In my last post, I loved writing about some practical ideas I’d come up with for creating feelings that are similar to those we’d feel if we felt truly abundant.  We’ve been talking about how to conjure feelings of abundance by going in the “back door,” that is, thinking about other subjects that are easier for us to focus upon in creating the feelings underlying abundance.

One subscriber responded that he has had success with visualizing his abundance in the form of a needed job by taking it head on.  No “back door” for him!  He used music and meditation, writing and deliberate focus to get himself into the state of what abundance meant for him.  He found that his “hot items” were feeling that he was an expert and highly paid.  And, with some deliberate quiet time spent focusing on those desires, he was able to conjure those feelings and naturally, the job he aspired to.  It shouldn’t surprise us.  That’s just the way it works if we’re able to focus with a pure vibration on our desire.

Another subscriber asked if I had specific statements or affirmations I’d recommend for conjuring those emotions underlying abundance. In that case, I responded that I usually don’t use statements or affirmations unless I’m sure that my vibration is pretty pure on the subject, that is, that I have a real expectation and belief in the outcome I’m putting forth in my affirmation.  Repeating to myself that “I’m wealthy and money comes to me easily,” when I’m feeling a lack of money, would only serve to reinforce my feelings of needing more money.  I suggested “Afformations,” asking questions in the form of an affirmation, which I mentioned in an earlier blog post, if repeating statements is a good tool for him.

So, with that in mind, I feel like there is still room for more focus on this topic of creating the feeling of abundance, which will always come before the abundance.

There was one fairly large gap in conjuring the emotion of abundance, which I deliberately didn’t address in my last post.  I thought it deserved it’s own post, as it’s definitely one of the most important of the feelings I can imagine as equaling a feeling of abundance.  In my mind, it actually is the foundation of the feelings of POWER, CONFIDENCE, INDEPENDENCE, FREEDOM, CAPABILITY and the other feelings we talked about which might feel similar to feeling abundant.

And, that feeling is SELF-WORTH.    And, I hope you won’t just quickly think well, of course I feel worthy of having money.  I work hard.  I’m a good person.  Pause for a moment.  Despite our basic belief that we deserve abundance, I think it’s not a bad idea to focus on how we actually treat ourselves.  Do we actually treat ourselves as if we are deserving of great abundance?  How do you think you deserve to be treated by yourself and others?  If you are constantly putting others first or for any reason don’t treat yourself as well as others, that’s something to tackle.  Remember that by virtue of taking this incredible adventure as a human being, experiencing contrast, you are worthy of all of the good things the Universe has to offer.

A good start to feeling more love for yourself and more worthiness is to work on the way you take care of yourself.  Small things like getting your car washed, or getting your nails done, or dressing the way a confident person would dress, or organizing and cleaning your house, all send a message to the Universe that “I deserve the best.  I’m worthy of the good things that are in my vibrational escrow.”  You just feel better when you do things for yourself, without waiting for someone else to do them for you.  Yes, and you do feel more WORTHY, IN CONTROL, IN CHARGE and SURE of yourself, feelings similar to financial well being.  When you are willing to spend money and/or time on your own well being, you also emit a signal that you expect improvement financially.  I’m not suggesting of course, that you carelessly spend money you don’t have to try to trick yourself or the Universe into a vibration of abundance.  I’m talking here about treating yourself as you deserve to be treated and not settling for less than you deserve when it comes to the small details of your life.

How do you imagine a person who is thriving financially treats himself or herself?  Do they take time to eat a good lunch when they’re working or do they skip lunch or eat something from the vending machine? Do they take time for exercise?  Do they take time to do things they enjoy, even if they have lots of other responsibilities?  Do they make it a priority to spend time with friends, bolstering their feelings of self-worth?  How do you think they dress?  I imagine them taking some extra time to create an impression of the way they view themselves, together, having a sense of style and confidence.

In fact, when I writing at home, I’ve decided to start dressing as if I’m the author of an ebook/course which has already sold a million copies.  I’m dressing comfortably, because I deserve comfort, but also stylishly!  Seriously, would an incredibly successful author sit in a dingy office in sweat pants?  I don’t think so.  I don’t have a dingy office, by the way.

Think about your surroundings.  Even if money is an issue at this brief moment in time, you can do things to make yourself more comfortable and make your environment more attractive.  It’s been proven that having fresh flowers in your house is mood booster, for example.

The bottom line here is that every thought, every action, is projecting a signal to the Universe of how we feel about ourselves, what we think we deserve and whether we expect good things in our lives.  And, creating that feeling of “I’m worth it,” can go a long way toward attracting things that match that self-worth with true abundance.

Please keep the updates coming.  I am loving the success stories as well as the questions.  And, I’m expecting more success for all of us!


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