Being Law of Attraction-savvy, we realize how important maintaining our vibration is to our quality of life.  Our experiences on the leading edge of creation were not designed to be free of challenges, and it’s our deliberate focus and tuning of our vibration that allows us to take control of our circumstances.

And, now this is where it gets to be a lot more fun!

As Law of Attraction-savvy creators, many of us have become aware that energy is speeding up and, in fact, has already sped up!  It’s a different ball game.  We are able to manifest things that we want more quickly.

The energies that are upon you right now have been reminding you more and more of the necessity to stay focused on what you do desire.  The current energies among you will bring you what you are focusing upon at a faster clip than you have previously experienced.   ~

The Arcturians, courtesy of Daniel Scranton at

If we want to keep up with and take advantage of this helpful and speedy energy, there are three essential tools we need to use to change our game.

  • Get Out Ahead of What We Want

Abraham-Hicks has spoken often about pre-paving the path to our desires.  They suggest that pre-paving is “getting out ahead of it.”

You get it the way you want it to be.  You don’t have to take life as it comes or in the pattern that you’ve been accustomed to because of your beliefs.  You can augment your beliefs with a deliberate intention right here and now.  Your Inner Being is already way out ahead of the manifestation.

Daydreaming, visualizing, and taking steps we would take if we knew our desire was imminent are ways of getting out ahead of it. The practice of expecting the best while also preparing for the best is another example of pre-paving the path to our desires.

Lining up with our desires ahead of time, or pre-paving the way to them, means giving up knee-jerk reactions and reacting to our circumstances as a lifestyle.  Visualize, plan, intend, and act “as if.”

  • Slow Down as Things Speed Up

This tool may seem counterintuitive but it actually helps our manifesting game in this faster moving reality.  When we don’t slow down enough to focus, pay attention to how we are feeling and vibrating, we don’t often get into the vibrational range of our desires.

We need to pay attention, stop, notice, and remind ourselves often that our focus is the essential element in creating just what we want.  This doesn’t mean taking score to see where we are in terms of manifestation, which generally only shifts our attention to the fact that we don’t yet have what we want.

This form of paying attention is more about being mindful of our thoughts, how we are feeling, and whether our actions are actually in alignment with what we want.  We need to hit pause, often.

  • Let Go of the Past

Granted, that can sound like a tall order.  But, it doesn’t have to be.  When we are focused upon what someone else has done, that we are right and they are wrong, we are pointed in the wrong direction.  We need to let it go.

Regretting what didn’t work, feeling like it’s keeping us from moving forward, doesn’t allow us to make way for the new and improved.

We need to remind ourselves that much of “what was” is just no longer important.  It’s no longer relevant.  Our Inner Being knows what’s important and when we are regretting, feeling guilty or blaming, we are not in agreement with the way our Inner Being sees the situation.

Our Vortex, holding all of the things that we desire, knows what is important to us.  We simply can’t go forward and backward at the same time.  Clinging to the past, justifying why we are where we are now, is not allowing our Vortex to deliver those things we’ve created.

We need to focus forward and let the past be in our past.  It has served its purpose and we are poised now to use this new and helpful speedy energy.

We are all ready for more ease and speedier manifestations.  It’s not that hard to pre-pave our paths on purpose, slow down to check in on our mindsets, and look forward, not backward, for all of those things that are right there waiting for our cooperation.



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