You’re tired of living in scarcity or survival mode.  You want more abundance, in general, and especially financial abundance; it will allow you to have more freedom, adventure, ease, independence, fun, and be more generous. In the world we live in, it’s a necessity, and the foundation for living a joyful life.


Abundance, however, is like an Achilles Heel for more people than not.  It’s their hot button.  They have some good things going on in their lives, have created some of their desires, but money is THE THING that they think about all of the time. It’s what they worry about the most.


I’ve written before about money being only energy, like everything else. When we place it in a special category, as in, “scarce and difficult to come by,” we fulfill our own expectations. You may agree that money is only energy and understand intellectually that we manifest it in the same way we manifest all of our other creations.  Yet, you just think about it differently, define it differently.


Abraham had a wonderful suggestion for creating the vibration that is a match to abundance.  It was so good, in fact, that it led me to think about making up a different word to replace abundance.  It struck me that most of us who understand and practice deliberate creation have already created a negative vibration around the word “ABUNDANCE.” With our best intentions, we’ve focused upon creating ABUNDANCE just a bit too much.  Let’s just call it the “A” word.  If anyone’s mind just went into the gutter, pull back.  


The word to replace the A word also will definitely not be MONEY, as that’s even more highly charged for most people.  On this path to a different word and a different vibration when it comes to abundance, particularly financial abundance, I will share what Abraham had to say about the feeling of abundance:


I associate abundance with a feeling of power.  With a feeling of strength.  With a feeling of being in charge.  With a feeling of being capable.  I feel capable.  I feel sure. I feel strong.  I feel abundant.  I feel strong.  I feel eager. I feel confident.  I feel sure, even cocky.  I feel in love with life. I feel zest and vigor, I feel robust . . .This is the work.  So now, think of people that you associate with abundance and see which of those words apply to them.  They are the movers and the shakers; they are the ones who make things happen, they are the ones who get to do whatever they want to do.  They are not limited by money ever.  



When I read those words and conjure the emotion suggested by the words I feel FREEDOM.  Freedom sounds only amazing, awesome, and fun.  There are no negative associations.  Freedom does not feel like the A word.


We already have freedom.  While we may feel some limitations in our lives, they are coming only from our own limiting thoughts.  We are always free to choose what we think, which creates our emotional state, our vibration and the circumstances of our lives.  So, we’re not lacking in freedom.  By focusing upon the freedom we already have and can create even more of, we’re not trying to turn the ship around from a negative place.  It’s a fresh starting point, unlike the A word, which generally conjures feelings of being in debt, having bills to pay, and not knowing what to do next.  


We are free to decide, every day, in every moment, what we choose to focus upon.  We can choose to focus upon the fact that we have freedom and think about and do more things that are evidence of our freedom.  The Universe will only hear “I feel free, unencumbered, unlimited,” and it will respond with the things and circumstances that match “free.” And, the A word will certainly be something that will come back to you in an unlimited supply, now that you’ve taken a lighter touch.  Now that you’ve stopped asking and asking and asking, and worrying about “A” and focused upon what you already have, that precious freedom, more of everything you want is on it’s way.


I’d suggest making a list of the things you can think of that demonstrate your freedom.  Refer to it often, especially if you find yourself focusing upon the A word.  Do some of the things on the list that someone with freedom can do.  Shake things up a bit.  Try something different.  Change your routine.  Eat something different, wear something different, go somewhere that you don’t usually go.  Demonstrate that you are a free person!  And in the meantime, make a habit of deliberately choosing your best thoughts, whenever you notice how you are thinking, which will truly be demonstrating your freedom in the most powerful way.  And, that thing we discussed that is a vibrational match to freedom must be on its way.


I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling more eager, independent, and free to create just what I want.


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