This can be a very good question to ask ourselves when we ask with the right intentions.  When we ask this question with an attitude of “this is okay, but how could it be better or even better?” we can actually raise our vibe and put ourselves in alignment with all of our desires.

Often we are so focused on what we view as the “big” issues in our lives, the “big” things we want and the problems we have to solve, that we overlook the ways in which we can put ourselves in a better vibration more easily by focusing upon the routine things we do often.


Abraham-Hicks has often said that “it is as easy to create a castle as a button.”  While I know that’s true, it’s also easy to make a very big deal about the things we’d like to manifest that we view as major and having lots of moving parts or a long gestation period.  I imagine that I am not the only person who has inwardly said “HOOOOOOWWWWWW?” when we’ve thought about the castle and button analogy.  And, focusing on the “how’s” is not our job.


When we accept that it’s the SAME ENERGY that creates the unexpected phone call from a good friend as well as the huge bank account, we are on the pathway to the bank account and anything else that we desire.


What we often skip over is the way in which our mood, our vibration, is a reflection of what we are doing and thinking right now.  Whether we are at work, working at home, writing a blog post, doing laundry, making lunch, or eating a meal, we bring ourselves to the activity.  If we are not particularly enjoying it or are focused elsewhere, we are missing an opportunity to create more and better.


It’s helpful to stop and ask the question, “How could this be better?” or “How could this be even better?” when we’re engaged in routine tasks or activities.  When we set the intention to maximize our enjoyment of whatever we decide to do, ideas for enhancing our mood and the way we are engaging in what we are doing will show up for us.


When we decide that we need to do laundry, the refrain in our head might be, “ugh, gotta get this done.  How does it pile up so fast?  I wish I hadn’t bought this because it’s going to need to be ironed.  I don’t have time to be doing this.”  On the other hand, we could have some good music playing in the background while we’re sorting or folding and we could be thinking that we are SO LUCKY that we have a washer and dryer in our house, that we don’t have to go to a laundromat, that laundry is actually one of the easier chores we have.  The vibrational difference between those two refrains is huge.


When we are buying or making our lunch we can be choosing things that taste better, are better, that we really enjoy rather than just wolfing something down quickly with no thought.  Even something as simple as putting some lemon in our iced tea or sitting outdoors can uplevel the moment.


We can become so enmeshed in our daily rituals that we don’t maximize the benefits that are always there to make things a little better and to feel a little better.  When we raise our vibration in those easy-breezy, small ways throughout our day, we are raising our vibrational setpoint and creating more speed and ease in manifesting the things in our lives that we really, really want.

Yep, just put some lemon in my iced tea.


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