We’ve been talking quite a bit about handling what feels like a great crevasse between where we are now standing and our vortex, which contains all of the things we’ve requested from the Universe.  And, it’s been stated in no uncertain terms, and I’ve personally experienced the phenomenon, that making peace, that is, being okay with where you are right now, is the key element in letting in those things you’ve been desiring.  There really is no huge crevasse!

Actually, one of the biggest changes in the physical circumstances of my life occurred when I finally figured out a way to make peace with where I was standing.  As long as I considered it a mistake, unfortunate, in need of correction, I remained glued to my chair.  The moment I figured out how to soften my feelings about it, finding the positive aspects, finding ways to appreciate it even if it didn’t change, everything began to change and the momentum turned in my favor.  This is a long story, which is too long for this post, but you can find it in the e-book/course “How to Allow.”  It’s definitely a great example of the power of subtly changing your attitude, of accepting where you are as okay.  Once you make that subtle vibrational change acknowledging that everything is okay, I’m where I’m supposed to be, mountains begin to move.  I’ve seen it with friends and clients as well.  It’s a magical shift we can make and it’s not that difficult.  There are always some things to appreciate about where we are now.  And, it also becomes easier if we imagine that the Universe would not have led us down this path to where we are if we weren’t able to expand and come to an even better place from our current situation.  It definitely helps me to think about it in this way.

We’ve also talked about “going general” as a means of dealing with a less than ideal situation by focusing on things that are good, in a very general way, because trying to focus on what we want in some situations will only keep us locked on the fact that we’re not where we want to be.  We think we’re focusing on or visualizing the change we want, but we’re actually still emitting a mixed vibration, which contains the frustration that it’s taking too long for our desire to manifest for us.

What helps me often to get into a better feeling place about anything is to focus on the fact that whatever we want is already done.  It has manifested as soon as we’ve requested it and is merely awaiting our alignment.  That attitude makes it seem like much less of a crevasse between our desires and us.  They’re here, right here, waiting for us.  And, the more we can accept and focus on that, the faster they will physically manifest in our reality.   

I love this quotation I found recently from an Abraham seminar, which is just so inspirational and, I think, illustrates this attitude of accepting that “it’s already done” so perfectly:

We want to find ways to convince you that the Well-being that you’ve been asking for is being answered.  Your wish is granted.  Now it’s time for you to start accepting that it’s done.  In other words, ‘The financial institution has granted my request for a home loan.  The school I have chosen for my child is fantastic.  My body feels great.  The money is flowing.  My mate truly adores me.  I have creations within me that are expanding.  There is beauty before me.  Every day of my life will be delicious.  My future is bright.  There is no such thing as decline.  I am a vessel continually infused with powerful Energy.  Well-being truly abounds.  The earth spins in its orbit.  The tomatoes continue to grow.  My cells know what to do.  My breathing mechanism is perfect.  My metabolism is perfect. .   .    .    . 

Okay, so maybe each of those things isn’t in exactly that position in our physical reality right at this red-hot moment but they could be.  They are so close and so ready to explode into exactly what we want, that all we need to do is find a way to let go of thinking about the fact that they aren’t quite here yet.  Instead, we need to latch onto and focus on the fact that they are created already, they’re done, in perfect readiness for us in a better form than we even imagined; the Universe knows so many more details about all of the circumstances of our life that what it has created is the ideal version of our desire.

So, with that in mind, we need to focus on the good stuff that we already have, appreciate that the Universe has already lined up exactly what we want, and relax into that state which will allow those desires to move into our experience.  When we do that, we’re creating the space for them to become a part of our lives, and then there will be more and more where that came from.

So, let’s quit playing small.  Remember that we are an extension of Source Energy, powerful creators, and that everything we want is already a done deal.  We don’t even need to figure out the details.  We just need to use our imaginations to put it out there and then get into that state of Appreciation for what is, for the help we’re receiving at every moment, and know that IT’S DONE, IT’S DONE, IT’S DONE.  And we did it.

I’d recommend making a list of the things you want that are already done, along the lines of the rampage of appreciation in this post.  And, then read it every day as you watch the details fill in and come right into your experience.




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