Some time ago I wrote a blog post about “Giving Up, Letting Go, Surrendering.”  I recently noticed that 15,989 people had viewed that post, which led to a “holy _____” moment and then an epiphany.  Obviously, knowing when to give up is important to lots of people.  I’ve learned more about “giving up” since then and am hoping that those new insights might help more people to understand when it’s the only course of action.


I’m willing to take one for the team and admit that “giving up” has never been something that has come naturally to me.  I do not like to admit defeat.  But I know now that sometimes what seems like defeat is actually the smart choice, the effective path to actually claiming victory.  When I think of that stubborn tenacity that many of us have, I’m reminded of my cat who, unlike my dog, will never show weakness.  If he’s leaping onto a piece of furniture to wreak more havoc on the upholstery and takes a tumble, he immediately starts taking a bath.  He didn’t fall.  He was taking a bath!  His expression translates into “What are you looking at?  Nothing has happened here.  I’ve been taking a bath.”


So, like my cat, I don’t always advertise that I’m giving up and hitting pause on something I want to accomplish.  It can be between me and my Inner Being, the Universe.  I’m not giving up on the goal.  I’m just giving up my resistance.


Most of us have been a bit baffled about how giving up or surrendering fits in with focusing upon our desires and maintaining that positive vibration that’s a match to our desires.  I mean, how do you surrender and focus on your desires at the same time? Do you stop thinking about them, stop trying, stop visualizing them, turn them over to the Universe?


Now that I’ve witnessed more and more how things show up under different circumstances and different approaches, I’ve become a huge believer in saying, “That’s it.  Done.” And, I know now that it’s not a bad thing to do.  Sometimes, in fact, it’s the only thing that works.


I know that I don’t necessarily know all of the details of how my desire is going to manifest.  I’m not expected to know every step or handle every task along the way.  Everyone everywhere is trying to help me and the Universe knows the details of my desire even better than I do.  It knows all of the unspoken wants I’ve given thought to and how they could all come together in a perfect manifestation that’s more than I can see from my less aerial perspective.


Giving up and letting it happen can be achieved by putting your desire on the back burner, making a To-Do list for yourself and a second list for the Universe and putting the seemingly complicated desire that has eluded you on the list for the Universe.    Done.  Consider it handled.  Surrendering your desire can also be achieved by just stepping away from it for a while and doing something that’s fun.  Decide not to think about it until you receive an inspired thought about it.  No more ruminating.  Take a nap.  Watch a movie.


A-Hicks has recently suggested that when you exhaust yourself from trying to clean up your vibration on a particular subject and you just decide to “give up,” you can then fast forward into an uncluttered place of pure desire.  It’s like rocketing through a portal where the resistance is left behind.  You can imagine yourself starting fresh.  You can forget about the clutter, the striving and just think about allowing yourself to go where you want to be.


In the same way that you walk from one point in the room to another without difficulty because you expect it to be easy, you can decide that the path to manifesting your desire can happen easily and naturally.  You just decide that you are already there.  It’s already happened.  If things pop into your head that feel good when you think about being right there with your desire in full bloom, have at it.  That kind of focus is helpful, not hindering.  Anytime the desire comes to mind, remind yourself that you are already there.  It’s done.


When we walk away from the “issue” for a bit, we give the Universe room to operate on our behalf.  As long as we’re focused upon how difficult it is, making it happen and asking why it hasn’t happened yet, it can’t come into our reality.  I hope you heard that clearly. With that mindset, “IT CAN’T HAPPEN.”


Everything is as easy as we expect it to be.  Drop the notion that it’s a vast journey to be taken.  Knowing what we know about the incredible energy of the Universe and the power of our own thoughts, nothing should be a vast journey. If we want it, we can have it.


Try taking an issue that has been elusive and say, “I’m no longer going to view this as huge.  It’s going to be as easy as I expect it to be.”  Then, thank the Universe for taking care of it for you.  Be excited about seeing how it’s going to play out.


Then do your best to focus upon other things in your life that already feel good.  And, if possible, as intermediate steps reveal themselves that you might actually enjoy, dive right in.  Don’t think about anything that you had thought would prove difficult.  If you can focus only upon the end result, being there already, only in as much detail as makes you feel good, the issue will have begun to take care of itself in that instant.  It’s amazing how quickly things can begin to improve when we change our minds.






I’d love to hear any of your stories of how “letting go and giving up” worked in your favor.  If this has been helpful, I’m also available for one-on-one coaching.  I can help you to not only “give up” when necessary, but also to create just what you want in your life by changing your inner game.  You can reach me at






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