I am about to serve up some tough love on a habit that many of us have, which slows down or prevents us from ever achieving those goals that we want. I’ve done it, I bet you’ve done it, and I’ve been talking to clients who are doing it right now. I think enough is enough.

What is it that we’re doing that’s slowing us down? We’re giving too much power to our old vibe, to the things we’ve done before. We’re dwelling on where we are and especially how we’ve gotten here. We’re too focused on our current situations to let the change happen that would automatically happen naturally and quickly.

This amazing quotation says it perfectly, “What you’re living now isn’t about what you’ve done before. What you’re doing now is logical because of what you’ve done before. It’s not likely you’ll do something different now than what you’ve been doing because you have habits of thought. But it’s your now point of attraction that you can now modify and by caring about how you feel, it’s more probable that you will. . . . I’M NOT LIVING THE RESULTS OF WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING. I’M LIVING THE RESULTS OF WHAT I AM DOING. ….BUT I DON’T HAVE TO DO NOW WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING. IF MY DESIRE TO FEEL GOOD IS STRONG ENOUGH, I CAN RISE ABOVE WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.” (A-Hicks). 

I think for most of us our desire to feel good, to be happy, is strong enough to propel us to let go of the same sad story we keep repeating over and over about what got us to this point. If it feels good to vent, once or twice, maybe that’s something that will allow you to release the old sad story.
















Otherwise, remember that what you’re living now is a result of what you are doing now, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions.


Remember that you don’t have to make up for years of negative thinking with years of positive focus, because positive energy is infinitely more powerful than negative energy. Your life can begin to change the moment you change a single thought. Then that thought will attract another, and another, until you have created some momentum with your positive focus. And, before you know it, the tides have turned, the shift has begun, more of the things you want are showing up in your life.

One suggestion, think of one of the big things you want, what you want to be. Think of a few actions, a few things that are doable, that someone who had achieved that goal would be doing every day and then do those few actions every day.  miriam-woman-painting-12-04



This might involve an actual change in your habits, the way you dress, the people you interact with, where you hang out. It really depends upon where you’d like to see yourself.  It’s as if you are creating a new movie and you are the star.  And, those few simple new habits can create the brand new movie of your life.  Unknown


So, we can keep repeating the same sad story about how we got here and why we’re stuck here, or we can create a brand new story starting in this powerful now moment. This is where all of the action is.  Remember how the Law of Attraction works and that all of your power is in this exact moment, not in the re-telling of your old story.

I’d love to hear your ideas for things you might do differently, new habits of thought or action, to create your new and improved story. We could all benefit from creative ideas that break us out of those old stories and old habits. I’m making my list now!



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