We’ve all experienced fear at one time or another and not just in a threatening situation where we were in actual physical danger.  Fear is a natural emotion, which luckily most of us don’t experience often.  But many of us do experience it outside of actual fear inspiring circumstances.  When you feel fear, it’s good to acknowledge right away that you are focused in a way that’s not good for you.  That fear is demonstrating to you that you’re far away from something that you really do want.

Fear is simply at the lower end of our emotional scale, which runs from fear or depression up to joy or elation. I go into great detail in “How to Allow” about our emotional scale and how our emotions are guidance from our Inner Beings as to whether we’re vibrationally lined up with our desires.  When we’re in a place of joy and other positive emotions, we’re a vibrational match to our desires and they’re on our way to us.  When we’re in a state of negative emotion, frustration, overwhelm, sadness, depression or fear, we’re not a match to our desires and are only attracting things that match those negative emotions. That is, of course, only if we remain in that negative state for some length of time.

Our emotions are literally a guidance system showing us whether we’re in vibrational alignment with our Inner Being,  and whether Source Energy is viewing the situation in the same way we are. Source won’t join us in negative emotion because Source knows that in our vibrational reality, all of our desires are already manifested and just waiting for our cooperation in the form of a positive focus.  So any negative emotion signals our lack of alignment with our Inner Beings or Source Energy.  What a great system! We can always know if we’re headed in the right direction.

Fear, in particular, is at the bottom end of the emotional scale, right down there with depression.  It’s really no fun at all.  Anger, on the other hand, is actually a step up from fear or depression as it represents, at least, taking back your power and not feeling helpless.  It’s not as if we want to stay in a state of anger if we’ve moved up to that from a state of fear.  After all, who wants to attract a lot of other angry people and anger-provoking situations?  Anger is something to move through, as you gradually begin to think better thoughts, which attract better thoughts, which attract better thoughts, and you find yourself moving into a much more positive vibration.  It’s often not a jump you can make quickly, but it’s essential that you make every effort to move up that emotional scale and regain your alignment.

I’ve discussed moving right through these less positive emotions into more joyful emotions because it’s not a bad idea to treat fear separately from those other emotional states that you want to move through quickly.  It’s not that you want to remain in a state of fear; I’m not encouraging that at all!  I’m only suggesting that fear is not something to be ignored and moved through without acknowledgement.

When you feel fear, acknowledge it for what it is.  First of all it’s your emotional guidance system at work and it’s a good thing that you’re sensitive to your emotional guidance.  That can help take a bit of the sting out of it.  Recall what thoughts brought you to that feeling of being scared about some outcome that could possibly happen.  And then, thankfully, and here’s the good news, you can reject whatever those thoughts are as completely bogus. Source Energy will never join you in fearful thoughts because it knows that your true reality, what’s waiting for you in your vibrational escrow, is not a fearful situation.  Source knows, and now you know, that  you have the power to refocus your thoughts away from the fear, and thereby  change your point of attraction to one which will not attract the thing that you fear. So now you can agree that those thoughts were completely bogus.

How can you move away from fear after acknowledging your bogus fearful thoughts?  It’s good to try to get off the subject by finding something that you feel better about.  Sometimes you may need to meditate, watch a movie or take a nap, to short circuit the loop that’s going through your head.  Then, the way to release fear is by replacing it with confidence and certainty.  You find that confidence and certainty by focusing on the things in your life that are working, the things you love.  No matter what has caused the fear to arise, you have the ability to change the subject.

So fear is not to be faced and moved through as if it never happened.  It’s a signal that something is amiss in your vibration.  It’s good that you have that awareness that you’re focused in a way that’s not in your best interest.  You would never want to go ahead and take action in the presence of fear.  It may be a very clear signal that something is not right for you.  So as you recognize the thoughts that surround the fear, see which of those thoughts bring you relief (possibly legitimate reasons to change course) and those thoughts that just feel awful (illegitimate, bogus thoughts that your Inner Being does not agree with).

It’s almost weird that it’s actually possible to be somewhat grateful for fear, for showing you that your thoughts are illogical and that you’re going down the wrong path with your thoughts, away from what you want in your life. The spiritual teachers Abraham from Abraham-Hicks.com suggest that you try to find things to focus upon that feel far different from fear and make them so much a part of your vibration that scary things no longer scare you.  I like that goal.  As you have some success with acknowledging, and then rejecting, fear as not part of your repertoire, your understanding of Well-Being will become so strong that you will come to know how illogical fear is. And,  I like that logic!

If you can even have a little bit of appreciation for the fear as valuable guidance from your Inner Being and then gradually move to much better feeling thoughts, you’re really on your way to making your life a virtually fear free zone.  And that sounds like a good place to be to me.


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