It’s that time of year when things seem to speed up and we begin to feel pressed for time.  It may be the change of weather, impending exams (if you’re a student), or the upcoming holiday season, which causes that feeling of not having enough time.  Have you ever heard it said that time is illusory?  That time is actually based on our perception of it?  Have you ever experienced a stretch of time that was long but seemed short, or a stretch of time that was short but seemed long?

Well, if everything is vibration (which it is), and we have the power to change what we are attracting by setting our vibration on purpose, then time should shift to meet our expectations as well.

It shouldn’t surprise us, once we understand how the Law of Attraction works, that there is a huge amount of leverage in our alignment when it comes to time and productivity.

And, step one in leveraging the real “time” which is available to us is to imagine that there is plenty of time, rather than thinking panicked thoughts about not being able to get everything done.  Once we begin to offer that higher vibration when it comes to time, what we set into motion is exponentially more powerful and productive than anything we could do with our action alone.

It’s good, when thinking about leveraging our energy and productivity, to remind ourselves again that our worthiness is not based on how much we accomplish.  In our last post on “Feeling Your Worthiness,” we discussed how our worthiness has nothing to do with how good we are, how much we’ve produced, but our own ability to connect with Who We Really Are, our whole selves, so that we are resonating with the power of Source Energy.  The feeling of true worthiness, of knowing our power, comes with that decision to focus on the best thoughts available to us, and then watching exactly what we want manifest into our experience.

With that in mind, how can we expand the amount of time available to us to do the things we value or want to accomplish when our to-do lists are longer than usual?  After imagining that we have plenty of time and remembering that our connection is more important than what we produce, we can acknowledge and tap into the amazing power of leveraging the energy that creates worlds.

Abraham has said that, “When you get into the flow with the Energy that creates worlds, you will have leverage beyond your wildest dreams.  Seventeen seconds of focus that is not contradicted is equivalent to over 2,000 action hours.  Twice that—34 seconds of non-contradicted thought—is equivalent to 20,000 action hours.  Add another 17 seconds to it and you can multiply by ten again.  68 seconds of non-contradicted thought is equivalent to more action hours than you could work in ten lifetimes. . . . So whenever you say, ‘I don’t have enough time,’ that’s the vibration you offer, and you don’t have access to exercises or thoughts or ideas or people that you could delegate to.  You don’t have access to the way the world works without so much action.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely rather be using my full power, that is, me lined up with my Higher Self and the energy of the Universe, than operating at less than full capacity.  When you look at it that way, why would we ever want to undertake any actions without trying to line up our energy before diving in?  When our vibe is kinked or mixed, and we’re taking action to do what we want or feel we need to do, it’s as if we have one hand tied behind our back, at a minimum.

When we are aligned, a cast of thousands, the fairies of the Universe, go to work to help all of the necessary components come together to create whatever it is we’re putting our energy toward.  We’d have to be crazy not to take a moment to line up our energy and to use our whole selves to accomplish those things we want to do.  That said, you can call me crazy a fair amount of the time.  It can be really easy to fall back into old patterns of frantic activity and feeling that our happiness depends on getting things crossed off of our to-do list.

So, this is a great reminder for me as well. I’ve definitely had more than one holiday season where I just outdid myself to create a great holiday for my family, with the perfect gifts, my best recipes, decorations, beautiful gift wrapping, and found myself feeling like I never relaxed for the entire holiday season, beginning with Thanksgiving.  And, now that I’ve signed on to, as my mom put it, play a “MAJOR” role in the Thanksgiving festivities for the whole family this year, I’ve already found myself starting to think, how am I going to get everything done?  Yup, my mother did send an e-mail to the extended family mentioning that I was playing a MAJOR role in helping her host Thanksgiving this year.  And, she did use all caps.  I did tell her that it freaked me out a bit, but she said that she characterized my role that way only because I’m so efficient at pulling things off.  My mom does have a great sense of humor!

Naturally, from there my thoughts went quickly to having all of my kids home (which I love), but also buying more groceries, changing more beds, cooking more dinners, doing more laundry, while playing a MAJOR role in Thanksgiving and still enjoying all of it in the meantime.  So whew, I’m going to stop, realize there’s plenty of time, and that my alignment, the state of my emotions, is my first manifestation.

It is true that during the next couple of months most of us will have to do all of the things we usually do while adding on loads of tasks that come with the season.  That is our right here, right now, reality.  But, how can we not leverage our energy when Source is lovingly offering all of the help we need for things to flow smoothly, easily, and for us to be happy as we fulfill our desires?

Yes, I want it all to be great.  I want to be supportive to friends, readers and clients, write helpful posts, have the usual amount of fun with my family (which is always such a highlight), enjoy the meals, the gifts, and being with all of the people I love.  But, now I’m going to make sure I’m working with my whole self when I launch into the things I want and need to do.

So, I’m reminding myself that I have all the time that I need, that I can bend time to suit my needs since it depends, like everything else, on my expectations.  I also intend to spend some quality time, say 68 seconds or so, every now and then to positively focus on what I really want, which is to be happy, which is to be high on the emotional scale and to move myself into that improved mental state which is always available to me.  And then I’m delegating to my vortex, to that cast of thousands that is lining everything and everyone up to help me.

That translates into things like good parking spaces at the mall and grocery store, people offering to help with things that need to be done, finding things I want easily, strangers cooperating because they just want to, packages arriving on time, short lines when I go to the post office, finding the perfect presents at the perfect price, and whatever else might feel like things are working out for me.  And, in the meantime, I’ll be much happier in the process as I’m making my emotional state my first manifestation.

Emotion first, then manifestation.  And, I always have 17 seconds to re-focus my energy and gain the equivalent of 2000 hours of action.  That is truly leveraging the power of the Universe and operating as my whole self, using my full power.  This is definitely a better approach to all of the fun things I want to do, and more importantly, how I want to be, during this upcoming “busy” holiday season.

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