If you are determined to work with the Law of Attraction to Allow your natural Well-Being to flow to you, bringing you the things you want in your life, you come inevitably to the understanding that your mood must always be your top priority.  Rather than the other myriad tasks that make up your day which you may need or want to do, your job is your mood.  Your mood equals your vibration and there is nothing more important to creating the life you intended to create when you chose this physical experience.

In fact, in the course/ebook “How to Allow,” the first Lesson, Making One Decision, involves making a commitment to always making feeling as good as you can your highest priority, not just “trying to” but “deciding” that thinking the best thoughts you are capable of is your main focus.  It’s the difference between saying, “I’m going to try to lose that ten pounds I’ve put on and I’m going to lose that ten pounds.”  Your mood is everything when you understand how the Law of Attraction works.

Sometimes it’s the big things in life that have a huge impact on our mood: financial troubles; relationship problems; health issues; or concerns about the well-being of friends or family.  Yet I’ve begun to notice more and more that those big issues, which grab our attention and can make it hard to maintain a positive focus, are precisely those for which we make the most valiant effort to regain our bearings and to return to a more positive vibration.  We realize the issue is big, that it hurts, and that to keep dwelling on it as a problem is only going to make matters worse.  So we pull out all the stops to do whatever we can to find better ways to think about the situation.  We know these situations can wreak havoc on our vibration and we are usually determined to rise to the occasion until things make a shift in a more positive direction.  And that’s a good thing!

What’s been something of a recent revelation to me, however, is that it’s often the smaller, less consequential, parts of our day that we use as a reason not to be happy in the moment.  Often we’re hardly even aware that we’re doing it.  There are so many things that we want or need to do on a daily basis that we use as a reason to get knocked out of our vortex or into a lower level vibration.  We feel resentment, or boredom, or a feeling that we should be doing something else that is more worthwhile. We forget that there is no good or bad work.

I recently listened to an older Abraham-Hicks tape that made this exact point, that is, it does not have to be this way.  We have the ability to be joyful no matter what we’re doing.  Abraham said more specifically, “The key to always taking pleasure from your moment is recognizing that you are an eternally evolving being.  Nothing ever stands still and so there are endless new fresh approaches to everything. It makes it not possible when you’re approaching life from that standpoint for anything to ever get boring, because you are new unto this moment.”

When we’re dissatisfied in some work or task it’s only because we are throwing ourselves back to another time when we were less satisfied with Who We Are.  We have created, now, a higher and better vibrational pattern and we want to stay current with Who We Are.  When we stay focused on the fact that we are this spiritual being who is pleased with Who We Are, that we are an extension of Source Energy, and we are working in every moment to allow the fullness of Who We Are to flow through us, then we can tackle any task, project or even memory without losing our new higher vibration that is natural to us now.

I came across this realization honestly. When my dogs ran through the house with muddy feet, I was thinking, how much dirtier could this floor get?  How am I going to get that rug clean?  They had also brought a large branch into the house and chewed it into pieces on the Aubusson rug in the living room.  Not to mention the dog and cat hair in clumps in the hallway.  (I’m beginning to sense a recurring animal theme here). At this point all I’m thinking is, “This is just getting ridiculous!  I can’t keep up with them.”

Where did all of that dog and cat hair come from anyway?

I soon found myself cleaning up after my family after being out of town for a day and thinking, why can’t the dishes make it to the dishwasher?  I sped through that clean up still thinking about the muddy paw prints.  I then decided to cut the grass because I wanted to.  I could’ve waited and asked my son to do it.  I wanted our lawn to look good and we have company coming for Easter.  Yet, as I pushed the lawnmower through some huge mounds of grass due to all the rain we’ve had, I was thinking, we need a better lawnmower, I’ll never be able to finish all of this.  Why haven’t we hired someone to help with this? I noticed that my jaw was clenched and that I was focused on finishing, period.  I had hardly noticed the blooming tulips, the azaleas, and that one of the dogs was trying to get me to throw him a stick.  I hadn’t thought about the dinner I was about to have with my family or the upcoming Easter weekend.

Obviously, a different approach to certain necessary tasks is in order.  On that same day, I had previously spent part of the day visiting a sick family member and had made sure I kept my thoughts in a higher place.  I intended to be an uplifter and I was.  Yet, cutting the grass and cleaning up the kitchen was seriously pinching me off from my naturally good vibration.  So, I’m going to “work” on this.  I do believe that joy can be found in any task.  I can appreciate my pets and how much joy I get from them and my beautiful yard.  And, I like having a clean kitchen; it’s not such a big deal to put a few dishes in the dishwasher.  Looking around at a clean kitchen feels good and I can think, “I did that,” and feel good about it.  It’s nice to have a gleaming sink and fresh flowers on the kitchen table.

Try to notice your mood as random thoughts enter your mind throughout your day and whether you’re focused on the big stuff or the little stuff and how you’re approaching either type of issue.  I’d love to hear whether others have had the same experience.

I’ll close with a photo of a pile of laundry, which landed in our front hallway when my son came home from his first year of college. I can laugh because he does his own laundry now and brings home clean clothes to wear.  That does leave the rest of the family, though.  Any suggestions on finding more joy in laundry?



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