The more experience I have with harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction and watching it play out in my life and in the lives of my clients, the more I understand the statement often repeated by Abraham that “we make way too much of this.” I’ve never really doubted that statement and, in fact, my book, How to Allow, was written with the express purpose of helping people to know that this whole manifestation game can be simpler than we imagine. But as time goes on I’m finding that I really “get it.” Often a simpler approach, a lighter touch, can be just what is needed to move on from where we are now.


I don’t deny that sometimes we have blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns of thought and behavior that don’t Allow the Universe to work it’s magic for us. And sometimes it can be necessary and helpful to unearth those unproductive ways of thinking and to clean up our vibration.


Yet, there are times when we feel like we are stuck, just getting nowhere, that everything is taking SO long and like things will never happen for us; then a bypass can be in order.   I like to think of it as a “jump start,” a means of getting some momentum going and starting to create the feeling that “this can be easier than I thought.”  As evidence of our momentum begins to appear it can bolster our faith that the Universe really is helping us constantly, and, more importantly, that we can be good at creating!


Instead of concentrating, focusing, homing in on those things that we really, really, want in our lives that have eluded us for a long time, we can bypass those desires and make a more basic decision and commitment. We can decide that we’re just sick and tired of working so hard at this. We can declare that we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. We can put it out there to the Universe that we’re just going to choose to be happy, that we are COMMITTED to being happy. Does that sound too simple or too good to be true as a means of creating the lives that we want? If you’re thinking, “If I could do that I wouldn’t be sitting here feeling so miserable,” stay with me.


The only reason that we desire new things, people and experiences in our lives is that we think we will be happy when those things arrive. So, what if we could be happy first, bypass the need for creating those things we want, and leapfrog over the manifestations to happiness? Hmmm, it’s pretty clear that what would happen is that first, we’d be much happier now, and, our happy vibration would be a match to all of those things we’ve been waiting for and they would quickly start showing up in our lives.


Before you dismiss this as too simple or impossible because you think you can’t be happy without those things you’ve been asking for, take a chance and watch what happens when you put that commitment out there to the Universe. It’s pretty magical, as in, you will be pinching yourself as you watch crazy synchronicities and things you didn’t think were possible any time soon showing up in your life.  I’ve seen this powerful shift happen.


STEP ONE: The first step in creating this magical momentum is to declare your commitment to the Universe. I’m saying, DECLARE it!  Say, “I’M MAKING HAPPINESS MY TOP PRIORITY!!”


Now, for the next steps, which you may be slightly worried about at this point, as in, how can I just be happy?


STEP TWO: Pay attention to how you’re feeling. If you find yourself going into a negative loop in your head, say to yourself, “Hey Dude, or Hey Girl, didn’t you decide that you’re choosing happiness now? These thoughts don’t fit. What is a better way of thinking about this rather than this loop of futility?  Remember that when you’re feeling negative emotion it’s a sign that Source doesn’t agree with your perspective.  Ask for that better perspective. You can improve it.


STEP THREE: Every day, think about the things in your life that you can appreciate. I am fairly certain that there are many things that you haven’t been paying attention to that could give you that buzz of happiness. Make a list of “Fifty Things I Appreciate Today,” and keep the doc available as a reminder on your computer desktop. When it hits you that you’d like a boost, open it and read the list. You can remove the things that are no longer current and keep adding more of the things that just happened that are worth appreciating. This simple practice has resulted in huge changes in my happiness level. This works well because it reminds you of things you’ve nearly forgotten about, that you might take for granted, and it always feels good to go there.


STEP FOUR: If you hit a rough patch, where things aren’t happening the way you’ve envisioned, remind yourself of your commitment to your happiness. Stop. Pivot. Say to yourself, “I choose happy. How could this situation be better, even slightly better? What could I do to improve this?  What’s my highest intention for this situation?” Let the answers to those questions guide you to your next inspired action, even if that action may be meditating or distracting yourself for the moment. Often the answers to these questions provide just the clarity you need to get out of the muck.


STEP FIVE: Realize that you’ve made your life simpler and that you don’t have to figure everything out right now. You don’t need to know how to get there.  The Universe is taking care of the “how’s.” That should feel like relief.  You merely have to decide in the moment that you’re making your best effort to choose the thoughts, the actions, that feel more like “happy.”


You will then just happen to notice yourself feeling happy. It’s just the way the laws work. When you put that powerful intention out to the Universe you’re going to get such powerful support on your mission to happiness that you’ll be wowed and amazed. And, then those things you’ve been waiting for are going to flow in and flow in quickly.  It works for money, relationships, work, whatever it is that feels like happy to you.  It can turn the tides very quickly.


Let me know how this works for you.


I’d be HAPPY to help you fine tune and reinforce your commitment to happiness. Sometimes it helps to have another perspective. You can find me at



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