I have been getting such a positive response to recent blog posts and also lots of questions!  And, I love it!  The point of “How to Allow,” as a course, is to encourage readers seeking this information to find their own way of achieving alignment with their well-being, which should be easy and natural.

Although sometimes it’s not!  And, I know that as well as anyone, but it’s getting easier every day, the more I practice the processes which work for me.

I have been receiving some great ideas from readers who are using the platform created in our blog posts to come up with their own processes for creating the emotion of abundance, for example, or becoming a match to other desires.

I am appreciating the feedback so much and I benefit as much as you from each post and exchange.  Please keep the responses coming as we push the envelope on new ways of lining up with Who We Really Are.

Because I’ve been getting lots of questions from subscribers who have not yet read “How to Allow,” which I consider a basic roadmap for Allowing, I’ve decided to experiment by offering a counseling session at no charge (that’s free, zip, nada) with the purchase of “How to Allow” for $29 from www.howtoallow.net.  That is a substantial savings, of course, over what I would charge for even one hour of one-on-one vibrational tune up work.  But, I do know that mountains can be moved in a focused hour.  So, with that in mind, should you purchase “How to Allow” in February, I  will contact you by e-mail to set up a plan for focusing on your most burning issues.  I plan to spend considerable time preparing for our discussion(s) (which can be by e-mail or phone) by sending you a list of questions which I will have reviewed prior to our discussion.  In other words, this is more than a great deal.



It just seems we’re hitting that month where we’re beyond New Year’s Resolutions and spring isn’t quite here and it could be a good time to  concentrate on bumping up our vibration.  I also want to get “How to Allow” in the hands of more people who are asking for this information because I’ve seen miracles already.  I’m expecting success for all of you, more miracles and I know my vibration will move up in the process.  I’m lucky to be doing this work.  My greatest joy is getting positive feedback that my work is making a difference in people’s lives and I thank you for it!  Blessings and good vibes!!

Look forward to hearing from you,


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