It may feel difficult, even impossible, at this moment to look at this quarantine, this forced isolation, as an opportunity to create something better for ourselves and for others.  But, there is an opportunity here and we can either squander it or use the gifts that lie within it.  And, there are gifts that are very unique to this rather crazy situation that are well worth receiving.


You may be feeling a range of emotions right now, including shock, fear, boredom, anxiety, anger, resentment, frustration, as a result of something that feels very much out of your control.  Don’t judge yourself for having these emotions.  It would probably reflect some serious numbing out if you did not experience even a touch of some of these emotions.


But these emotions offer an opportunity to create a different perspective, and this forced slowing down and stripping away of the things that usually keep us busy and distracted offers us a unique opportunity to do some things differently.


This unfolding pandemic, like all crises, will ultimately awaken your spirit, rearrange your priorities, draw you together, and inspire an everlasting


When we look at the options that are on the table for us, the most basic choice is whether we opt to react with fear or whether we will receive the blessings that this situation has to offer.  Fear vs. growth.  It’s not a difficult decision but execution may require that we stretch ourselves beyond our usual sometimes limited thinking.


There are the challenges of the barrage of scary and inconsistent information, reacting to what others are doing or not doing to lessen the danger, blaming or judging people in power for missteps or inaction, being out of our normal comfortable routine, being isolated with others without our normal outlets, missing the physical presence of people we care about, and worrying about our friends and family who are in places that seem unsafe.  These are challenges; that’s beyond dispute.  But, we can choose to change our reactions,




As a practical matter, we can limit our news consumption to what we need to feel informed and not triggered.  We can decide that we are not going to focus on what other people are doing or not doing.  We can take steps to create comfort and enjoyment where we are now.  We can cut a break to the people we might be spending extra time with in the absence of our usual outlets.  We can reach out to the people we care about virtually.  We can reach out more often than we usually do when we are busy with our normal routine.


More about the blessings.  What can help to create that resolve that we need to maintain our best vibration and receive the unique blessings that are being offered here is first, to remind ourselves that we can’t receive the blessings from a state of fear.  They’re just not a vibrational match and therefore, unavailable to us.  And, we can’t make sound decisions from a state of fear.


When we have consciously, purposefully moved out of that fear mode and into a better emotional state and vibration, the unique opportunities of this physical isolation can become visible to us.


We’ve been given the gift of slowing down, the gift of time.  Many of the repetitive things we do each day have been stripped away, leaving us with tending to the essential things in our lives.  We have time to think, to focus, to hit pause on frantic activity.


Without the constant busyness, it is much easier to consider what we really want in our lives, whether how we are living now is the way we want to continue living.  We can take a deep dive in the absence of our usual distractions.


Some things we might ask ourselves:


Are we happy with the work we’ve chosen?  Could we make our work better or more fulfilling?  Are we living where we want to live?  Are we as healthy as we’d like to be or could we be taking better care of ourselves?  Are we doing things that we truly enjoy each day?  Could our home be more comfortable, more efficient, more nurturing?  Are we spending time with the people who light us up or staying connected with them if they aren’t nearby?  Are we contributing to our world in a way that makes us feel like we are living our life purpose?  Are we nurturing our family in the best way that we can?  Are there things we’d like to learn that we haven’t made time for?  Are there skills we could learn that would allow us to do more of what we want?  Are there experiences we’d like to have that we haven’t allowed ourselves to have?  Are we sharing our gifts with the world?  Are there others in need that we could help? Are we making the most of our time in this life right now?


We have been gifted the opportunity to uplevel our lives, to “enhance what’s ready to come alive.”


We can ask, “what could I begin to do that would make my life the magical masterpiece that I deserve? What could I improve, change?” And, starting now we could begin to act from that inspiration in whatever ways are possible.  And, when this unique situation has run its course, gratefully, we could begin to act in a bigger way from that inspiration we have gained. We could take inspired action in the infinite ways that will be available to act when we no longer are limited physically or in any way we might have been limiting ourselves.


If you could use some support during this unique challenge/opportunity I’m happy to help. I also have IDEAS about ways to enhance our lives now.


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