As is usually the case before a blog post comes to be, the issue keeps coming up in various forms, in this case, in conversations, web posts and even in my webinar last week with a favorite friend, Len Mooney. I’m feeling some confusion surrounding this issue and I know it’s come up for me before. But, lots and lots of experiences have proven to me that leveraging the power of the Universe is all it’s cracked up to be and more. And, there is a distinction to be made between delegating certain issues to the Universe, putting issues on the “back burner,” and using our natural motivation and strong work ethic to get things done.     images

Here’s how I see it and how I’ve shown myself how to work with this incredible power that is always available to us. You already know that we need to be in a fairly positive emotional state to allow in this incredible power so I won’t spend a lot of time on moving yourself into that sweet spot. That’s the subject of another post.

The issue I’d like to address here is how we can handle certain issues when we’re not necessarily where we need to be to match up with the solutions to those issues. And, I hope we’re all on the same page here. The solutions have already been created for every problem; they are being worked on by our helpers in the Universe the minute we even think about an improvement we’d like in our circumstances. So, the solution is there but we’re only seeing the problem at this early juncture. Perhaps we’ve even tried to line up with the solution, very deliberately, by using any of a number of transformational tools such as affirmations, or scripting or visualization or thinking better thoughts about the situation. Yet, we’re finding we are still not there. Perhaps the situation has too many moving parts, which really are beyond our control, so we lack sufficient clarity to focus upon or take any action toward, the solution. It may also be that we see the immediate impediment and we know we can do better to line up with the solution. It could be a small matter that crops up and we know we’re not in the mood to line up with the solution at that precise moment. But, we might be in a better spot in an hour or the next day, or even in the next ten minutes.    Solving A Problem

So, I’d like to illustrate what has worked for me in those disparate situations. Forgive me if I’m repeating a story I’ve written about in an older blog post, but it is just such a perfect illustration of one of those minor annoyances that just doesn’t need to even be a blip in our day. I remind myself of this one often as it is just such powerful evidence of the way things can work for us. I placed an order with an online pet med company for a prescription for one of my dogs, which I needed right away. You are required to have the prescription on file, from your veterinarian, or the company will contact the vet for the required information before shipping your prescription. I had run into trouble before with ordering these pet meds, receiving an e-mail, which indicated that I needed to have a new prescription from my vet, or the vet refused to provide the prescription because my dog needed to be seen by them to update the prescription. Having been there, I made sure that my dog had all her tests, prescriptions were up to date, and placing the order for two medications should have been super easy. Yet, I received an email that they would fill one prescription but the vet was requiring my dog to be seen before they could fill the other prescription. I think that when I told part of this story in my recent webinar that my first reaction was something along the lines of, “those jerks, I’ve done everything I’ve been asked to do. They are just trying to make it more difficult to order online so that I’ll give up and get my prescriptions filled at the vet at a much steeper price. This is so ridiculous to have to deal with this.” So, I got ready to fire back an email or call them with that basic message and I thought, “No, how do you think that is actually going to work out for you? Really? You know how the law of attraction works. Come on, you know not to take any action when you’re not lined up.”

So, I didn’t just say, I’m not dealing with this, as might have been the impression given in a shorter version of my story on the recent webinar. I used the Daily Tune-Up Tool from “How to Allow” and I wrote about it. I got to the point when I was writing, “Actually that online pet pharmacy is really convenient and their prices are great. And, they ship things out immediately. And, yeah, the vets probably would rather we purchased prescriptions from them but they are okay with this approach; this has worked before and they are a very busy office with multiple doctors. I can see easily how a mistake could have been made where they asked the wrong doctor and got the wrong information about my dog’s updated prescription information. An honest error could have been made and they have taken excellent care of my dogs and cat.” So that was it. Then, I decided to take no action, at least for a day or so. I decided to let the Universe sort things out now that I had changed my vibe on the issue. The very next day I received an email saying both prescriptions were being shipped to me immediately.   photo-17

I use this long story to illustrate that it is best to back off and change your vibe before taking action while you’re in a vibe that’s out of harmony with your desire. I wasn’t refusing to take any action. I decided to put it on the back burner, briefly, to let the Universe work it’s magic. And then, I didn’t need to take any action at all. It all worked with actually no physical action on my part other than writing about my “problem” and bringing myself into alignment with the solution by thinking about it differently.

I want to differentiate this from delegating something to the Universe completely when it just has too many moving parts and we are so lacking in clarity that there is no obvious action to take. This is not to say that we will never take action, just that we will take inspired action when we receive that clarity that will allow us to make a move. Not only does the Universe have so much more information than we have about a complicated situation, but it knows things about our desires of which we aren’t always consciously aware. So, the Universe actually has a much better chance of crafting a solution for us that is better than we could imagine from our state of confusion.

So, I am all for honest, hard work, whatever feels best for you. Some of us have been raised to work really hard to get what we want. And, that’s okay if it feels good. Yet, it’s so clear to me now that taking action from an attitude of lacking what we want or just being motivated by desperation instead of inspiration, never really leads to the outcome we truly desire.

So, action is often part of the equation, that is, inspired action. And, delegating to the Universe is sometimes the very best thing we can do to diffuse a complicated situation, which we simply don’t know how to deal with. And, when we delegate, we can then move that issue off of our mental books, at least for a while, which leads to a higher vibration and eventual alignment with the solution. By delegating to the Universe, we’ve removed our focus from the problem, thereby allowing ourselves to receive the incredible power that is always available to us, the power that creates worlds. And, that’s not a bad thing to have working for you.

Let me know how it’s working for you.




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