If you’ve tried using Affirmations, Mantras, or Afformations, with mixed success, I’ve got something I’m dying to share with you. I admit I’ve used all of the above, but as I have pointed out in my book, “How to Allow,” and in many blog posts, affirmations often don’t work. You’ve got to be very short on doubt and very high on belief and positive expectation for the Affirmation to work. The Universe is hearing only your vibration, not the words you are using.

My recent epiphany about tweaking our use of Affirmations just felt so right that I am incorporating it into my routine and already feeling an uptick in my vibe.

For anyone who is not completely familiar with how the LOA works and how it applies to Affirmations, a very quick recap:


#1  We ask, whether by praying, dreaming, writing it down or just thinking about something we’d like to improve.


#2  The Universe goes to work immediately to respond to that request. It’s been heard whether we’ve expressed it aloud or not. And the Universe has a cast of thousands (the energy that creates worlds) crafting the perfect solution to our request.  And, then that desire is held for us in a sort of vibrational escrow waiting for us to line up with it.


#3  We need to become a vibrational match to the cool, high easy vibration of what we’ve asked for in order to Allow it into our reality.


So, our only work is that Step 3. And, sometimes we doubt ourselves. We may believe wholeheartedly that the Universe delivers but we’ve seen ourselves fail to manifest what we want before. We can sometimes just doubt that we have what it takes to maintain that positive vibration that matches our desires for any significant amount of time.

That’s where Affirmations can come in. The idea is that if we repeat to ourselves, for example, “I am a money magnet and money flows to me easily,” that we are matching the vibration of that generous flow of money into our bank account.   Unknown-1

Where we can run into problems, however, is that while we are repeating that Affirmation, while we’re paying a bill, shopping, thinking about paying off a debt, we’re actually sending a vibration that’s a bit more of a mix to the Universe. The fact that we don’t see the money in our bank accounts and still have to come up with it on a daily basis, can cause the Affirmation to be kind of lukewarm; we really don’t quite believe it. So, the Universe responds with more of the same, that is, keeping us right where we are when it comes to money.

So, I was meditating and doing my usual thing of talking with my guides (my team), which includes Source and my Inner Being, and it struck me that I have no doubt at all about the Universe delivering anything I want to me if I can match the vibration. Like others, I occasionally doubt if I can really reach the vibration of my desire more often than not. And then I realized, I can create an affirmation that I actually completely believe in and the Universe has to respond to it. And, because I don’t just believe, I know, that the Universe delivers the moment we express our desires, I know that my desires already exist before I’ve actually seen them. I absolutely know it! I’ve manifested incredible things, just not every single time I’ve wanted something. So, with this knowing that the Universe delivers EVERY TIME, an effective Affirmation could be something more along the lines of “Thank God, I’m really rich.” Maybe, “Thank God, I’m actually rich, in reality.” Are you getting this? If you know that you are already rich in your vibrational reality and that the money is just awaiting your alignment, you can repeat the Affirmation, “Thank God, I really am rich,” and you can completely believe it.  There’s no doubt there, because you know that in your vibrational reality you really are very, very rich!

The doubt doesn’t creep in because you aren’t trying to convince yourself that it’s sitting in your bank account when you know it isn’t at that exact moment. You’re just saying what you know, which is that the Universe has already amassed piles of money for you and that you REALLY, IN YOUR VIBRATIONAL REALITY, which is more real than this physical reality, are absolutely rich beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m using money as an example as it is usually the big issue for most people. Yet, this could apply to anything your heart desires.

And, the Affirmation could be “I know I’m actually really thin,” or “I know I actually have the perfect home for me,” or “Thank God I really already have an amazing relationship.” All of the above are true and they are within arms reach. And repeating an affirmation where you really acknowledge that you believe it, can only result in your allowing it into your physical reality.   images

I am so fired up about changing the way we use Affirmations in this way. This new spin removes all of the possible doubt, the murky vibe, and just creates a great way of putting it out there to the Universe. It can also come in handy in moments of worry or negative thinking. We can replace those negative thoughts with these completely believable Affirmations instead because we know that all we want actually does exist already in our vibrational reality or vibrational escrow, just waiting for us.  It’s so easy!  And, I love easy when it comes to techniques for working with the Law of Attraction.

I’m expecting huge things from this slight tweaking of the way I’m Affirming my desires. How about you? Let me know in your comments. I would love to hear from you.

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