Many of these posts offering easier ways to create what we want in our lives (while enjoying the process), have focused on our faith or belief in the natural Well-being of the Universe, which we need only to Allow to into our lives by raising our vibration.




We’ve talked about blind faith, and our beliefs and expectations, as the critical elements in lining up our vibration with the wonderful things that have already been created for us and are merely awaiting our alignment for delivery into our lives.  First, there is the critical belief that the Universe responds to every one of our requests for improvement immediately.  Then, there’s that faith that nothing has to be that difficult; we live in a benevolent Universe.  Whether what we want is a pair of new shoes or a gorgeous home, the process is the same.  We need to feel the way we think we’ll feel when we have that thing we’re hoping for.  And, the final element of faith is that all important faith in our own ability to ignore the scuffed up shoes or the leaky roof in our current home, and focus on the new killer shoes and gorgeous, comfortable home which is actually right there  waiting for us to line up with it vibrationally.  And, lining up with it vibrationally means to believe it’s on its way to us, be happy, and relax and enjoy the process of creating it.  So it’s faith, belief, expectation, faith, belief, expectation.  And, after enough successes comes the knowing.  And, then you’re there.

What struck me this week is that one way of building those faith muscles is to practice following our own intuition and learning to trust it.  I shared an example in a Facebook conversation this week about how following my intuition resulted in a true avalanche of abundance, not all of it even related.  It really is a crazy story.  And, as I know that one of the best ways to be helpful to others in sensing their own guidance is to give real life examples, I thought I would share that story here as it has lots to offer in the way of unexpected magic.

A butterfly just flew up to the window as I write this, so I’ll assume I’m on the right track here.

Some years ago I was living in a beautiful neighborhood in Washington, D.C., highly sought after because of its proximity to several of the best schools in the area.  My kids could actually all walk to beautiful private schools and there were restaurants and coffee shops and even a bookstore.  It was nearly impossible to purchase a house there.  We looked for more than two years before a house became available to us and we had to make a decision immediately or be outbid.  My dear friend was living out in the suburbs and driving her children into the city each day to school and she really, really wanted to move into our neighborhood.

One day, as I sat writing at my computer, I had the sensation, feeling, instinct, (just a strange sense) that I should go down into the basement and straighten out the bookcase that had never been organized since we moved into the house.  It was a jumble of books and videos and files of all kinds.  It wasn’t something I’d ordinarily be keen to jump into, but I need to describe to you the sense I felt that it was what I wanted to do and should do.  When I reflect back, I remember the idea coming to me very lightly, needing to take a break from writing, and almost walking like a zombie to the basement, hardly thinking as I headed for the bookcase.  Right away I saw a file with closing documents for our house.  Not sure why it was there, but when I opened it, I found a check made out to me for $2,500.  Not bad.  I was pretty happy to find that; it literally could have stayed there  buried in a pile of old books and videos until the cows came home.  But the story takes a turn and gets even better.  I called our real estate agent (who was an ace at helping people make deals on houses) to let her know I’d be depositing the check.  She mentioned that a lovely home two blocks from ours would be going on the market in a couple of days.  That amounted to practically a state secret in that neighborhood.  I told her about my friend and, to make this long story shorter, the agent was able to get in early and help my friend get the house, which she and her family have enjoyed to this day.

I’m relating this story because it is such a great example of how our intuition doesn’t always happen exactly in the way that we’re expecting it.  We need to take time to be quiet, often, to pay attention, and to follow what feels like a good hunch or feeling, even if it doesn’t make complete sense at the time.  That incredible story with so many benefits has led me to expand the way I think of intuition and guidance and open myself up to receiving it in myriad ways.  I had never imagined intuition as being so light and undemanding, just a strange sense that I should go to the bookcase and go there now.  When I recently faced a thorny problem, I looked up at the television to see “Help is on the way.”  Well, okay, I’ll take that as a sign to relax!  When I was writing “How to Allow,” and had the idea of a simple system for alignment, I looked up to see a sign on a wall that said, “The system is the solution.”  Wow.  In each of those situations, something made me look up to see the notice on the television and the writing on the wall.  That kind of communication, messages from our Higher Self, our intuition, is happening all of the time if we make it a point to be on the lookout for it.  The guidance from our friends in high places is everywhere if we look for it and expect it.  And, it can lead to all sorts of wonderful results that are better than we even asked for.    

I’d love to hear your stories of following your intuition.  I’ve shared lots more of mine in “How to Allow,” the course and e-book at, because I think it’s one of the best ways to help illustrate how all of this works.  Looking forward to hearing from you.



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