I will be the first to admit that I may have been the world’s worst visualizer. Right now I’m wondering if visualizer is even a word but, that being said, I was really bad at it. As I look back now I can see some of the reasons it wasn’t working for me. I often tried to visualize my way out of a problem situation. On it’s face it seems like a good idea. After all, if that problem was solved my life would have improved dramatically. Yet, the problem carried so much baggage, anxiety, stress, just plain old resistance, that I would think I was visualizing a solution to the problem when my vibration was still mixed up with the problem. And, I would actually feel like I really was picturing the solution in my head. The picture of the solution looked good. But, the Universe was hearing,  “What is the likelihood of that happening?” I usually wasn’t even aware of the contrary underlying thoughts that were really going through my head.

Even when I was able to conjure a more purely focused vibration on a particular thing that I wanted to create in my life, I really couldn’t concentrate for more than about fifteen seconds. It was hard work, really. I’d try to picture the amazing result I wanted and found myself back in the gutter with the problem I was trying to overcome.


So, I’m hoping that some of the things I’ve learned about visualizing and how it can work amazingly well might spare you some of the rather long learning process I experienced. Although, I am mindful of the fact that we all proceed along our paths at our own pace, based upon where we’ve been, and that we never get it done. So, the fact that it took me some time to learn how to visualize the things I want in my life is not a bad thing; it’s a good thing. It’s brought me to this powerful now moment where I know what I now know. And, this is the perfect place to be.


It doesn’t prevent me, however, from trying to share my wisdom with you; we are all in this together after all and, the fact that you’re reading this, leads me to believe you’re in the perfect spot for hearing these tips.


First, and no groaning please, you really, really should meditate if you don’t already. It also took me quite some time to really get meditation. It’s probably one of the most important things I learned to do and I think you will feel the same way. Meditation doesn’t have to be such a big deal. There can be fewer rules, in my opinion. You can even lay down if you want for ten minutes and make an effort at breathing deeply, maybe counting your breaths, anything to get your mind to slow down a bit. After doing just that for some time, you will find it getting easier and easier to slow your thoughts down. You will also notice tingles and twitches in your body. You will realize that you feel Source Energy flowing through you. It was precisely that experience which led me to being able to communicate more clearly and reliably with my guides, with Infinite Intelligence. Meditation definitely is a great means of getting to that vibrational spot where you are able to make that Divine connection.

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Yet, I’ve mentioned that meditation is helpful in visualizing your desires. And, that is also true. You become more sensitive to what it feels like to not be in a loop of negative thinking. That experience makes you less willing to tolerate that negative thinking and you learn to cut it off at the pass much more quickly. And, that in turn, makes it easier for you to focus positively, the critical component of creative visualization.


While meditation is important, another tool that has helped me immensely in visualizing the thing that I want rather than the thing that I don’t want, is to choose something that doesn’t have so many hooks attached to it. For example, if money is an issue for you, trying to visualize a large bank balance when you look at your online bank account may just feel too unrealistic. You may begin thinking, “How could that even happen?,” before you’ve gotten into the feeling place of having an abundant bank account.


An alternative, which worked for me, was to visualize going shopping and picking out tons of great looking brand new clothes, having that feeling of ease, like this is no big deal and I’ll take one in each color. I didn’t find that difficult. I got those tingles as I did it. It was actually fun. It manifested the next day, seriously, (I still almost don’t believe it) when I received an unexpected birthday check and an offer to go shopping at my favorite store. There was a huge sale going on and I literally was just grabbing lots of clothes. The money I had to spend went so much farther than it ordinarily would. I had lots of bags to carry. It was just like I had pictured it in the movie in my mind.  So, whatever your subject, I’m suggesting that you focus in on an aspect of it that doesn’t give you any trouble, where you can easily and happily imagine yourself enjoying manifesting that desire. The Universe may deliver it to you in an even bigger form than you initially imagined. And, once you’ve achieved that success with visualizing, you may be able to bump it up a notch to something that would have given you trouble before but now seems within the realm of the possible!


Another tip. I love this because it just takes all of the resistance out of the equation for me. I did this when I wanted my book, How to Allow, to be good, successful, and to help lots and lots of people. And, like most people my attitude was more nervous, uncertain and tentative. I mean, who doesn’t think occasionally, “What if no one even likes this _____ that I’m writing, singing, painting ……?” That’s where I was after I finished writing my book. It was pretty scary.  I knew that I needed to love my book if others were to love it. And, then something very magical happened. I decided to read my book from the beginning. And, I realized that there was so much there that I loved. I was in that feeling place of “Oh, I love this. This is going to help so many people.  This really may be the best, or one of the best, books out there on the Law of Attraction.” I put myself in the place of really feeling my love for my book and imagining other people benefitting also. That wasn’t such a stretch. It didn’t strain my imagination to the point that I was doubting myself. It was fun and it felt great. And, soon after I received an email that How to Allow had won the award for Best of Books on Law of Attraction for 2012. I hadn’t known that the award existed.


The interesting thing here, I believe, is that if I had known that the award existed and was focused upon winning the award I very likely would’ve muddied my vibration with doubt. Instead I was thinking, “This book is great. I really think it is the best, or one of the best books out there on the Law of Attraction.  I really love it and know it can help others to really get this.” There were no strings attached. I was just enjoying my creativity and my the idea of the book helping lots of people.


In that case I would say I went a bit general in my visualization. I wasn’t trying to visualize my book winning an award, making a certain amount of money or being on the best- seller list. I was just loving my book, visualizing it as being one of the Best Books on Law of Attraction. And, then it happened.  

So, I’ve gotten somewhat better at visualizing, which is one of the most effective ways of manifesting just what you want in your life. I’m not saying I get it right every time. I still occasionally pick subjects that are too thorny or I don’t go general enough. But, it gets easier with practice. It’s another way of getting out in front, creating things you desire rather than having to solve problems you’ve created inadvertently. And, I have another great strategy I’m working right now with this visualization business that I have a great feeling about. To be continued.

In the meantime, remember to meditate, don’t choose subjects that give you too much trouble and stay as general as you need to in order to create those great feelings of seeing your desire come into your life.

Wishing you joyful manifesting!






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