If you’ve been finding yourself mostly on the low end of the emotional scale, as in, overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, or fearful, there is only one explanation.  It might be reasonable considering your circumstances, even justified, but it something that is within your power to change.

If you’re hanging out at that low end of the emotional scale, and I know that many people are right now, it means that you are practicing the vibration of the “problem” so intently that you’re oblivious to and out of reach of its solution.  The solution, the improvement you are looking for, is simply out of range when you are up to your neck in the problem.


You’re allowing your environment, your circumstances, to dictate your vibration.  And, you didn’t come into this life to allow that.  You came here to explore this reality, continually find inspiration for improvement and then line up with that improvement through your focus and action.  You came here to expand and to create your own reality.


Many of us are feeling that inspiration for improvement right now in a bigger way than ever before and we can use that huge inspiration to our advantage.  We’ve loaded our vortex with things that we desire perhaps more than ever before and it’s only waiting for our alignment.  Nothing else needs to happen in order for us to reclaim our power over our current reality.


Thinking about our overflowing vibrational vortex in this way can begin immediately to improve our vibration.  We can begin to feel more of the feeling of “possible” rather than “impossible.”  Our vibrational reality, our vortex, where the Universe has created all of our desires, is more real, more present time than our current bank balance, relationship status, or living situation.  Our current bank balance, relationship status, and living situations are actually old news.  I didn’t say “fake news,” but old news.  They certainly exist in our current reality but they are based upon the vibration we had up until now, this very powerful present moment.  Those circumstances can change as quickly as we allow them to change.


So, we have the option in this powerful now to change the vibration we are putting out to the Universe, to immediately begin to change our vibrational field where everything we want is in the process of being created.


And, there is where I imagine Shakespeare would say and “there lies the rub.” Our current reality is an apparent obstacle to a happier mood, higher vibration, and favorable circumstances, but it doesn’t actually make our move into a happier mood, vibration, and those improved circumstances an impossibility.  This is where we can claim our power and change our lives for the better.

It’s actually just what we came here to do and if not now, when?


It perhaps feels more difficult with some of the constraints we are facing; in fact, our entire mass consciousness is asking for improvement more than ever before and an even bigger and better version of the things we’ve been wanting, perhaps for a long time is now available. So, how can we move from being mired in the “problem” to allowing in the solution?


Acknowledge that our vortex, where all of our desires are waiting, is actually more real than our perceived problems. Those problems are based on our prior vibration.  All of our power is in this moment now.


Remind ourselves that we are in charge of our thoughts, our perspective. They do not think us.


If our current perspective about our problem(s) creates more negative emotion, it only means that our Inner Being doesn’t agree with our current perspective.  We can remind ourselves of that when we’re ruminating about our “problem” and feeling stuck. Why would we stick with a perspective that Infinite Intelligence does not agree with?  We can label it as distorted thinking, because it is, and move on to a different viewpoint that feels better.  There is always a different and more positive way of thinking about our “issue.”


We can remind ourselves that we’ve had challenges before, and solutions appeared, often when we stopped fighting so hard to solve the problem through our actions.


Each day we have a choice, in every moment, to choose a focus, a thought, an action, that feels a little bit better than the other thoughts and actions that are also available in the moment.


A-Hicks made a great suggestion recently to draw a large circle on a piece of paper with 12 smaller circles inside of the circle.  In each circle we can write the things that we find ourselves currently thinking about or actions that we could take now.  Even if none of the possibilities seem very positive, some feel better than others.  We can then choose the one that feels best.  We can then move through our day by continuing to choose the best option from the thoughts or actions that are available to us in the moment.


Doing just that will allow us to jump on the train that is already rolling toward our vortex.  That momentum is already flowing. It gives us a jumping on point where before we had no way of moving toward our solution.


As we begin to choose the thing to think about, the action to take, that feels a little better than the others that are available to us right now, we’ve begun to attract more of those things that feel even a little bit better.  Our paper with the circles on it will have begun to have better choices than it did earlier.  We will have expanded our lens to where we are within range of our solutions.


And, as we’re making those choices, we will feel better and better as we make each one.  It’s just one small decision, and then another, and then another.


When life gets better and better it’s because we are looking forward.


And, the view from that improved vibration is so much better and is what we deserve.  It feels like it’s about time!



If you could use some support in allowing in your solutions I’m here to help.  You can reach me at www.howtoallow.net and can sign up for a free exploratory coaching session.  We are all in this together, especially now.







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