If you aren’t new to the Law of Attraction, you may have heard of this concept before, but maybe not in exactly this way.  I’ve suggested it in other posts, yet I’m hopeful that this information, this time, will hit you in a more profound way than it may have before.  I find that real life examples often bring home a principle in a much more powerful way than words alone.


I’ve been the guinea pig in applying this “process,” as have some of my clients, and have witnessed the extraordinary way things can manifest for us quickly if we are able to get out of our own way. If we can do this more often we can have speedy manifestations.  They just happen.


So, I want this information, this time, to clobber you over the head, as it did for me.  And, in the interest of helping as many people as possible to hear this in a new way, in a life-changing way, I’ll share the fairly crazy way in which this principle clobbered me over the head. I’m willing to show my missteps, literally, to take one for the team, in relating this example. I think my adventure or misadventure is a powerful example, which will finally illustrate for anyone who needs this information, how we are often doing our very best to create what we want and at the same time we are the very thing that is keeping our desires from manifesting.


Last fall, I had quite a bit going on in my life, much of it good, some of it frustrating, much of it challenging, and I was doing my best to handle it all, in the way I generally do. I was getting things done, focusing as positively as I could, handling it. I didn’t realize at the time that my vibration had moved into overwhelm, serious overwhelm, and that the loop in my head was, “This is hard, okay I’ve got this, but I shouldn’t have to handle all of this on my own, how can I handle all of this at once, I could use some help, I need some help from someone, how can I possibly do all of this at once, it’s too much, ugh, why won’t this just happen easily, I’m just so tired of this.” There were some variations on that loop, some moments of “this is all good, I’ve got this,” but overwhelm, upon reflection, was my dominant vibe.



I should also say that the things that were going on, while in many respects, were positive, they were also complex, with many moving parts, and I felt like I was single-handedly responsible for “handling” everything. I did not have the grace of Olivia Pope at the moment. It wasn’t “handled.”


I went outside to get some exercise and walk my dog, feeling determined. Due to some distractions and lack of focus by both me and my very large Golden Retriever, Buckley, he stopped short (not exactly like the famous Seinfeld episode of “stopping short”) and turned around directly in my path. I was walking fast, like I said, very determined, and I flipped right over him. I landed on my face, on blacktop, and caught myself with both arms. It wasn’t pretty. It’s hard to describe the feeling of slamming your face down very hard on blacktop while also breaking your arm in four places, but you may be getting the picture. I couldn’t get up. I knew my arm was broken. I could feel the blood dripping down my cheek. I thought my cheekbone might be broken. I got help. I got to the hospital. I had a concussion and very broken elbow, which I learned the next day would require surgery. Enough of these gruesome details. I’m being very deliberate in making it clear that for some time after this “accident” I could not do anything but get better. I couldn’t work with clients, deal with getting my house on the market from a distance, deal with the contractors working at my house, deal with a very maddening relationship issue. I didn’t have a choice. I just stopped thinking about any of those issues.


I should say here that the process of getting my house cleared out and on the market had been going on for a very long time, as had the relationship issue, and they had recently peaked in terms of being challenging.


Prior to the “fall” I had been so overwhelmed with new client requests and doing my job for existing clients (a good thing but adding to the mix), getting my house ready for sale from a distance, dealing with the relationship problem, and now I wasn’t thinking about any of that at all. For a couple of weeks, it was as if those “overwhelming” issues were no longer there for me. I contacted my existing and prospective clients and told them I’d get back to them soon. Everyone was understanding. I let my real estate agent handle as much of the house repair and packing as possible. I didn’t even think about the relationship issue. I was consumed with getting better, nothing else.  I don’t think the “issues” that I had found overwhelming got any of my attention during my recovery.


So an interesting aspect of this story, and why I felt the need to share this in the hope of providing a powerful example of how to get out of your own way, is that I don’t think I necessarily had a perfect vibe going while I was recovering from my fall. I was in a fair amount of pain, had to complete surgery and physical therapy, and couldn’t do a lot of the things I would normally enjoy. I also had trouble washing my hair, and could only wear tank tops and pants I could pull on. I wasn’t exactly feeling my best. Yet I was completely focused on getting better and getting back to doing the things I wanted to do, nothing else.  You might think that from this place I would be attracting things that matched the vibration of feeling injured, or frustrated.  That was not the case.


And, here’s the very interesting thing that happened. The overwhelming things that I had been dealing with all resolved themselves, quickly, easily, without my involvement. I still find it almost impossible to believe but everything improved, moved forward, was handled. These were things that had been languishing for a very long time and, merely removing my focus from them allowed the Universe to get it done, to handle it.  So, I didn’t have to be in any sort of “perfect” vibration, just doing my best to stay in alignment, and the things I had been focused upon in a feeling of overwhelm all improved when I removed my attention from them.



What is also interesting and so perfect is that these things were “handled” in a better way than I could’ve handled them myself. People became cooperative. The relationship issue smoothed out completely. Contractors got their work done without my involvement. Really, that happened.  Things were moved out of my house. My house went on the market and looked fantastic. Prospective coaching clients that I contacted as soon as I was able said that now was actually a more perfect time for them to get started than when they had initially contacted me. Now they were ready and they weren’t quite there before. Just wow.


I had been clinging on so tightly to those “issues” and feeling like I had to get them taken care of, to manage them, that I was putting out an energy of “this is so hard, it’s taking so long, this is too much for one person to handle,” and the solutions couldn’t find their way to me.


I’m not suggesting that you need an injury or a major life challenge to support you in letting go of the energy you may have around those desires that feel like they are never going to manifest for you. Yet, you have to find a way to say, “It’s handled. I’m going to focus on other things for the time being, doing things I enjoy, finding a positive focus, not obsessing about them. I’m not going to worry, think about how they are going to be resolved.  The Universe is taking care of them in an even better way.”


As I was suggesting to a client yesterday, and what I think will be very helpful to lots of people, is that you have to find a way to take yourself “off duty” when it comes to some issues you’ve been trying to “manage” for what feels like a long time.  This can be easier said than done. I get it. But, it’s so worth it. And, you’ll feel so much better in the process.  It feels like relief.


Think about how you might declare yourself “off duty” when it comes to something that hasn’t manifested for you for what feels like a long time. I’ve mastered this idea of going “off duty” after having my own powerful experience. I now fully understand the energy we project when we let go of the reins. It works with relationships, money, even contractors.



Really, don’t let that innocent look fool you!  I wasn’t clumsy.   Buckley stopped short.


I’d love to hear about how letting go of the reins works for you.  I’m predicting speedy manifestations!



Sometimes it’s hard to see where we’re throwing our energy around and it can be helpful to have another, more aerial, perspective.  If you’d like some help in figuring out how you might be unwittingly blocking your desires from making their way to you and how to go “off duty,” I’d be happy to help. We’re all in this together. susan@howtoallow.net


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