I will take one for the team, as I’m quite willing to do, and admit that sometimes, but less and less often now, I build up something I desire into a BIG CHALLENGE.  The litany in my head could be thought of as comical, in light of what I really know about how energy works!

It might be something along the lines of “Gotta get that done, oh THAT’S going to be complicated, that hasn’t been easy before, what if that happens? Everyone knows that’s a major thing.”

What I actually know to be true is more along the lines of “it’s just as easy to create something that I’m viewing as big as it is to create something small. It’s the same energy.  When I’m in the zone things just happen for me so easily.  I can take a minute and line up my energy and it will be like snapping my fingers to create this.”

I’m now much more prone to pick Door Number 2, as in, “Everything is as easy as I decide it will be.”

I know that if there is something I’ve wanted to manifest for a long time that has not materialized yet, either the Universe is on it and cooking up something particularly spectacular or I have some resistant beliefs about it that are slowing it down.

And, we don’t need to make a production of identifying those beliefs.  They are just thoughts we keep thinking and are as easy to change as anything else.  We just need to open our minds to other possibilities.

We can ask ourselves, “Why do I think that “it” hasn’t happened for me yet?”  My preferred answer is “Oh I almost forgot that it’s on its way; it’s going to be even more spectacular now that I’ve had so many experiences that have put an even better version in my vortex.”  If the answer is more along the lines of “because I haven’t earned it, I’m not good at that, or I’m bad at maintaining a good vibe when it comes to that,” then it’s worth making a decision to challenge and flip any of those limiting beliefs.  Those old beliefs are not such a big deal.  We can even look at them as “the way we used to think about our desire.”  In the moment that we decide to let go of those invalid beliefs, they transform into the way we used to think about our desire.  They are no longer true for us. We know more now about how powerful we can be.

Energy is moving so much more quickly now and the positive energy of Infinite Intelligence is thousands of times more powerful than any of our random negative thoughts or our distorted thinking.  So, we don’t have to compensate for periods of limited thinking with the same quantity of positive thinking.  About a minute will do it.

We may have been taught that we have to work hard to make anything worthwhile happen or that all good things take time.  But, um, who said so?  I’m all in favor of working hard when it’s fun and inspiring.  And, incidentally, when it becomes fun it’s no longer hard work!

What if we began each day with the thought that we will create magical circumstances today?  What if we look around throughout the day for things that feel good to us, things we already have that are amazing, evidence that we are good creators?

What if our go-to thought was “Easy peasy,  I’m not doing this alone, I have the energy of the Universe at my side at every moment. I have superpowers.”

I would be very willing to bet that if you begin your day with the anticipation of magical circumstances, ease, and synchronicities that wow and amaze you, you will create exactly that!  It’s just the way our energy works!

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