This is going to be just a slightly different take on something you likely already know but just haven’t been putting to use in a conscious way.  And, it’s a simple way to let the Law of Attraction get to work for you, when you feel like you can’t get that momentum going.


This is what you need to know and have faith in:


We “ask” by thinking about some improvement we’d like in our circumstances, how something could be different and better. And, we don’t have to consciously do this. Source, the Universe, is picking up on our preferences constantly.

The Universe answers and goes to work immediately, at warp speed, to create what we’ve asked for, and very likely in an even better version than requested.

We receive what we asked for, right on the heels of bringing our vibration (our mood, feelings, emotional state) to the same frequency of that thing that we want. We get into alignment and it’s ours.

Are we all on the same page here?  Just checking.  And, we also all know this by now: we sometimes get just what we want, or something better, or there seems to be no response, as if nobody’s listening.  We remain stuck just where we are, without seeing any evidence of what we really want.

There are myriad reasons why we might not get just what we want and none of them have to do with the Universe not hearing our request or not honoring our request. It’s all in the Step 3, our alignment, which determines whether we’ll be seeing what we want anytime soon.  What are some of the possible reasons for our not actually being on the same frequency as our desire?  I’ll suggest a few here and then offer a possible workaround that might get us into alignment even when we haven’t cleaned up our vibration perfectly.  Remember that pure positive energy is infinitely more powerful than the negative mixed energy that often slows down our momentum in creating what we want.


We might have limiting beliefs, that is, think it’s not actually possible to get what we want without more money, a miracle, a personality transformation. It’s just not going to happen for us.

We might think deep down there somewhere that we don’t deserve what we want or aren’t worthy of getting what we want; we’re not smart enough, clever enough, focused enough, good enough.

We might not believe that the Universe has actually delivered for us already and is holding our desire right there, right in front of us, just waiting for our alignment. It just seems impossible that it works that way, or too good to be true.

We might think deep down that if we get it, we’re taking it away from someone else who needs it more than we do and so we close down that channel, often without our conscious awareness.

We might be so stuck in thinking about what we’ve done that brought us to this place where we don’t have what we want, that we can’t allow our vibration to rise to it’s naturally happy level. We’re in perpetual “stuckness.” For us, it’s just not going to happen.

I could go on but .   .   .   .


I heard something for probably the millionth time today and it struck me completely differently than it has before. This is something I already know and yet, now it’s hitting me in a new way. That’s because I’ve changed since the last time I heard this information. That’s the way it always works. I’m going to propose a different approach to use when it may seem impossible, at least at this moment, to get beyond all of those reasons we may be out of alignment.  I’m not saying, don’t clean up your vibe on your worthiness, your belief in the power of the Universe, your power to actually manifest what you want.  By all means, do that. But, in the meantime, how about thinking about the things you want in a slightly different way?


What is it that you want that you don’t yet have? 



Please stop and answer this question with regard to at least one desire.


(Fill in the blank, please!) __________________________________


Now, how do you feel when you think about that desire?  Do you feel excited, happy, eager?  Do you fall flat?  Do you feel like not having it is holding you back from other things that you want?  Do you feel some sort of threat or loss of security if you don’t manifest what you want?  Are you being pushed by someone else to create that outcome in your life?


Based upon your answer to how you feel when you think about what you want, I think we can determine whether you are putting your desire into the category of a “need” or a “desire.” When we put the things we want into the need category, it’s really unlikely that we’re sending out a pure vibration to the Universe.  It’s more like, “I’ve gotta, gotta, gotta have this or I will never be happy.  If I don’t get this I can’t move on in my life.” So, our vibe is desperate, murky, mixed with dashed hopes and expectations from not having manifested it so far.


If, on the other hand, when you think about it and feel just excitement and thoughts more like, “That would be so cool. I can’t even imagine how fun that would be to have that.  Now that is exciting.  When I have that I’m also going to .   .   .” , then what you want is more in the “desire” category and you’re on your way to getting it.


When our “wants” are coming from a feeling of inspiration and excitement, we’re actually receiving those ideas from our Vortex of creation, where Source has already amassed them for us. When our “wants” are coming from a feeling of need or lack, our attempts to focus on them is full of resistance and our vibration isn’t in the vicinity of those “wants.”


Moving from the “need” label to the “desire” label doesn’t require that personality transformation if that’s what you may be thinking about some of your “wants.” Granted, changing our perceptions of some of our wants may require more focus and effort than others.  But, that’s all we’re talking about here, our perceptions.


I’ll focus upon MONEY, to just get that one out of the way, as it’s probably the biggest vibe-pincher most of us have going on and it can be dicey to shift from thinking of it as a “need” to a “want.”  Yet, isn’t it possible to imagine, for even a couple of minutes, that you just received a huge windfall of money and all of your NEEDS are met?  From there, what would be extremely fun to do with all of that unneeded money? Probably the easiest place to go with this, which feels only good and doesn’t raise all of your limiting beliefs about money, is to imagine being very generous with your unneeded money. I’m thinking, as an example, several families lost their homes to a huge apartment building fire during the recent blizzard.  How fun would it be to help them out with cash, clothing, a security deposit on a new apartment, furniture for their new place?  Just thinking about it feels nothing but great.  And, those thoughts would be in complete alignment with a desire for more money, having skirted around (purposely) the fact that you may feel you NEED more money to pay your own bills.


So, with anything that you may want that you haven’t manifested yet, but could be on your way to manifesting today, spend some time imagining it in the category of a desire rather than a need.   You’ll feel better in the process and you’ll speed up your momentum in manifesting the rest of your “desires.”


What really makes it fun for me, is knowing that the Universe already knows so many more of the details of what I actually want, in ways I may not even have foreseen, that I’m likely to manifest something more awesome than I even put out there as a desire.  That feeling is very high on the emotional scale, by the way!  It’s fun to think about the Universe just showing off how amazing it is for us.  And, that’s the way the Universe works when we Allow it to.  Let’s do this!





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