I’m going to propose a quick and easy solution for that.


If you have a solid idea of how the Law of Attraction works, you probably know that having beliefs that contradict your desires can bring your positive momentum to a grinding halt. There are the standard limiting beliefs that are ingrained in most of us beginning in childhood and there are beliefs we’ve developed over time about what we think we can have or accomplish.


Abraham often says beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking and that calling them “beliefs” unnecessarily gives them more power. I agree. Yet, I’m very aware that in my own life and in the lives of many of my clients, a limiting belief can be creating a murky vibration that doesn’t allow our desires to come to us. Some typical limiting beliefs that have come up with my clients in the last few weeks are: (1) working hard, very hard, is the only way to get what you want; (2) taking time to take care of yourself is not working hard and so is not productive; and (3) because I’ve had a relationship where my partner wouldn’t commit, I’m afraid I might attract the same type of relationship again. There are more that come up over and over, especially when it relates to deserving really great things, and being good enough to receive what you want, but I think it’s time to focus upon the antidote to those limiting beliefs.


This is a bit of a radical shift but radical shifts usually bring great results. I love this approach because it even trumps beliefs that we are unaware of that could be causing a mixed vibe.


The leap I’m asking you to take is to consider that your INTENTIONS can be more powerful than your beliefs. When you deliberately choose your intentions and put them out there, mountains can be moved. Your BELIEFS, on the other hand, are all based upon the past and your old vibration. Your beliefs are all based upon what you have experienced prior to this moment and all of your power is in this moment.

We are living in an amazing time where the speed of our manifestations is increasing and we have more power available to us to create just what we want. So, being crystal clear with our intentions, even if they go beyond what our old beliefs would have allowed us to expect, can be far more powerful than our limiting beliefs.


There is power and freedom in stating an intention that is yours and yours alone.  It holds your vibration.  There is power in declaring that what anyone else might think about it is irrelevant. And, it is!


When you state a powerful intention, pay attention to any thoughts and emotions that rise up. And, here is the magical thing that is likely to happen when you set your intention with that awareness. Everything that you believe about your intentions can shift in a moment. The past is no longer relevant to your new powerful intention. You can shift your perception of your situation and how your intention might play out without any change in your circumstances.  The power is all in your decision, your commitment, your intention.

You are taking the reigns of your life into your hands when you focus more upon your intention than any contrary beliefs. When your focus on your intention is dominant, you are holding the vibration of your intention, not any flimsy limiting beliefs.


It seems so simple and yet it’s powerful. The Law of Attraction is far less complicated than we often make it. A client who recently set the intention to have more fun in his life suddenly, and without warning, had several fun opportunities come from out of nowhere within days of setting that intention. Funny how things can happen that way.


Intend what you will have, perhaps write it down and put it away for a while. Then go about responding to the subtle nudges and suggestions that come “from out of nowhere” to do this, and do that, and call this person, and go to this place at this time. You’ll be amazed at what shows up for you.

It’s really time to let old thoughts about our past take a back seat to what we want to create in our lives now. And, it doesn’t need to take years to reprogram ourselves, only a commitment to pay more attention to our intention than any beliefs we may have had about it.  Those beliefs, or thoughts we’ve been thinking, are old news.


If there were no limits to what you could have, which there aren’t, what might you intend in this moment? Maybe you’ll want to start with intending to have more fun, just because it is fun!  I would expect to see proof of your results pretty quickly.  Then you’ll be on your way. And, you can set your next powerful intention and your next one.  There are no limits.



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