Can you accept that the Universe is always, no matter what your circumstances, working on your behalf to create your solutions?

What might create even a bit more optimism is to know that the bigger your perceived challenge, the more you are putting your preference for something better out into the energy field where the Universe is responding.  So, these seemingly more difficult challenges are actually powerful opportunities for creating something much better than you might have aspired to before the challenge arose.

I know that it doesn’t feel that way, at least at the outset.  We want to rant and rave and focus on the injustice of the situation.  And, that’s okay, as long as we don’t stay there.  In fact, trying to deny the feelings that are evoked by the difficult situation isn’t helpful.  The very real feelings are still there, perhaps then buried and stored in our bodies, creating dysfunction and waiting to be triggered again.

If, on the other hand, we let ourselves feel our reaction to the challenge fully, and feel all of the feelings that come up, we are already taking the first step toward our solution.  While we do that, we can set the intention to release those negative thoughts and feelings, knowing that they are not taking us to where we want to be.

At this stage in our challenging situation, it’s also a good time to give ourselves the break we deserve, even before the situation has shifted to something so much better.  We can forgive ourselves for going off the rails while we feel the way we feel and remind ourselves that it’s actually the first step toward the manifestation of our solution.

Cutting ourselves that break is actually another step toward allowing the Universe to deliver our improved circumstances to our doorstep.  It’s not unreasonable to have a negative reaction to a setback.  When we blame ourselves for having a negative reaction we’re just attracting more negative thoughts and giving up more of our power.  Now, we just need to get onto the next phase and it doesn’t have to take a long time.

Where most of us still get jammed up in moving quickly to our improved circumstances is that we continue to wallow in the aspects of the challenge that have proven difficult.  We rehash them in our minds, we blame others, we blame ourselves, we think about how unfair it is, we wonder why nothing is improving, we imagine even more dire scenarios, and we continue in that negative loop of thought.  That loop does not contain the solution to our problem.

We can keep that up for quite a while if we decide that’s how we’d like to spend our precious time.  Or, we can intend to do something about the challenge that is more of an inside game than taking any immediate action.

Before we try to figure out what actions we think we need to take to overcome this obstacle, we can change ourselves and the way we are viewing the situation.  It’s always an inside job.

This is a very good time to remind ourselves, as I like to do when I’m on my game, that everything is being created in our field.  We can’t control everyone else’s behavior or world events that are having an impact on us, but we can control the energy we are putting out into the field.

There are a multitude of ways of moving from wanting to burn things down to feeling at peace with our situation and excited about the future.  That’s our optimal vibrational stance.  We can remind ourselves that we are creating in the field.  We can remind ourselves that our own vibration dictates the way everything turns out.  We can attempt to cut off that loop of negative thought.  Check out my strategy for releasing the loop in You’re Not Stuck, Chapter 18.  It’s a one-page easy checklist and it works.

Some also find that trying to get into a state of mindlessness, where the problem does not exist, is effective.  It can be.

My go-to strategy is still the Daily Tool from How to Allow In using the Daily Tool you write about your issue beginning with the way you are feeling now.  Using the guide to the Daily Tool you can see how you can gradually talk yourself into a perspective that is so much better.  It involves, among other things, reminding yourself of all of the things you can appreciate as well as your power to create just what you want.  Going through the process of writing the Daily Tool completely changes the lens through which you are viewing your situation.  It always raises my vibration and takes me to the land where my solution lies.  And, I always feel so much better!

Next, at this point that it may be a very good idea to remind yourself that you’ve already created a more amazing result in your life by going through the challenge you’ve been facing.  You’ve sent out a much stronger intention for improvement with much more clarity about what you really want instead.

You may also want to remind yourself that the Universe is always working for you and that the work you’ve just done to move into a better vibration is being responded to by Infinite Intelligence.  You’ve got Infinite Intelligence pulling together all of the pieces of your solution!  Thinking about that feels so much better than remaining mired in thoughts about the challenge.  In fact, at this point in your process, the challenge has already lessened in some aspects and is on its way to resolution.

At this juncture, you might be inspired to take action to resolve the situation.  If you are truly in a good vibration where you’re getting ideas for inspired actions, then taking those inspired actions can be your next move.  Although, generally when we are moving away from what we perceive to be a big problem it may be better to start with focusing on things that are working as well as giving no more air time to the “problem.”  That’s an excellent start!

It shouldn’t take long while focusing on the things that are working in your life for the magical conspiracy of events to occur where you become very clear on your next steps in moving toward your solution.  Then you are definitely coming from a place of inspiration and your actions will be effective and powerful.  And, very little action may even be required when you’ve done all of that inner work to change your vibration when it comes to the “problem.”  It may just go away on its own, or, I should say, go away as our new improved vibration and the Universe handles it energetically.  It can be that easy.







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