I’ve had some amazing sightings of things that I would definitely interpret as signs from the Universe.  Sometimes they have been so obvious that there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever.  And, then other times, not so much.


When a sign is fairly obvious, it can immediately raise your vibration.  It feels like a confirmation from the Universe that you are on track, you are in alignment.  The things you’ve been desiring are on their way to you.


Signs that we are on our path can be just what we need to give us a little boost and to know that our efforts at creating on purpose are working.


Perhaps one of the craziest signs that appeared for me recently involved a hawk.  I tell the story in my new book, soon to be published,  You’re Not Stuck—Let the Law of Attraction Allow Life to Happen FOR You and Start Living an Awesome Life.


I was recently driving on a 65 mph highway near my home and was going perhaps a little over 70 mph, just to set the scene for how amazing this was.  I was listening to an inspirational mp3 in my car and the question was asked, “What do you think you can manifest?”  I responded (in my head) “Anything!”  Within seconds a HUGE hawk, with perhaps a six-foot wingspan, skimmed my windshield while actually looking in the windshield.  I could see his eyes and markings perfectly. For a brief moment, I thought he was crashing into the windshield but it was precision flying.  He looked me in the eye.  If you’re familiar at all with hawks you probably know that they generally don’t come down to eye level on a highway and skim your windshield.  They are usually soaring very high in the sky.


So, I think it’s fair to say that was a sign of alignment and it felt amazing.  The Universe, with its usual sense of humor, and intention to make itself very clear, also presented a very large hawk feather on my path the next day when I was walking my dog.  It had the same marking as the hawk, my hawk, that was telling me to keep up the good work.


We can also go for fairly long stretches without seeing or hearing or noticing anything that seems to indicate that we are on our path.  Sometimes we need to pay more attention, slow down more, or make more of an effort to raise our vibration.


I could relate story after story of signs that have appeared for me and my coaching clients.  One client recently had eleven butterflies at her window on the thirty-third floor of a high rise condo in Chicago.  Yep, I’d call that a sign.


The interesting question that often arises for most of us is why am I seeing these signs, such as 111, 555, 333, several times a day when I’m not feeling particularly aligned? When we’ve been experiencing more contrast than is comfortable, and yet seeing these signs, it can feel confusing, and as if we don’t know where we stand.


I recently have had just that experience and “coincidentally” stumbled upon an Abraham-Hicks YouTube video that discussed exactly that question.


Like many people right now, I’ve had some up and down moods during this fairly chaotic time.  I’ve missed being able to see any of my kids,  felt isolated, annoyed by the political scene, and missed some of the things I previously took for granted.  Yet, I also used what I know to improve my vibe whenever I noticed that it could stand improvement.  I tried not to stay frustrated or discouraged.  It’s helped that I’ve been working on my new book, although I had to hit pause a few times as I wanted to only work on it when I was in a good vibration.


Then, very suddenly, my Golden BFF, Buckley, had several seizures early one morning and within a couple of hours, he had to be put to sleep.  I was in a state of shock and sadness.  He’s been my sidekick, at my side every day for the last 11 years.  My vibe was more in the range of sadness, loss, and grief.


I let myself feel those feelings and also did the best I could to find better thoughts and good things to do whenever I could.  I didn’t bury them.  So my recent weeks were a mix.  There was grief and there were some really nice moments where some clients had major victories, I got great support from my kids and friends, and I appreciated my amazing memories of Buckley.


And, I continued to see signs, over and over and over.  I’ve never seen so many 1111’s or 555’s or 333’s or 222’s.  In fact, it became surprising to look at a clock and not have it be some sort of meaningful number combination.  It was reassuring but raised questions.


In the Abraham video, a person had a similar experience.  He’d had some contrast over several months and didn’t feel as aligned as he would like to be and yet several times a day he would see those number sequences that A-Hicks described as signs from his Inner Being.


The first thing that is great about this is to realize that we don’t need to be perfect.  We can be out of whack on one subject and be more aligned generally and our Inner Being will still be sending us signals that we are on the pathway to the things we desire.  We have a balance of thoughts and are not always thinking about the contrast.  And, the thoughts of Well-Being are vibrationally dominant.


It was explained that when we’re trying to make things happen through fixing, doing, accomplishing, we’re often just manipulating.  Fine-tuning our vibration is a different matter.  Most of us who are LOA-savvy have done lots of that fine-tuning of our vibration and it’s the major part of Who We Are.  And, our Inner Being is looking for any opportunity to let us know that we are still on our path.


It was suggested that it’s less the big and important things in our lives that we’re using to calibrate our vibration but a “bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter much.” We have situations at work, in relationships, traffic jams, that we notice and begin to vibrate with.  And, then the situations generally repeat themselves because we’re are their vibrational match.


The reality is that those more minor situations that we allow to lower our vibration are a very small part of Who We Are.  We know how the laws of the Universe work and we do care about creation and we do pay attention to our vibrations.  When we find ourselves reacting to a minor situation, we can remind ourselves of all of the above and that we are good at creating.  We are then calibrating to our strengths rather than our weaknesses and our wholeness rather than the situation.  And, we will realize that the minor unpleasant situation was what helped us to tune up our vibration.


And, we will feel the shift immediately and very likely see evidence of our improved vibration.  And, we will continue to see those signs from our Inner Being saying “You’ve got this.  You’re on your path.  Stay cool.”  It’s good to know that we are mostly on our pathway to all of the things we want, even when we experience contrast, and that our Inner Being will still be knocking itself out to remind us that things are very often working out for us.

If you’d like any support with fine-tuning your vibration you can reach me at susan@howtoallow.neet.




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