I was thinking today about writing a blog post, yet hadn’t decided exactly what my focus would be, when, in typical fashion, something “from out of the blue,” presented itself as a perfect example. An issue arose for me that I could handle with the skills of a talented deliberate creator, or, let it throw me into the bushes. In the first seconds of receiving this really unwanted news, I was seriously thinking, “Ugh, that was so stupid. Why did I do that? This is going to cause all sorts of problems. What was I thinking?” Actually, it was more like, “What the hell was I thinking?”images


Now, that was pretty rare for me. I’m not saying I handle every setback perfectly. It’s just rare that I actually think of myself as behaving as an idiot and start really beating up on myself. Because I don’t really think I’m stupid and, of course, no one is perfect, and it was just one decision, which might or might not cause problems.

That’s when it hit me. What am I doing? This does not have to go badly. In fact, things aren’t meant to go badly for me.  I’ve got about 10 seconds to get off of this track of blame and start to think of this whole situation differently, the way I want it to turn out. And, then I realized, hey, I deserve a pat on the back. I’m really beginning to recognize troublesome thoughts in their early stages. By doing that consistently, I’m going to find myself more and more in that place where things just get solved for me, where an entourage of non-physical helpers pulls things together so that they are actually better than they were before.

So, the trick becomes, now that I’m aware of this thought pattern that is beginning, how do I get off of it quickly? I could ignore it, which might not be a bad way to go. But, I realized it was going to require a little more in the way of deliberate refocusing. I couldn’t release it easily.  I really had to move away from “How could you be so dumb? That was so obvious,” to “Hey, that’s not such a big a deal. Things like this have worked out fine for me before. There are so many different ways this could go that could be better than where I was standing before I made that shrewd move.” In making those statements, I had made a vibrational shift.  And, I believed those statements.  I refused to go back to the doom and gloom scenario where I began.  While I hadn’t moved all the way up the emotional scale to joy,  I had moved myself completely out of the blame and worry zone. And, I had that all important awareness of my vibrational frequency to feel good about; I had a lot going for me.

And, as all of us become more and more savvy about the Law of Attraction and Allowing our natural Well-being to flow unimpeded, this awareness of our vibrational frequency is what we need to practice. This is where we are now. And, it’s a powerful place to be. All of our power is in this present moment when we become aware of our vibrational stance. I think many of us now are sensitive enough to our mood or vibrational output, so that we can make a deliberate turn and think some new thoughts on purpose. It may not always be possible. If the situation is particularly troublesome in your view, you might have to think some very general new thoughts about other things that cause you to feel at ease. If the situation that has thrown you off is less worrisome to you, or you have practiced a lot of alternative ways of thinking, you may be able to just focus your energy immediately on something specific that takes all of the angst away and gives you relief.

I really loved this quotation, which was transcribed by someone in the AH Group, and is much appreciated: “What you are tripping over is that you want there to be something outside of you, looking at you and guiding you. And we’re saying to you , it can’t be outside of you looking at you. You have to have allowed it inside of you looking through you.” They were talking about vibrational currency (vibrational alignment and focus) and how much it can accomplish. And, how it’s totally an inside job. It’s available to all of us. “And what we are saying to you is there is nothing that is outside of you. There is just that which you aren’t allowing yourself to feel that is always with you.”

There is nothing that will take the place of step by step, Source Energy flowing with you, to you and through you, helping you with every step along every path .  .  .  And, you all have access to it. You’ve just got to practice it. Reach for it, notice when you don’t have it, practice some more. Notice when you do have it, practice some more.”

And, what are you practicing? You are practicing an emotion that feels good to you. . . You are practicing what a frequency feels like, a frequency of alignment.”AH

So, I can’t say I completely got off of this issue that REALLY bothered me within 17 seconds. It was a little longer. But I did leave it in a different place pretty quickly, and it was a much better vibrational place. I gave myself a break. I remembered what was going on when I made this “decision,” and I could easily see how that might have seemed like a fine way to deal with it then. I found other ways of thinking about it. I reminded myself that most things like this work out really well for me. And, I decided to ignore it from there, because I really couldn’t go any further with good feeling thoughts that were very specific. So I dropped it and focused for awhile on other things that feel good to me.  And now, yep, here  I am back on the topic, but I’m writing about it in a positive way, congratulating myself for being aware of my vibrational output, reminding myself that I am a good creator and that I can share this story in a way that may help some others out there that are grappling with an issue, a troublesome thought, that needs to be handled. And, they too, can get their momentum back, get it going in the right direction by rethinking the issue in a way that makes it feel much better, or by focusing on the other subjects in their lives that are going well. Because of the way the laws work, if we can all focus on those things that are going well, think of some funny moments, chat with a friend, meditate, whatever works, that supposed “issue” will take care of itself. I’m counting on it.  I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

So, I’m leaving you with this reminder, which is just as applicable in my case, believe me. Practice what good feeling emotions feel like whenever you have an opportunity. As you practice those highly vibrating feelings, you will come to own those good feeling emotions. Doesn’t that sound great? And, when we own them, when they just arise naturally for us, those “issues,” fade away into nothingness; problems solved.


Whenever that issue pops into my head, until it’s perfectly resolved, I’ve decided to think “invincibility.” I really like that one. The thought of that creates those good feeling emotions for me.  The quality of invincibility just makes issues like this seem so minor. Why even focus on them? Keep practicing.



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