Most of us are waiting for the manifestation of money before we can have the things that we really, really want. We’re viewing money, rather than the things that we want, as the end result, for which money seems necessary.  I know I sometimes do that. I think we all sometimes do that. Money is such a huge part of our lives as it’s the currency that permits us to operate freely in our world. It’s always staring us in the face. There simply are some things that cannot be had or accomplished without money.

Yet money is not the “desire” we are really trying to manifest. We’re trying to create something else in our lives that money can buy.  And, we think that when we have that thing, whether it be a nicer home, travel, a new car, or more help of any kind, then we’ll be much happier than we are now. And, that may be true.


Yet, we’re putting money out there, out front and center standing on it’s own as an almost impossible feat, as it’s not always clear exactly how we can create more money than we have in our bank accounts right now. Most of us now know that by having more money we’re not depriving others of abundance and that our financial success increases the financial pie for everyone. Yet we have other limiting beliefs around money. Our limiting beliefs are generally based upon how we’ve been able to acquire money in the past, how our family acquired money when we were a child, our perceptions of how more money can possibly come into our experience. For most of us, money is just so loaded with all sort of thoughts, baggage, beliefs, not to mention often scary or anxious feelings.

I asked in a recent post whether you trust money? I was suggesting that you trust the Universe, you know the Universe delivers for you whenever you ask, and that you also trust that you can get into your vortex, that is, get into a good feeling mood a fair amount of the time. So, you have trust in those parts of the Law of Attraction process yet, perhaps you still don’t trust money. It’s sometimes just too big, too powerful and too unreliable, at least it has been all of those things in most of our experiences.

I’d like to suggest a different spin on this money issue. Let’s take some of the heaviness, the scariness, the uncertainty and negative momentum away from “money.” We need to start by acknowledging that money is only energy like anything else. It doesn’t have magical powers and doesn’t operate any differently in terms of vibration than any other form of energy. Can you accept that?  Does it take away a bit of the power that you’ve given to money every time you think about it?

So, if money is only energy, like anything else, and we are creating it in our lives, in our vibrational realities, like anything else that we want, why can’t we imbue it with the powers that we choose?  It’s OUR MONEY. The money that is in our unique vibrational escrow does not belong to anyone else. No one else can get their hands on it. It’s been created during a very long journey, often over many lifetimes, by our continued expression of the desire for more money. It may be huge, but it’s not scary and uncontrollable. We’ve just created a whole lot of it and yet we are afraid of it and don’t trust it’s availability to us.

What if we thought more about the fact that it’s OUR MONEY We trust ourselves to get into alignment a fair amount of the time. We trust the Universe to go to work to fulfill all of our desires. So, we know that the money is actually right there, sooooo close to being here in our physical realities. What would happen if we thought more about the fact that it’s OUR MONEY and therefore, we can trust it? What if every time we thought about paying a bill, buying something we want, or dreamt of a vacation, we decided to say to ourselves:


“I trust my money. It’s reliable, it’s for me, not against me. It’s my creation and I’ve decided that I can count on it. My money is good to me. I’ve decided that I have a good thing going with money now. It’s showing up for me when I need it. I created all of the energy that my money actually has, so it’s taking it’s cues from me.  And, the cues I am giving it include the fact that I’m done with survival mode. I resign from survival mode. I’m feeling such relief. I trust that money can be here for me when I want it. It’s already here, in fact; I’m just going to ease up and trust it, know that it’s mine, and that I created it so that I can have so many of the things I want in this life. I created it so that I can be generous, be good to myself, have ease in my life, enjoy the amazing things this life has to offer. I resign from survival mode. I’m going to have all of the things I want and the money. Money takes its cues from me and I’ve decided that we’ve got a good relationship. Money is always there for me like a trusted friend. I wouldn’t have created it any other way.”

Every time we think of money we could choose to think those different “go-to” thoughts from my money rampage.  Every time we think about money we could remind ourselves that we trust money and that it’s there for us. No more survival mode, panic, thoughts of lack. We created something that is good for us and good to us. Money is just like any of our other desires.   It’s here to bring us joy and has the energy we give it. Let’s send it some of that good energy.

I’ve noticed the change since I began to realize that it’s actually MY MONEY and that I trust and appreciate MY MONEY.  Money has shown up in some unexpected ways.  It’s not that hard to think about trust instead of lack.  You just need to commit to that new touchstone when it comes to money.

When we do just that, the Universe hears that we’re done with survival mode, that we trust our money and the Universe responds accordingly.  Let me know as you start to see more money show up rather mysteriously in your bank account, or in your pocket, as well as new opportunities, new encounters, new connections.

And, please remember to acknowledge every one of those large and small instances of money and other evidence of increased abundance showing up for you since you’ve made this shift in the way you think about money. Money loves appreciation. With acknowledgement and appreciation your relationship with your money will just keep getting easier and better. Whew, so nice to be out of survival mode. Let’s do this!



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