For most of us the idea of being worthy has pointed to whether we think we’re good enough, likeable enough, deserving enough in the eyes of someone else, especially Source Energy or God or the Universe.  As we’ve explored the best means of Allowing our natural Well-Being in recent posts, it’s become more apparent that being worthy of the things we desire has nothing to do with how good we’ve been or how likeable we are.  And, I think it’s pretty clear by now that Source approves of us and loves us beyond what we can even comprehend.  There is no way we could not be deserving, or worthy (in the way we usually think of it) in the eyes of Source.

Every time we think of a new idea for an improvement in our lives, Source is on it.  Our desire is immediately being created for us as quickly as we can come up with it.  And it has nothing to do with our how we measure up to anyone.  We are loved unconditionally and deserve to have whatever we think we can be or do or have.

So where does all of this talk of worthiness come in?  What does it mean to feel worthy?  We’ve been focusing quite a bit lately on the fact that we need to care more about how we feel right now than the actual manifestation of our fondest desires.  That can be a big leap, depending upon where we find ourselves at the moment. But we know that when we care more about how we feel and make an effort to feel as good as we can as often as we can, our desires are on their way to us.  We’re learning that our emotion, how we feel this red-hot minute, is our most important manifestation.

When we think about the fact that we only want anything anyway because we think it will make us happier when we have it, then getting happy now, with the way things are, makes a lot more sense.  Why wait?! And then to realize that while we’ve improved our emotional state and our vibration, we’ve made the manifestation of our desires inevitable, well, it just makes our objective clearer and clearer.  Making peace with where we are right now is a point we spend quite a bit of time on in the course/e-book, “How to Allow.”  It’s an important, if not the most important, foundation for Allowing.

So, the trick here, to quote Abraham from a recent seminar, “is to separate our physical experience from our emotional experience.”  The question becomes, can you have a reality right now that is far from what you want and feel hopeful, optimistic, excited, certain of improvement?  “You can have a reality that is less than what you want and feel hopeful . . . or fearful or angry, but the difference in those emotions is the difference between being in the vortex and allowing the vortex to kick in and orchestrate the manifestation.”

I don’t know about you, but this heightened focus on our emotional state, right now, being our most important manifestation because it’s the only thing we can control immediately, is making it easier for me to be much more committed to find a way, under any circumstances, to get myself into a place of good feeling emotion.  It’s becoming clearer that having that laser focus on my emotions being my manifestation, my early evidence of what’s to come, not only feels so much better but is making it easier to acknowledge that my desires are right on the heels of my better feelings.  It also provides a tremendous amount of relief to know that our vortex, where all of our desires are awaiting us, will orchestrate the manifestation for us.  We just need to adjust our vibration and show up!

Thinking about deliberate creation in this way, making such a direct connection between our emotional state and what we can expect in our life, makes it harder to put up with wallowing in negative emotion, no matter what kind of hit we may have taken.  It’s just not worth it!  I’ve found myself looking for more and more reasons to appreciate the things around me, things to savor.  And, I’m feeling more like I deserve nothing but the best.

Although I need to add ten minutes to any trip in my car when my neighbor’s kids are outside, I realize that their calling, “Hi Susan, Hi Susan, come see my new puppy, toy, shoes . . .” is cause for appreciation. It always bumps me up on the emotional scale.  My dog driving me crazy by wanting to go outside, then inside, over and over again (from my office) is becoming more amusing than annoying, especially since he’s learned to open the huge sliding door himself to let the cat in!  I mean, how many people have a dog that lets their cat in for them? 


I’m less inclined to watch a movie that makes me stressed, even if it is a little entertaining.  Not worth it.  When someone else is in a bad mood, I’m learning not to let it affect my mood if I possibly can.  I’m remembering more often than I used to that my mood is the early manifestation of my desires.

We just need to focus on the fact that what’s missing when something we want hasn’t manifested yet is only our rendezvous with it.  As Abraham has put it so well, “If you’ll let the emotion be the manifestation that you’re looking for rather than the meeting, if you’ll let the emotion be what you’re looking for . . . and then you find it, then the meeting is certain.  Then the rendezvous with the money, the idea, the business, the wellness, with everything . . . will come once the manifestation of the good feeling emotion has been allowed by you and practiced by you until it is all that is known by you.  That’s what a true feeling of worthiness is.”

So, apparently worthiness is complete resonance with Source Energy, being Who We Really Are, feeling about what we’re focused upon the way Source feels about it.  I like this new way of looking at worthiness.  I like to know that I’m deserving of good things, no matter what.

Viewing worthiness in this way, things just have to keep getting better and better for us.  Because we know we can make peace with where we are, that we have the ability to feel good wherever we are, that it only takes practice and commitment and even that will become easier and easier.  Yes, I know that it will.  I’m feeling happily expectant of good things to come.  By the way, that’s pretty high on that emotional scale!

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