If you believe that you create your own reality with your thoughts, would you be willing to try this brilliant idea? Okay, so maybe I just think it’s a brilliant idea, but I’m getting those goosebumps and chills I get when I’m in the zone (my vortex), so I’m hoping it might be something that could really help you to manifest just what you’ve been wanting in your life.

So, this is the deal as we know it to be. We know that we have to be in the receiving mode, that is, feeling pretty good most of the time, in order to match the vibration of our desires. When we match the vibe of our desires, they move into our lives. It’s just the way the laws work; the process is usually gradual but it can be very rapid. I love the idea of rapid, but gradual can be fun too when we are savoring the steps along the way. And, that’s where this idea comes into play.  And, gradual could become rapid, under this scenario.


If all that dictates whether we manifest our desires or remain where we are is whether we are in the receiving mode, that is, on the same vibrational bandwidth as our desires, then the only thing keeping our dreams from showing up is that our focus upon our current reality is dominating our focus upon what’s already created for us in our vortex.  We’re giving “what is” more airtime and energy than we’re giving to what we really know we can have.  Does it make sense for us to do that?  It doesn’t, and yet we all do it at times.


Our current reality is often so vivid and real and “contrasty” that it can sometimes be really, really hard to remove our focus from it. And, that reality can also make it really, really hard to focus upon our desires with those great feelings we know are necessary if we are to bring them into our lives. I’ve heard it said, for example, that if we want a new car, we need to “own it” before it’s actually in our garage. If we want more money, we have to spend it (VIBRATIONALLY) before it’s in our bank account. We get that and yet it’s not always easy to get there in our imaginations or, at least, to stay there for very long.




So, what do you think of this idea? What if we used our very able imaginations (yes, I do mean you too, who is now thinking they are terrible at visualizing), and simply imagined that our big desire was definitely going to manifest, not tomorrow, but sometime this SPRING? (I usually advise against calling a desire “big,” by the way, as it often creates more of that feeling of impossibility and it’s just as easy to create a “big” thing as a “little” thing). We know this principle and yet we make the “big” desires seem far more elusive.


Just for now, let’s take your so-called “big desire,” in this case meaning the thing that you think would bring you the most happiness, and imagine it as definitely happening this SPRING. So, this means it could happen as soon as say March 21st (shameless plug for my birthday) or as late as (June 20th). How does that strike you? Please stop and actually do this.  What do you feel when you allow yourself to know that you are getting what you want this SPRING?  Do you feel an incredible feeling of relief? Do you feel excited? Do you feel like, “Oh my God, I can handle all of these other things, they’re not such a big deal because “it” is happening this SPRING?” Do you feel your body relaxing? Try to imagine it in such a way that you actually do feel that incredible relief combined with excitement, eagerness, anticipation.


Okay, so if we could just hold that place, that big thing we desire would absolutely move into our life this spring and, in all likelihood, sooner. Our desire would not be able to resist the energy we’d created by being in that state of certainty, clarity, ease, wildly crazy excitement.  


We’d have it. So, how might we keep it alive, keep that feeling going a fair amount of the time, knowing that our desire is happening for us in the not too distant future?


I’m suggesting that you start laying the groundwork for being ready for the desire right now. I mean, once that desire manifests, you’re going to be quite a bit busier, and there are lots of things in your life right now that just aren’t at the level you want them to be when this whole thing goes down!




Just like the recording artist signs the record deal and then goes to work to get the promotional work done, the video recorded, the new songs created and remixed, the photo shoots done (one of my amazing clients is doing this), you need to be ready for your manifestation.


Perhaps your big thing is a new romantic relationship and you’d like to have your body a little more lined up with where you’d like it to be. Better get going, you’ve only got a couple of months or more. Also, maybe you’d like to get some new clothes for that eventuality. Really.  That look is getting a little tired, don’t you think?  You might want to clear out the clutter in your house or apartment, create a welcoming environment for your new relationship. Or, maybe you’re dreaming of starting a family and you need to get lined up with how your life is going to be when that dream comes true. Maybe you’d better start taking pre-natal vitamins (females only) and doing some traveling as you’re not going to have as much time to travel for awhile. Might want to also read some of those good novels you’ve been meaning to read but have been bingeing on a bit too much TV.  Does your house have room for a crib?  You could start working on that.

The steps you take to prepare the field for what’s about to sprout can be more mundane, but still essential to being ready for this big life change. You might want to get your taxes done because you’re going to be really busy with your book tour and book signings. If that makes you feel deflated because the idea of doing your taxes is not fun to think about, you might choose to break it into really small steps and do one of them each day, all the while knowing you are doing this just so that you have time for the incredibly exciting stuff that is coming. So, you download your tax forms one day. Done. Or, you download Turbo Tax. Done. None of that was painful. You pull together your expenses from PayPal.  Done.  And, again, you are just doing the things that a person does who is going to be very preoccupied with some really amazing things and it’s almost a pleasure to get your taxes done so that they won’t be in the way of anything important.


If your big desire were foreign travel, you might start by downloading a foreign language program on your phone and brushing up on your language of choice. I mean, it would be great to get a bit more fluent before your trip. And, that would just be step one. There are tons of other things you could do to be in a place where that trip is just going to work magically in the spring.


The idea here is that you really don’t have that much time because of the inevitability of this amazing desire that is coming into your life. It is happening this SPRING!  And, you want to be ready, mentally, emotionally, physically. Ideally, you could come up with lots of things you want to do to get ready for this manifestation, things that will keep you more focused on this incredible thing that’s in your vortex, just waiting for you, than mired in a murky vibe worrying about other things in your now reality. These are just some beginning ideas that would get some momentum going.


This process should be fun and not burdensome in any way as you’re only doing things that feel good and prepare you for even more. By the way, this is a somewhat sneaky way to get you to do more things that you enjoy because you’ve got to get ready for the spring manifestation. And, while you’re doing that preparation you’re enjoying yourself, you’re in your vortex more and more often, and you’ve let go of resistance on many of the usual subjects because you’re too busy getting ready for what is already here and is about to make itself very visible to you and everyone else in your orbit.


So you’d better get moving really, because there isn’t that much time and there are all of these great things you need to do to be the person who is absolutely ready for and a complete match to your desire.  I am so excited about this process.  The possibilities of keeping yourself busy with “fun” things preparing you for more fun things are endless.  This is a surefire way into your vortex where all of your good stuff is waiting for you.







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