In my last post from How to Allow, “Where’s My Stuff?” we discussed the vibrational difference reflected in the various ways we think about our desires before they are actually in our hands, that is, while they’re still being held for us in our vibrational escrow.

Let’s take that process a bit further in thinking about how to vibrate more in line with our desires, by focusing on the emotion underlying the way we think about our vibrational escrow.

That recent post resonated with quite a number of people because, no matter how much we know about the Law of Attraction and how natural our Well-being is, often we still find ourselves asking “Where’s my stuff?”  I mean, if Well-being is natural and we’re making an effort to raise our vibration by choosing the best thoughts we can, why aren’t some of our desires coming to us more easily?

For those who are not familiar with the creative process (so as to not leave anyone out):  we think about our desires (Step 1); the Universe creates our desires and holds them in a sort of vibrational escrow for us (Step 2); and we raise our vibration to match our desires, which then Allows them into our experience (Step 3).

In “Where’s My Stuff,” reflecting on a post by Frank Butterfield, Master Channeler for the Communion of Light, I compared the vibration of “Where’s my stuff?” to “My stuff has to be around here somewhere.”  As Frank pointed out, there is a huge vibrational difference between the emotions underlying those two perspectives.  The vibration of thinking that “My stuff has to be around here somewhere,” reflects a belief and trust that the Universe has already acted on our behalf and that our stuff has already been created.  It’s real; we just need to line up with it by matching its vibration.

We arrived at an even better way of thinking about our desires, that is, that the Universe is able to accurately assess and prioritize all of the details of our desires and factor those into our guidance and the timing of our manifestations.  So the better way to think about our desires is that they are a done deal already, in existence, and our vibrational escrow is ready to POP.  It’s so ready to POP that the smallest effort on our part to raise our vibration could cause a veritable explosion of manifestations.  And, it often does, particularly with people who have been  holding onto a great deal of resistance for quite some time.

I just love this way of thinking about our vibrational escrow.  We talked about picturing our desires as already a reality, sitting in the room with us, and making a decision to release our worries and thoughts of lack and just watch that vibrational escrow POP!

So many people loved this more playful and joyful way of looking at our desires rather than our usual stance of “When, oh when, is this going to happen for me?” that I thought it might be worthwhile to expand on the emotions underlying that shift in the way we view the status of our desires.  Because we know by now, that the emotion we create is really the manifestation; it’s our early evidence of what’s on its way to us.

It strikes me that the difference often is the attitude of impatience versus eagerness. Eagerness is near the top of our emotional scale, in the vicinity of enthusiasm, happiness, positive expectation and belief.  And while impatience isn’t at the lowest end of the emotional scale, it’s quite a distance from eagerness and enthusiasm.  As you’ll remember, this emotional scale represents where we’re vibrating and whether we’re in the vicinity of the positive emotions that are a match to what we want to bring into our lives.

So, how can we think about our desires, “our stuff,” in an attitude of eagerness rather than impatience?  One thing that has struck me as extremely powerful in thinking about our vibrational escrow, the holding tank for everything we want, is that it is more real vibrationally than the reality that’s staring us in the face.  Abraham has said that our current manifestations, our current life circumstances, are “past tense.”  Now that is a different and more powerful way to think of where we are compared to where we want to be.     

Our current reality is based on an old vibration, where we were before.  It was created out of our less evolved, less focused vibration.  Our actual reality, what we should consider real for us because it’s already actually created and ready to manifest into our lives, is this stuff that’s being held in our vibrational escrow.

So, if anything in your life is sub-par, not quite what you’d like it to be, needs improvement.   .    .    . no big deal.  It’s past tense vibrationally, based on an older version of you.  It’s old news!

Thinking of our vibrational escrow as real, and everything in our current reality as based on an old vibration, is a much better and more productive way of easing ourselves from the emotion of impatience to eagerness.  Isn’t it easier to be eager when we consider that everything around us is based on yesterday’s vibration?  And, the things we really want are lined up for us right now, awaiting only our decision more often to not delay “the happy.”

I think it’s also easier to be eager, rather than impatient, when we prove to ourselves that we can create the things that we want deliberately.  Abraham suggests writing for 68 seconds or more for a week or so about something easy that you want and think you can get.  They suggest writing about something like butterflies, where there’s no emotional resistance on your part.  When the butterflies start showing up, which they naturally will, you’ve raised your confidence level and your faith in your own ability to line up with what you want.  And, that can be applied to anything from butterflies to vacations, to relationships, to cars, to bank accounts.   .    .

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling more eager than impatient when I realize that my desires are already created and just sitting there waiting for me.  And, I know I can focus.  I’d be crazy not to.  I think I can spare 68 seconds a few times a day, not to mention doing the two daily processes from “How to Allow,” which are simple and easy and line you right up with what you really, really want!   

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