Do you accept that in order to maximize your power to create what you want in this life that your most important task is to fully connect with your Inner Being?  Although your Inner-Being, the Source Energy part of you, is always focused with you, fully connecting with your Inner Being is essential to creating the easy and joyful life you came here to experience.


This full connection to your Inner Being is what creates an enjoyable journey where you are picking up on the support, the impulses and signs being delivered to you by the Universe.  Without the full connection, you are missing some of your cues.


I’m thinking here of a different word, one with less baggage than the most commonly used word, to describe the very best way of connecting to your Inner Being more fully.  I realize that when I mention the most commonly used word to describe this essential tool, many people will think “Oh no, tried it. Can’t do it.  Can’t relax, can’t stop thinking, I fall asleep, never hear my guides.”  So, you may have guessed that I’m talking about Meditation here, but I’d like to suggest a different and easier approach to help you to make it something that is an important part of your life.


How about calling it “connecting”?  That feels easy to me.  If I think, “I’m going to spend a little time “connecting,” it feels like less of a big deal than thinking, “I need to meditate.”


I will admit to having a hard time with meditation or “connecting” when I first tried it and occasionally it still doesn’t feel like the experience I was intending.  But that’s okay!  We don’t need to be perfect meditators!  It only takes a couple of minutes of being in that resistance-free zone to begin experiencing what is THE TRUE PATH TO ALIGNMENT and fully owning your power.


Let’s break it down in a way that makes it something that feels less challenging, simpler, and more powerful than you imagined.  And, it will also improve the quality of your mood and your days!


Meditation is really the easy way to fully connect with Infinite Intelligence.  You may have heard the spiritual advice, “Go within or go without.”  When I was trying to learn to meditate, that expression annoyed me.  Now I know that it’s true.  The objective is not that arduous and gets easier the more that you practice.  It can become something you look forward to.

And, hey, if these kids can do it, you can do it!


You merely want to quiet your mind to the point where there is no resistance, even briefly, so that your vibration rises.  As it rises, you tune into the frequency of your Inner Being.  When we meditate or connect, we’ve just briefly stopped our normal thoughts to instead allow the Inner Being thought that leads to alignment with everything that we want.


We’ve trained ourselves to focus and it can feel weird to have any period of time when we’re not focused in that usual way.  But, in meditation, it’s not that we are not focusing, we are merely allowing a more important focus.  We are allowing our Inner Being to flow through us clearly so that we can feel what it is like to be fully connected with our Inner Being.


Abraham-Hicks suggests just focusing on something that doesn’t generate our typical random thoughts.  We don’t want to try to meditate when we have a mental loop flowing that is focused upon a problem. They suggest not pushing it or trying to make something happen.  You will want to find something to focus upon like a word, a mantra, a repetitive sound like a fan, a clock, your own breath.  You’re looking for something that will take you away from those random thoughts that pop up.  And, they will still pop up, yet you will want to just acknowledge them and go back to focusing upon your neutral object.


When you’ve gotten into that zone where you are focused, even very briefly, without resistance, you will feel impulses from your Inner Being.  Your body may move, twitch.  You may feel tingles or numbness or a something like a buzz in your body.  If within 15 or 20 minutes you can move into nonthought and feel that sense of detachment, you can know that you’ve accomplished a “significant meditation,” according to Abraham. My experience has definitely been that.


Many people are looking for a way to fix things during meditation.  That would involve being in Step 1 of the 3 steps involved in working with the Law of Attraction, that is, asking.  Meditation is less about asking and more about Step 3 where you get into alignment with what you’ve asked for.


So we don’t want to make meditation a lot of work or a chore and we want to try to meditate every day if we possibly can.  It’s not difficult.  It’s a means of getting who we aren’t, our worrisome, frustrated or hopeless version of ourselves out of the way.  It’s our most important way of connecting with Who We Really Are.  The more we meditate, the more we get to feel the progression of our connection to our Inner Being.


As we get used to the feeling of meditation, it strengthens our sensitivity to being out of alignment so that we spend more time in alignment.  We will be less likely to allow ourselves to spiral into long stretches of thoughts that are not helpful, that just don’t feel good, and which are slowing down our progress toward manifesting what we want.


We tend to feel like we aren’t very good at creating and don’t know our next step when we don’t know what it feels like to be tuned into Infinite Intelligence.  We can’t necessarily feel the impulse, the whisper in our ear to go that way, or call that person, or send that email or explore that new idea.  Our guidance in the form of signs, nudges, and every form of helpful support is available to us when we know what it feels like to receive that guidance, which feels a lot like that sense of detachment from the resistance that we feel when we meditate.

So, don’t necessarily expect to receive Divine Guidance in the form of specific marching orders when you meditate, although you might.  At the end of meditating it can be a great time to feel for what feels best as your next step.  And, if you continue to meditate and become accustomed to the feeling of being in total alignment with your Inner Being, you can expect to receive the Divine Guidance that you may have thought was elusive. You’ll hear it, see it and feel it and it will be leading you down the path to better and better and better.



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