, some relationships became smoother and more fun, people invited me to lovely events, I got to hang out with and be in a music video (with my sons), I got help for a problem from out of the blue, without asking, I received huge appreciation.  It was epic. And, as far as the concrete evidence, as in measurable numbers, on one particular day I had a crazy number of book sales, seemingly out of the blue. I hadn’t posted an ad, blogged or done anything that would explain the huge day on Amazon. My thought was, what did I just do and how can I do it again?


Well, you might see where I’m heading. I was so pumped up by that and continuing to anticipate this crazy escalation in book sales and new coaching clients and yet everything just kind of stopped. I wasn’t feeling like my good vibe had changed and I just started to deflate. The excitement petered out. I naturally began to question why things weren’t just rolling along in the same way, which turned to blaming myself for something I could not decipher.


Then I learned about the Echo Effect and got some clarity and I began to feel huge relief, which I understood would eventually lead to more evidence of my amped up vibration, in the perfect timing of the Universe. And, I knew it might not be at that precise moment.


It turns out that after I had that crazy run of wonderful circumstances created in my favor, there was this energetic shift occurring, which simply made it not such a good time for huge book sales or for new clients to sign up for coaching. So my vibe hadn’t changed, and things weren’t happening in the same way. And, then in reaction to things not continuing on that stellar path, my vibe did drop down. And, it’s just what we don’t want to do now that we understand how all of this is working. So, I’m hoping I can spare you the same experience by reporting on mine.


As Ina Lucas and the Alchemist pointed out, those circumstances that are sitting there, kind of stagnant, despite your pretty nice vibe, are giving you the opportunity to react to those circumstances from your new outlook through new eyes; you’ve got the good vibe going and you can look at those circumstances from the perspective of Source Energy.  How might that look?


Instead of beating myself up for inaction, I might have chosen to see the overall pattern that was occurring, rather than checking in on my progress every few hours or every day, and cut myself some slack. I could have relished what had happened, (which I did at first) but then remained confident that this was just the beginning and more was on the way. That is the opportunity we are presented with when we have bumped up our vibration and we have not seen all of the huge changes we are looking for. Once we view them from this more aerial perspective, we are again lined up and very soon those circumstances will clear and will come up to speed with where we are.


Is that an incredible relief to you? It is to me. And, by the way, it worked amazingly well. Once I took a more aerial perspective, realizing all of the incredible things that had happened and that the indicators were that more was certainly on its way, more and more things did show up in even better ways than I had anticipated. I just love this!


So, the key takeaway here is to respond from a place of “this is okay, there is more good stuff coming. If we get caught up in the details, taking score too often, we can decrease our momentum. Look at it all from the broader perspective of your Inner Being, of Source Energy. Don’t ride the roller coaster. Smooth out your frequency by looking at good things that are happening in your favor rather than wondering why things aren’t happening more quickly at a particular moment. Remember the concept of Divine Timing. It’s that simple and it’s simply perfect and effective.


Let me know how this hits you and how what is showing up for you changes with this new perspective. I’d love to hear about it.




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