We know that our thoughts, visions we hold in our minds, and the actions we take are creating our reality, every bit of it.  And, as more of us have become Law of Attraction-savvy, we’ve learned that we don’t want to deny our negative emotions.  Denying, ignoring, burying and trying to set fire to negative emotions doesn’t create the positive momentum we are trying to create.  In fact, any of those moves is actually slowing down the process of creating what we want.





Our emotions are actually our very best friends (not including our dogs), those reliable friends that never let us down.

Our emotions let us know what is really going on inside our heads.  We may think that our affirmations or visualizations are leading us toward our highest excitement, when, in fact, we’re missing what is really going on in our heads.

And, our emotions are the indicator that we can trust to let us know how we are really vibrating on any subject.  A-Hicks talks often about the emotional scale and how that scale is a direct reflection of the vibration that we are sending out into the Universe.

Knowing that we cannot deny these emotions or bury them, or set them on fire, we do our best to process them.  We think about where they are coming from.  We make an effort to unearth the Limiting Belief that is underlying our negative perspective.  It’s valuable.  And, it’s a way to change the Limiting Belief to something that is true, to something that is leading us to where we want to go.

Yet, there are a couple of easy “go-to” thoughts that might be a short cut when the negative emotion we are experiencing is not entrenched or incapacitating.  When we’re feeling blah, or annoyed, or frustrated or overwhelmed, we can take a shortcut that can move us right to where we want to be, our preferred radio signal!

One very easy “go-to” thought when we find ourselves experiencing negative emotion, which is just part of being the creators of our own realities, is that it’s not such a big deal.  Without the negative emotion, we wouldn’t know that we were emitting a vibration that was not on the bandwidth of our desires, our highest excitement.

So, in that moment we could begin to actually welcome the negative emotion.  We could think, “Thanks for the heads up.  I had no idea this situation was triggering these unhelpful thoughts and worn-out beliefs.”


Right away, with that reaction, we have shifted our momentum from slowing down the arrival of our desires to moving us toward the manifestation of our desires.  That “go-to” thought will produce an immediate shift.  And, it didn’t take a lot of deep diving or analysis.

A second equally helpful thought when we find ourselves in that situation is that “Whatever I’m thinking about this is not in the same ballpark with the way my Inner Being is seeing this.  My Inner Being does not agree with me right now.”  Again, I think the next thought could be, “Thanks for the memo.  If my Source, my Inner Being doesn’t agree with this, I definitely DON’T want to keep thinking about this in the same way.”

What is so easy and helpful about these two “go-to” reactions to negative emotion is that they’ve immediately shifted our momentum.  They have also minimized the importance of what we were experiencing as a negative emotion.  Instantly, it has just become much less of an issue.  We’re just experiencing a negative emotion, which is part of our expansion.  It’s what allows us to move forward toward our fondest desires.

The other very cool thing about these “go-to” moves when we are experiencing negative emotion is that they remind us that it is just a result of our “perspective.”  It’s just our lens at the moment.  Perspective sounds and feels so much less daunting.

There might be a belief that underlies that perspective, and we might need to find it and shift it.  Yet, ultimately it’s all about the perspective that we have on the subject in that moment.

Noticing that negative emotion and then welcoming it as an indicator is an easy and winning strategy.  Our thought process can go from “Ugh, I feel so annoyed, overwhelmed, frustrated,” to “Good that I noticed, it’s good that I’m aware of this,” to “I would rather line up with the way my Inner Being sees this,” to “I can change my perspective on this and it doesn’t have to be that difficult, as my Inner Being is calling me toward that improved perspective.”

This is a Law of Attraction-savvy way to handle those negative emotions that pop up and, in the meantime, stay on the path of manifesting our most important desires, our very highest excitement.

I like easy and sometimes it can be this easy.



And, yes, I do allow my dog to order “puppiccinos” from Starbucks.  It was the Baristas’ idea!

If you’d like any support with changing your perspective and beginning to create more ease in your life, you can reach me at susan@howtoallow.net

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